The Best Fair Trade Sneakers in 2022

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Our list of fair trade sneakers features brands that make substantial pledges to fair trade labor.

Fair trade labor generally means that workers are paid a living wage and have a safe work environment. It also requires that minor children are not allowed to work at any point along the supply chain.

In addition, these ethical shoes are made using plant-based materials and environmentally conscious production techniques.

2022 List of Fair Trade Sneakers

Flamingos Life Fair Trade Sneakers


Flamingos’ Life creates retro-style vegan sneakers in a variety of styles for men and women. The brand’s materials are eco-friendly and vegan-approved by PETA.

Good Guys Vegan Sneakers


Good Guys is a vegan footwear company based in Paris, France, that designs shoes for both men and women. Fair trade labor practices are likewise a primary goal for the company. Good Guys manufactures its shoes in Europe in accordance with fair-trade workplace safety compliance regulations.

Saola Fair Trade Sneakers


Saola is a vegan shoe brand whose main purpose is to keep trash out of landfills. They achieve this mission by reusing recycled knit and organic materials, as well as 3-4 plastic bottles for each pair of shoes that they manufacture.

Kengos Fair Trade Sneakers


Kengos creates casual shoes made from 87% plant-based materials, including eucalyptus fiber, corn, cork, cotton and natural rubber. Kengos shoes are 100% vegan and are unique because they do not use any glue or synthetic dyes.

WOMSH Sneakers


Based in Italy, Womsh creates uniquely designed and well-crafted vegan sneakers. The company’s mission is to communicate sustainability and environmental stewardship to all those that wear their shoes. Womsh’s shoes are made from non-toxic raw materials. Despite the fact that the brand is not totally vegan, it does have a large selection of cruelty-free products.

ABLE Fair Trade Sneakers


US-based Able crafts shoes for women, including sandals, heels, flats, sneakers, boots, and loafers. As a certified B corporation, ABLE is committed to long-term economic impact by hiring women craftsmen around the world.

Thousand Fell Vegan Sneakers in Black


New York-based Thousand Fell sets themselves apart from the competition as maker of the world’s first recyclable vegan sneaker. Their shoes are created from recycled plastic and rubber from old yoga mats, as well as natural materials like palm leaf fibers and coconut husks. The sneakers are designed in New York and manufactured in a family-owned business in Brazil. Once you’ve finished wearing them, the company will refurbish the used sneakers and donate them to someone in need.

Cariuma Sneakers


CARIUMA is a sustainable Brazilian shoe company that make their sneakers using organic canvas, leather, and suede.

Etiko Ethical Sneakers


Etiko is a small family owned business based in Australia that creates vegan and fair trade sneakers. Etiko sneakers are made out of natural latex rubber and organic cotton canvas, with no animal glues or hazardous dyes. Etiko has a sneaker recycling program as well. Send them your old sneakers to be transformed into a new pair of shoes.

Giesswein Fair Trade Sneakers


Giesswein is an Austrian family business that has been in operation for three generations and is known for its wool sneakers. Over the years the company has expanded beyond wool and their shoes are now made from a variety of sustainable materials, including cactus leather and ethically sourced wool.

Vegetarian Shoes


Vegetarian Shoes, founded in the United Kingdom, creates vegan sneakers out of faux suede, nylon mesh, microfiber, and organic cotton. Their sneaker design is reminiscent of classic styles, like old school Reebok, New Balance and Nike. The company operates factories in Portugal under fair trade labor conditions.

Best 8000Kicks


8000Kicks uses superior industrial hemp to make 100% waterproof shoes that are long-lasting and sturdy. Their fair trade sneakers have one of the lowest CO2 footprints, meaning that they release significantly less pollution during their manufacturing process. They also partner with factories in China and Portugal, known for preeminent standards in hemp quality.

Veja Fair Trade Sneakers


Headquartered in France with manufacturing based in Brazil, Veja sneakers are perfect for pairing with your favorite pair of jeans. Made from recycled plastic bottles, wild Amazonian rubber and other synthetic materials, Veja sneakers are stylish while also being environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Veja is a Certified B Corporation and uses Fairtrade certified organic cotton. 

EKN Vegan Sneakers


EKN was founded on the belief that footwear should be made of high-quality, organic materials that are devoid of hazardous chemicals or dyes. This philosophy continues today. Recycled synthetic leather and neoprene are utilized for the outside body of EKN fair trade sneakers, with recycled neoprene and mesh used to make a replaceable insole for the shoes.

Lunge Vegan Sneakers


German footwear company Lunge creates handcrafted running shoes that are ergonomic, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. The bulk of the company’s shoe materials are sourced and manufactured in Germany, where the company ensures that its supply chain and labor policies are sustainable and socially responsible.

COG Fair Trade Sneakers


Cog Footwear, based in France, is a sustainable footwear brand that manufactures vegan sneakers using 100% recycled materials, such as natural cork, discarded cotton scraps, rubber, and plastic bottles from the ocean.

Ecoalf Fair Trade Sneakers


Eco-friendly fashion label Ecoalf creates lightweight fair trade sneakers from recycled plastic bottles and sustainable Sonora fibers. By repurposing waste materials like fishing nets, old tires, and even coffee grounds to create new, high-quality textiles, Ecoalf is able to produce high-quality, durable goods.

LOCI Sneakers


LOCI is a vegan footwear brand located in the United Kingdom that is dedicated to environmental sustainability. Their shoes are designed for optimal comfort and are handcrafted in Portugal under Fair Trade labor rules.

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Ella & Witt is an innovative German brand that creates 100% vegan and PETA certified fair trade sneakers, boots, and more. Their shoes are produced from sustainable materials such as corn leather and recycled plastic bottles.

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