Rumpl Blankets Review by Price, Warmth & Weight

Our Rumpl Blankets Review explores the line of “everywhere-blankets”, which use the same technology as premium sleeping bags and puffy jackets. Rumpl Blankets are warm, water resistant, rip resistant and made from recycled plastic bottles.


About Rumpl Blankets


Rumpl Blankets are durable, warm, all-weather blankets made from recycled plastic bottles. They are great for indoor and outdoor use.

Rumpl blankets can be used for everything from camping, hiking, picnics and even hangouts on the living room sofa. They are sustainably made using recycled plastic bottles and incorporate high-tech materials that improve on the traditional sleeping bag and puffy jacket design.

Despite their ruggedness, Rumpl blankets are also great indoors. Their signature Cape Clip® even allows you to walk around with them hands-free, so you never have to sacrifice coziness to get stuff done.

Calling this product a “blanket” is actually something of an understatement.

Rumpl is a lot more than just a blanket – you can sleep in it, wear it like a cape, use it for a tent floor and much more.

Rumpl blankets come in three main categories, the $99 Rumpl Original Puffy blanket, $179 Nanoloft® Puffy blanket, and the $249 Down Puffy blanket.

While all Rumpl blankets share some common technical features, each blanket has unique benefits that make it the best choice for specific activities.

Rumpl blankets are different in terms of insulation, warmth and weight. The Down Puffy is considered the warmest and the NanoLoft Puffy is considered the lightest. The Original Puffy and NanoLoft Puffy are vegan friendly and use synthetic insulation, while the Down Puffy is made with responsibly sourced duck down feathers.


Rumpl Blankets Review

Features and Benefits
Original Puffy Blanket Dawn Pixel Fade Rumpl Blankets Review by Price, Warmth & Weight

Best Value: Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket

Retail Price
848 days left
Pixel Fade Design
  • 60 recycled plastic bottles to create one blanket
  • Available in 1-Person 52 x 75” and 2-Person 80 x 84″ sizes
  • Weights are 1-Person 1.8 lbs. and 2-Person 3.4 lbs.

The Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket is an “everywhere” blanket is made with vegan friendly, synthetic materials. It is water-resistant, rip-proof and recommended for use in temperatures  40 degrees and above.

The Original Puffy Blanket is Rumpl’s most affordable blanket and well-suited for a variety of activities, from casual camping to lounging around the house.

NanoLoftAR Puffy Blanket Crisp Fade Rumpl Blankets Review by Price, Warmth & Weight

Best Warmth: Rumpl NanoLoft® Puffy Blankets

Retail Price
848 days left
Crisp Fade Design
  • 50 recycled plastic bottles to create one blanket
  • Available in 1-Person 52 x 75″ size
  • Weight is 1.8 lbs.

The Rumpl Nanoloft® Puffy Blanket incorporates the same ripstop nylon fabric and PET plastic as the original puffy blanket, but it comes with its own breakthrough innovation – Rumpl’s proprietary NanoLoft® insulation.

NanoLoft® is 3D hollow fiber silicon synthetic insulation. It is comprised of tiny circles of fiber which expand and trap heat in a way that mimics natural feather down. However, the down material is synthetic and 100% vegan. 

The Nanoloft® is a high-performance, technical blanket designed for rugged adventures in more temperatures and weather.

Down Puffy Blanket Deepwater Rumpl Blankets Review by Price, Warmth & Weight

Best Weight: Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket

Retail Price
848 days left
Deep Water Design
  • 22 recycled plastic bottles to create one blanket
  • Available in 1-Person 52 x 75″ size
  • Weight is 1.2 lbs.

The Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket is the lightest blanket at 1.3lbs.

The Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket is ideal for backpacking, hiking and any adventure where weight matters. The blanket insulation is 100% sustainably-sourced hydrophobic duck down.

Like other Rumpl Blankets, the down blanket is waterproof, weather resistant, and machine washable. The recycled polyester surface is treated with a DWR finish, giving the blanket its water repellent quality.

The down blanket is the most compressible of the three because of its light weight, making it a great choice for adventures where space-saving is a priority. 

UPDATE: Since we originally published this article, Rumpl has released the Featherlite Blanket, weighing only 1lb.

The Rumpl NanoLoft or Down Puffy Blankets are the best option if you’re sleeping outside in cold weather. The Featherlite is best if you’re hiking long distances and want to keep your pack as light as possible.


What We Love About Rumpl Blankets

Features and Benefits

Rumpl blankets have a number of features that make them one of the most popular puffy blankets on the market. They are expertly engineered for comfort, durability, and versatility. 

Rumpl blankets are made with high performance, rip-proof, water-resistant materials

All Rumpl blankets are made using durable recycled polyester which creates a smooth, lightweight, water-resistant and rip-proof fabric.

The blankets are waterproof due to their 30D ripstop nylon fabric shells and DWR (Durable Water Repellant) coating. This also makes them resistant to water, dirt, stains and pet hair, as substances easily slide off the surface.

I used my Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket in Palm Springs, which can get very windy at night, especially in the winter.  I stood outside wrapped in the Rumpl as the dusty wind whipped around me.  I was curious to test the nylon shell and see if the dust would get trapped in the blanket. I later brought the blanket into the garage and shook it out – there was almost zero dust or dirt!

My standard poodle Pablo also really enjoys the Rumpl blanket. The fabric has not ripped, in spite of him loving to “fluff” the blanket with his eagle-like talons (nails).

Rumpl Blanket Durability

Rumpl blankets regulate your body temperature

I typically sleep very “hot” and often wake up sweaty if my blanket is too thick or heavy, even if it’s cold outside.  I was surprised to find that this did not happen with the Rumpl – it regulates my body temperature very well.  I wake up dry and refreshed, while staying warm throughout the night.

Rumpl blankets are lightweight and easy to pack

The 1-person Rumpl blanket weighs only 2.1 lbs and packs down to 7 x 16”. The 2-person blanket weighs only 3.7 lbs and packs down to 8 x 19″. When camping outdoors, I used the Rumpl as my primary blanket – similar to a sleeping bag. I’m 5’6”, so the 1 person Rumpl fits perfectly and ensures my feet aren’t slipping out at the bottom.

Each blanket comes with a stuff sack that makes storage easy along with the rest of your camping gear.

Rumpl Joshua Tree Stuff Sack

Rumpl blankets keep you warm at cold temperatures

Rumpl blankets have 3D hollow fiber silicon synthetic insulation that traps heat with incredible efficiency. We have tested Rumpl blankets and ponchos everywhere from Joshua Tree, California to Zurich, Switzerland and found them super warm at temperatures ranging between 30 degrees – 45 degrees Farenheit.

I was able to sit outside wrapped in my Rumpl for hours without being too cold. The blanket is surprisingly thin. However, this isn’t a negative – it kept me warm even without a camp fire died down.

The 600 fill synthetic down insulation encased in 20D Ripstop Nylon fabric is high-performance and retains heat remarkably well. The stitching pattern allows the insulated squares to mold to your body while holding their shape and retaining warmth.

Rumpl Blankets Review

Rumpl blankets are easy to clean

Rumpl blankets are super easy to clean. At the end of the camping trip I was able to simply shake it out and use a damp cloth to wipe down the shell. No stains, no dust. I popped the blanket into the washing machine when I got home and it was good as new. 

Rumpl blankets are sustainably made using recycled plastic bottles

Maybe one of the best benefits of owning one of these products will be your contribution to sustainability. Since their construction comes from recycled plastic bottles and other post consumer recycled materials, you would be hard-pressed to find a more eco-friendly selection of blankets. 

Rumpl 100 Day Risk Free Warranty

Rumpl is not just passionate about being eco-friendly and looking out for the world at large; it cares deeply about its customers as well. That is why the company offers a 100 Night Risk-Free trial with your purchase and a one-year warranty for any products with a manufacturing defect. 

Rumpl blankets have innovative features

As previously mentioned, each includes the ingenious Cape Clip®, which fastens the sides closed around your shoulders, transforming it into a wearable blanket. Additionally, the blankets feature paracord loops, making it possible to stake them to the ground or integrate them with hammocks.


Rumpl blankets review faqs

Frequently Asked Questions


At a cost of $99, my opinion is that – YES – the Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket is worth the price. The comfort, convenience, durability and design all make this blanket an excellent choice for both everyday use and travel. 

I say this after spending months deliberating on whether or not to buy the Rumpl. $99 for a blanket is pricey. However, after hearing so much positive buzz about Rumpl and their beautifully designed blanket collection, I took the leap.

What is special about the Rumpl blanket?

Rumpl Blankets are a line of “everywhere-blankets” that use the same technology as premium sleeping bags and puffy jackets. They are sustainably made using recycled plastic bottles and incorporate high-tech materials that improve on the traditional sleeping bag and puffy jacket design.


Do not just take our word for it – here are some customer reviews sharing what they love best about their sustainably-sourced blankets built from recycled plastic bottles and recycled polyester. 


I tested the Rumpl NanoLoft blanket during the winter in Switzerland and found it to be very warm at temperatures of 30 degrees to 35 degrees. The synthetic down does a great job at keeping the cold out, while maintaining the comfortable internal heat of your body.

Rumpl does not temperature rate the blankets. This means they don’t specify the specific temperature the blanket should be used.


Rumpl blankets are available in a stunning variety of colors and patterns and can take a lot of punishment without getting damaged or torn. In addition to its technical features, Rumpl has some of the coolest, most unique designs we’ve ever seen on a blanket.

Many of the best Rumpl Blankets draw their inspiration from scenery you might venture to see with your blanket in tow. Take the Ocean Fade design, which calls to mind the depths of the sea with its rich blends of dark and bright blue. Or check out the series of national park-inspired blankets – they feature some of the best views from popular destinations like the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone. 

Those with a flair for the 60s era aesthetic, for example, might fall in love with the Cosmic Soul design; it boasts a tie-dye print inspired by the Grateful Dead.

On the other hand, the Crisp Fade Nanoloft Puffy Blanket (reminiscent of a spring sky at dawn) will appeal more to lovers of solid or ombre looks.

Nature lovers will appreciate the popular Old Growth print (displaying an overhead shot of a dense, green forest). Star-gazers will love the colorful Lagoon Nebula blanket with its depiction of a beautiful interstellar cloud. Then again, some might just be drawn to the pragmatic look of the Lake Tahoe blanket – a design featuring this famous lake as a topographic map! 


The Rumpl NanoLoft Blanket is lighter, has a smaller packed size, is warmer and more expensive than the Original Puffy Blanket.

The NanoLoft weighs 1.75 lbs, has a packed size of 6 x 14″, is filled with 100% recycled synthetic down insulation and costs $179.

The Original Puffy Blanket weighs 2 lbs, has a packed size of 7 x 16″, is filled with 3D hollow fiber siliconized synthetic insulation and cost $99.


If sleeping bags make you feel claustrophobic, then Rumpl blankets are a great alternative.  However, if you prefer to be fully enclosed while sleeping, Rumpl blankets are not a good solution because they cannot be zipped up around your body.

How warm is a Rumpl blanket?

Although Rumpl blankets are not temperature rated, the brand suggests using them in temperatures between 45 and 40 degrees. I’ve used the original puffy blanket in temperatures as low as 35 degrees. The high-performance 600 fill synthetic down insulation is covered in 20D Ripstop Nylon fabric and retains heat exceptionally effectively.

Do Rumpl blankets go on sale?

Rumpl has a sale section of their website where they offer discounts and specials.

What are the loops for on a Rumpl blanket?

The corner loops on the Rumpl blanket are intended for staking the blanket down to the ground when picnicking or camping, or for creating a pup tent.

Are Rumpl blankets durable?

Both the Original Puffy Blanket and the NanoLoftPuffy Blankets contain post-consumer recycled materials that improve tear strength and ripstop design. The blankets are 100% recycled 30D ripstop polyester.

Are Rumpl blankets vegan?

The Original Puffy Blanket and NanoLoft Puffy Blanket are vegan friendly and use synthetic insulation.

How much does a Rumpl blanket weigh?

  • Original Puffy Blanket: Junior: 0.6 lbs, 1-Person: 2.1 lbs, 2-Person: 3.7 lbs
  • NanoLoft® Puffy Blanket: 1-Person: 1.8 lbs, 2-Person: 3.4 lbs
  • Down Puffy Blanket: 1-Person: 1.2 lbs, 2-Person: 2.0 lbs
  • Featherlite Blanet: 1.0 lbs
  • Travel Blanket: Travel: 0.7 lbs (not a full-size 1 person blanket)


When we say Rumpl blankets are for everywhere, it is not an exaggeration! They are convenient in dozens of different scenarios. 

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Picnicking
  • Coffee/ drinks in the backyard during cold weather
  • Beach bonfires 
  • Ski / Snowboarding Trips
  • Spare blanket in the car for emergencies
  • Movies / TV / Reading time on the couch


Dawn Pixel Fade, Grand Canyon and Arizona Fade are some of Rumpl’s best selling original puffy blanket designs. There are a large variety of styles to choose from, with prices starting at $99.


The idea for the Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket was born when the company’s creators found themselves stranded in a remote location during a surf and ski trip. The founders were stuck in  broken down van, and realized that in spite of the freezing temperatures, they were warm and snug in their sleeping bags.

It soon dawned on the travelers how superior the sleeping bag materials were. So the group decided to do what has not been done in hundreds of years: to innovate the ordinary, everyday blanket into something better. 


Rumpl is a Climate Neutral Certified brand, meaning that it purchases verified offsets to neutralize the entire carbon footprint of its business. Since their original launch on Kickstarter, Rumpl has gone on to create all of their original puffy blankets out of 100% post-consumer waste materials.

Rumpl recycles more than 5 million plastic bottles retrieved from the ocean each year. In addition, Rumpl offsets 100% of its yearly carbon emissions through the purchase of  carbon offset credits.

Each Rumpl original puffy blanket is made from 60 recycled plastic bottles. Each blanket is designed with original artwork to display a variety of scenes – from a sunset off the pacific coast highway, to the Joshua Tree state park, to abstract art, to popular sports teams.


Rumpl is a certified B Corporation. B Corp certified companies prioritize the welfare of workers and the health of the environment over the potential profits.

This means that Rumpl has demonstrated commitment to social and environmental progress.

The certification process requires the company to disclose legal and operational documentation and processes that detail how their supply chain and work force are managed. 

Now, Rumpl’s mission is to share their innovative products with the world.

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Company Description

Rumpl started out by perfecting the blanket, and now is known for creator of the best Rumpl Blankets on the market. Their all-weather Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket is one of the most versatile pieces of gear for nature-lovers everywhere.

The company’s original puffy blanket was launched in 2014, and Rumpl hasn’t slowed down since. In addition to revolutionizing the blanket by making it waterproof, lightweight and eco-friendly, Rumpl has developed other products that provide the warmth and protection of a sleeping bag, while also have a multitude of of other uses.

The company uses materials that are usually found in outdoor equipment and activewear to produce functional gear that keeps you cozy. The fabrics do more than just keep you warm and dry. They’re derived from post-consumer recycled materials, such as the PET plastic that disposable water bottles are made from.

Rumpl saves more than five million plastic bottles from ending up in landfills or the ocean every year by transforming them into recycled polyester and NanoLoft insulation. Rumpl is also a Climate Neutral Certified company dedicated to protecting the environment.

Rumpl uses sleeping bag technology to create their products. Thus, their products are well-insulated, weather resistant and rip-proof to provide a reliable outer layer for the worst weather. The shell is made entirely of post-consumer recycled polyester and the insulation is made with Rumpl’s proprietary NanoLoft insulation, an eco-friendly solution to trap heat and help your body maintain a stable temperature.

The Original Puffy Poncho includes a hood, sleeves, and a front face zipper when worn as a poncho. The poncho is made of waterproof nylon along the shoulders and hood to keep dampness and rain out. You’ll stay toasty thanks to the 150g 3D hollow polyester insulation.



Final Thoughts

In terms of both durability and utility, Rumpl blankets are an excellent pick. It is my first choice for camping and backpacking trips, and any activity that’s in cold weather.

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