Our conscience should not have to suffer in the process of choosing clothes we like. Fortunately, the fashion industry has begun to include more sustainable fashion options. Brands have started to embrace ethical fashion, utilizing sustainable materials, and offering options like fair trade clothing, which has made it easier to turn away from mainstream, corporate “fast-fashion” brands.

With many great products and brands, the choice between fashion and sustainability has become much simpler, giving you the best of both worlds. To highlight the great options for sustainable and ethical fashion in the fashion industry, we have compiled a list of 30 sustainable clothing brands for women.

Choosing Between Fast Fashion and Sustainable Fashion

A fast fashion brand focuses on mass-producing cheap clothing. These brands often:

• Pay workers, unfairly, sometimes as little as three cents per hour [1]
• Release harmful chemicals, like formaldehyde and toxic dyes, into the environment[2]
• Make clothing that does not last, so that you throw away garment after garment, causing up to 32 billion pounds of textile waste in a year [3]

On the other hand, sustainable fashion refers to environmentally-friendly and ethical clothing, vegan sneakers and shoes and makeup. Fashion and cosmetic companies have begun moving away from harmful products, like the brand Burt’s Bees that has no harsh chemicals. Sustainable and ethical fashion brands:

• Pay workers more using fair trade practices. Workers can earn up to 30% more than those without protections.[4]
• Use sustainable fabrics with recycled or eco friendly material, like organic, natural plant fibers [5]
• Avoid toxic chemicals

Ethical fashion in the fashion industry is on the rise, creating more options for sustainable, fair trade clothing.


Read below for our list of 30 Sustainable Clothing Brands for Women


Outerknown Women's Jumpsuit

Certifications: Fair Labor Association & Bluesign certified manufacturing, offers Fair Trade Clothing

Sustainability is everything for Outerknown, established with a vision of creating stylish clothes without compromising efforts to protect the planet and produce ethical clothing. Outerknown produces a variety of clothing, from jumpsuits to activewear to dresses. Offering fair trade clothing and sourcing organic fibers, Outerknown continuously delivers on its vision of sustainable style.



Certifications: OEKO-TEX & Bluesign Certified

ADAY mixes workplace style with sustainability, providing comfortable business wear with a commitment to the environment and the consumer. Their clothes are made from recycled materials and are engineered for maximum comfort and practicality. ADAY produces in factories that use mainly solar power and recycle the water used in production.


bodens womens sustainable dress 30 Sustainable Clothing Brands for Women

Fair trade clothing and eco friendly material are just some of the highlights of what Boden offers. A majority of the cotton Boden uses comes from sustainable sources and is sourced to save water. By this year, 95% of their womenswear will be made polyester free or from recycled polyester.


Encircled Maxi Dress

Certifications: Certified B Corp, OEKO-TEX Certified

Encircled creates versatile, comfortable, and stylish garments that remain timeless in any wardrobe. Their fabrics use low-impact dyes and include strong and sustainable materials like organic cotton, Modal from Beechwood pulp and Tencel Lyocell from wood pulp. The brand ensures that workers are given a comfortable working environment and paid a fair wage.


Indigenous Women's Organic Cotton

Indigenous uses organic cotton and low-impact dyes to make their fair trade clothing. Indigenous makes comfortable, fashionable, ethically made clothing, from dresses to accessories. They use various organic fabrics, avoid pesticides, employ artisans and commit to saving water and carbon dioxide in their production.

Appetite Studio

Appetite Women's Sustainable Dress

Appetite takes a conscious approach to fashion, as each garment is handmade to order, producing ethical fashion according to demand. Appetite combines conscious production with a unique, colorful style made by experienced seamstresses. Their clothing is produced using recycled, sustainable fabrics, which even include hand-picked vintage tablecloths.


Patagonia Women's Outerwear

Certifications: Certified B Corp, Fair Trade Certified

Patagonia is a brand that helped pave the way for sustainable, fair trade clothing, offering everything from casual women’s fashion to activewear. Patagonia uses organic cotton, recycled polyester and other sustainable fabrics. Most admirably, Patagonia is highly transparent, discussing its labor practices and tracking its carbon footprint for all to see.


Tradlands Women's Sustainable Long Sleeve Shirt in Blue

Tradlands makes high-quality, ethical clothing for women, emphasizing careful attention to detail with every garment. Their garments are produced in small batches and with natural materials that are guaranteed to last. From dresses to cardigans, there are plenty of products to love, especially with inclusive sizing.

Two Days Off

Tradlands Women's Blouse and Skirt in White

Two Days Off is a woman-owned and operated brand that offers a variety of ethical clothing options. To avoid overproduction and waste, Two Days Off produces items in small batches, while many are made-to-order. Their products are made with biodegradable materials like natural fibers from hemp and cotton. The brand also offers inclusive sizing.


Re/Done Women's Tshirt and Jeans in Black

Re/Done was established back in 2014 with the intent of repurposing and reusing old materials for brand new styles. Re/Done uses materials to make shoes, sweats, t-shirts, dresses and more, embraced by many celebrities. They are highly innovative, using recycled plastic, recycled leather and recycled rubber in their creations.


Alohas Newin Women's Tank Top

Certifications: Leather Working Group certified suppliers.

Alohas produces shoes, jeans and swimwear with a passion for maintaining a small carbon footprint. Alohas produces all of its products locally in Spain, uses sustainably sourced leather, offers vegan products and operates an on-demand production system to prevent overproduction and waste.

Faithfull The Brand

Faithfull the Brand Women's Long Yellow Dress

Faithfull develops fashion for the traveler and focuses on choosing hand-made over mass-produced materials through a lens of social responsibility. Their production takes place in Bali, Indonesia as they work toward developing community-minded partnerships while working with local artisans.


Summersalt Seaglass Women's Swimsuit

Certifications: WRAP-accredited factories

Summersalt offers luxury swimwear, athleticwear and loungewear for women of all shapes and sizes. Their garments are made from a variety of sustainable, recycled materials. For example, their swimwear is made of a fabric crafted from post-consumer materials and recycled nylon waste, like old fishing nets.


Reformation Women's Sustainable Spaghetti Straps Summer Dress

With options that will never go out of style, Reformation uses sustainable fabrics and materials produced using fair wages. Reformation is climate-neutral and has such a strong commitment to the environment that each item has a description of its environmental footprint.

BITE Studios

BITE Studios Women's Blazer

BITE, or By Independent Thinkers for Environmental Progress, makes their priority no secret. BITE focuses on luxury womenswear that is as sustainable as it is well-designed. They prioritize crafting timeless clothes, both in style and construction, using organic materials and low-impact, sustainable fabrics.

Whimsy and Row

Whimsy and Row Women's Short Set

Conscious production is at the forefront of the Whimsy and Row business model. Their sustainable fabrics are made using natural fibers and produced using ethical and local manufacturing methods. Whimsy and Row is carbon neutral, uses recycled water in production and recycles or repurposes all fabric cuts from production.


KOTN Women's Sustainable White Tshirt

Certifications: Certified B Corp

Kotn provides luxury, long-lasting ethical clothing in the form of adult basics, loungewear and accessories. Kotn has a large reputation for sustainable production and giving back. All their garments are produced using fair and safe labor standards while they assist suppliers in moving toward organic cotton. Kotn has helped build schools in Egypt and provided funding to hundreds of farms.


Able Anika Tank Dress in Black

Certifications: Certified B Corp

A pioneer in the fashion industry, ABLE is committed to producing fashionable women’s apparel and accessories while providing opportunities to women worldwide, producing fair trade clothing through the work of artisans. ABLE invests in, trains, and educates women to put them on the path to breaking the cycle of poverty.


Tentree Women's Tank Dress

Certifications: Certified B Corp, Climate Neutral Certified

With an Earth-First approach, tentree produces comfortable loungewear and casual fashion options using sustainable fabrics and materials. For every item purchased, the company plants ten trees, intending to plant 1 billion by 2030. They use some of the best sustainable materials in the fashion industry like TENCEL, recycled polyester, and hemp to have the least possible impact on the planet.


PACT Women's Cotton Tshirt

Certifications: Fair Trade Certified, GOTS certified organic cotton.

Offering everything from stylish women’s fashion to organic cotton baby clothes, Pact stands by its mission of developing Earth-friendly products. Pact offsets its carbon footprint in its shipping and fabric and uses thoughtful packaging to minimize waste.

PRISM Squared

Prism One Piece Swimsuit Black

Certifications: OEKO-TEX Certified Factory, Greenpeace-certified dye.

Since its inception, PRISM has increased its focus on sustainability while making versatile swimwear, sportswear and underwear. Each PRISM garment is created in a small family-run factory in Italy using techniques that minimize waste. Its products are made with sustainable fabrics, prioritizing durability and timeless styles.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney Dress

For 20 years, Stella McCartney has produced luxury products without leather or fur, leading the way for cruelty-free products in the fashion industry. Creating products from underwear to handbags to sportswear, Stella McCartney uses sustainable materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher Women's Long Sleeve Shirt

Certifications: Certified B Corp, Fair Trade Certified collections, Bluesign Certified

Luxury brand Eileen Fisher has helped set the standard for sustainable options in the fashion industry. Collections include a variety of luxury linen clothing for women. The company is committed to environmental and social causes, focused on respecting diversity, empowering women and protecting natural resources with a circular manufacturing model.

Amour Vert

Amour Vert Dress

Certifications: Certified organic cotton

Amour Vert offers vibrant collections great for everything from loungewear to summer outdoor fashion, offering several zero-waste options. Amour Vert minimizes their carbon footprint by making most of their products locally in California and in limited quantity while also using eco friendly material.



Certifications: Bluesign Certified materials, uses GOTS certified organic cotton, OEKO-TEX certified materials

Cuyana operates on the philosophy that fewer is better, designing collections that will outlast trends. The brand uses a variety of sustainable materials like recycled cashmere, Toquilla straw and organic cotton. Cuyana is on track to achieve 100% sustainably made products by next year.

Jenni Kayne

Jenni Kayne Leopard Slip Dress

With a focus on growth and improvement, Jenni Kayne has shown a strong commitment to sustainability in their fashion with a collection of recycled knits, donations to organizations like Baby2Baby and work with fair factories. Jenni Kayne uses sustainable fabrics, including materials like upcycled cashmere and recycled polyester, in their sophisticated collections.

Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn Women's Overall

With a clear commitment to the environment, Christy Dawn is working toward a regenerative business model by repurposing fabrics, building a farm-to-closet initiative and establishing reciprocal relationships with suppliers. Christy Dawn offers organic fabric in everything from women’s apparel to maternity clothes to organic cotton baby clothes.


Allbirds Green Pencil Dress

Allbirds offers a great women’s collection of activewear and everyday apparel. The company uses various sustainable fabric materials like trees, sugarcane and even recycled plastic bottles. Allbirds tracks and works to reduce their carbon footprint and holds all their suppliers to a code of conduct of fairness for workers.


Maison Cleo Reclaimed Clothes for Women

Family-owned French brand MaisonCléo is committed against fast fashion, using reclaimed fabric and organic materials in their season-appropriate clothing. MaisonCléo does not offer collections and produces only handmade to order garments to minimize waste.

Live The Process

Live the Process Sustainable Clothes for Women

Live The Process offers comfortable and versatile activewear made with sustainable fabric and even recycled plastic bottles. Live The Process produces their clothing locally in California, reducing their carbon footprint.

Comfort of Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion should be an option for every woman when looking for affordable options like sustainable materials and fair trade clothing in the fashion industry. Finding sustainable fashion has become much easier as many brands provide options that will not weigh on the conscience. The fashion industry has moved in the right direction with abundant, sustainable options, and we should all embrace them.