I’ve been on a hunt to find the best hemp products, clothing and shoes. Hemp is a great alternative to materials like cotton and polyester because it is waterproof, stain resistant, and extremely durable. Hemp is also anti-microbial to help combat the noxious elements your clothes and shoes come into contact on a daily basis.

8000Kicks is a California-based footwear company that specializes in a variety of hemp products – from sneakers to backpacks to dog toys. They are best known for their stylish, waterproof hemp sneakers.  This 8000Kicks review will provide you with information on the company, their hemp-based footwear, and additional information to help you determine whether or not their shoes are worth purchasing.

8000Kicks waterproof hemp shoes

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How is hemp cultivated?

The fibers are removed from the bark when the hemp is harvested – a technique known as “retting”. This process takes about 4 – 6 weeks to complete. Next, the fibers are subsequently separated, carded into strands and cleaned of any contaminants. After that, the material is either pulped to make paper, matted to make fleece, or turned into weavable fiber by steam explosion. Finally, the hemp is spun into yarn and woven into a fabric.

Hemp is derived from a variety of Cannabis sativa plant species and is used in textiles, rope, paper, and biofuel. 8000Kicks buys their hemp from France, Romania, and China, and has mills in both China and Portugal.

Why is hemp sustainable?

Hemp is sustainable because it does not require pesticides or a lot of water to grow, and therefore has a low environmental impact. Hemp plants actually help remove carbon from the atmosphere, making them a carbon neutral textile. Let’s delve into my favorite hemp products by 8000Kicks.

What is 8000Kicks?

DopeKicks launched their first shoe, Explorer, in 2018 under the brand name DopeKicks. The first waterproof hemp shoes were funded by a Kickstarter campaign the following year. In 2020, the company changed its name to 8000Kicks and relocated to Mountain View, California.

What are the best 8000Kicks hemp shoes?

8000Kicks creates shoes, bags and accessories made entirely of industrial hemp and other organic materials. Their sustainable product line includes running shoes, backpacks, accessories and even dog toys. 8000Kicks makes my favorite hemp shoes currently available on the market.

Explorer V2 is their signature hemp sneaker, which comes in a variety of colors. The same styles are available for men and women.

My favorite features about these sneakers is that they are super waterproof and super odor resistant. This makes them surprisingly great for hiking and running through the woods, especially in the fall and winter. It also means that you don’t need to be self-conscious when removing your sneakers around your family and friends after that hike or run.

They are also some of the most light weight shoes I’ve ever worn. The bouncy soles are comfortable and provide good support during long walks or runs.

Explorer V2 Sneakers

What We Love

  • Waterproof, stain resistant
  • 100% Vegan
  • Durable, resistant to tears and rips
  • Anti-microbial insoles
  • Odor resistant
  • Bouncy, cushiony outsoles made of plant-based Bloom Foam.

8000Kicks Explorer V2 Black Hemp Sneakers

8000Kicks Explorer V2 Beige & Green Hemp Sneakers

8000Kicks Explorer V2 Blue Hemp Sneakers

8000Kicks Explorer V2 Light Green Sneakers

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Other 8000Kicks Hemp Products

The 8000Kicks Everyday Hemp Backpack is stylish and highly functional. It is the first 100% hemp backpack of its kind.

The Everyday Backpack

What We Love:

  • Waterproof
  • Odor resistant
  • 100% vegan
  • Durable, rip resistant material
  • Fits a 15 inch laptop
  • Large packing space with 18L expandable up to 30L
  • Features a built-in slot to internally connect power plug (battery not included)
  • Anti-theft pocket that is only accessible from the back
  • 60 day return policy and 1 year warranty

8000Kicks Everyday Hemp Backpack

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Striped socks

What we love:

  • Odor resistant
  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Breathable to keep feet cool

The Best 8000Kicks Hemp Shoes

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8000kicks Customer Reviews

Customers love 8000Kicks products and consistently leave good reviews. 80% of customers leave a 5/5 stars perfect review for their 8000Kicks purchases. 12% of customers leave 4/5 stars, and 8% leave 3 stars or less.

Hemp FAQs

Are hemp products durable?

Hemp has 3X the strength of cotton and is considered one of the most durable organic fibers in existence.

Is hemp legal?

Yes, hemp is 100% legal and allowed in the United States, Europe, Australia and China.

Is hemp non-toxic?

Yes, hemp does not require chemicals or pesticides in order to grow. Hemp is an invasive weed-like species and is able to thrive in almost any conditions or weather. This eliminates the need for pesticides when farming hemp, making it much more eco-friendly and non-toxic.

8000Kicks are also almost entirely biodegradable, as they are made of 95% natural materials.

Is 8000Kicks a fair trade company?

While 8000Kicks is not certified as fair trade, they are completely transparent about their entire supply chain.

Their products are made in Braga, Portugal and Dongguan, China, at factories known for their expertise in hemp cultivation.

They pay workers a living wage and even publish the salaries on their website in their FAQ section.

Final Thoughts

8000Kicks makes stylish, sustainable and durable hemp products. These products look good without damaging the environment.

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