Big Agnes Tent Review

Founded in 2001 and based in Colorado, Big Agnes has become a global leader in the outdoor industry, with a focus on sustainability. They produce a range of outdoor products, including an extensive line of camping tents.  Big Agnes is known for not using toxic flame retardant chemicals in their products.

Are Big Agnes Tents Worth It?

Big Agnes creates high-quality tents that are loved by customers because of their lightweight design, high-tech materials and the extensive field testing done for every product.

Big Agnes is also committed to sustainability, has removed toxic flame retardant chemicals from their products and also does everything they can to ensure their manufacturing process is environmentally friendly.

What is Special About Big Agnes Tents:

  1. Solution-dyed fabrics: Big Agnes uses solution-dyed fabrics which cut down on the amount of energy and water needed to make the tents. At the same time, the fabrics are durable and can withstand harsh UV sunlight.
  2. Made without flame retardant chemicals: Big Agnes tents do not contain these harmful chemicals which can cause certain cancers, reproductive problems, respiratory problems, and a lot of other health issues.
  3. Dominico Fabric: Big Agnes has started using this high tech fabric in some of the tents. Dominico is stronger than carbon fiber, while also being lighter and more durable than polyester and nylon.
  4. DAC tent poles: Big Agnes uses a premium brand of tent poles, DAC are some of the strongest tent poles on the market, yet are also lightweight and easy to carry.
  5. Pressfit connectors: Reinforcements that help reduce the possibility of the tent poles breaking.
  6. Reverse Combi: A unique design modification that creates more headroom in the tent.
  7. mtnGLO Tent Light: Big Agnes builds an LED light into the ceiling of all their tents, which can be turned on with the push of a button.

Popular Big Agnes Tents

  • Blacktail hotel 2: Best Budget Tent. Comfortable, lightweight and affordably priced. This tent is great for beginner campers.
  • Copper Spur HV UL2: Best All-Round Tent. High-quality, durable construction, with a perfect balance of space and weight. This tent is great for intermediate and advanced campers.
  • The Bunk House Deluxe: Best Family Tent. Reliable, versatile, well made and great for camping tents with 4 – 6 people.

Are Big Agnes Tents Seam Sealed?

Every Big Agnes tent has PVC- and solvent-free seam tape applied to all essential seams. The seam tape and waterproof coatings on the tent’s floor and fly guarantee that Big Agnes tents are watertight and ready for rainy weather.

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