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Review of the Rumpl Poncho for Durability, Warmth & Weather Resistance

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Rumpl has built a reputation for producing warm, long-lasting and all-weather outdoor blankets. That knowledge came in handy when designing their poncho, which is a wearable extension of the Original Puffy Blanket. We reviewed the Rumpl Poncho to figure out, is it worth it?


About the Rumpl Poncho


I’ve been on a search for ways to stay warm and protected from the elements while I’m outdoors, while also being able to move around freely without heavy blankets or coats.  This led me to discover the Rumpl Original Puffy Poncho.

Rumpl has established itself as the designer of the original puffy blanket made of the same technical materials as sleeping bags.

After testing the Rumpl Poncho I can confirm that it’s well suited for activities that require warmth and weather resistance. It’s cozy, functional and has a cool design. In addition to being warm and water resistant, each poncho is sustainably crafted using post-consumer recycled polyester fabric from 47 plastic bottles.


How I Tested the Rumpl Poncho


Testing Trip #1

  • Location: Joshua Tree, California
  • Month: December
  • Temperature: ~45 degree range with extremely high wind. Conditions were very dry.

Testing Trip #2

  • Location: Zurich, Switzerland
  • Month: January
  • Temperature: ~25 degree range, with light snow and low wind.

Pros and Cons


We put the Rumpl NanoLoft Puffy Poncho through its paces and were impressed by several important features – warmth, weather resistance, functionality, and packing size. In these areas the Rumpl poncho surpasses other competitors.

  • Synthetic Insulation
  • Water Resistant DWR Exterior
  • Lightweight
  • Stain Resistant
  • Expands Into a Blanket
  • Hidden pocket drink holder
  • Kangaroo pouch pocket for storage
  • Packs Into a Pillow
  • Machine Washable
  • 5K laminated waterproof shoulders
  • Slippery, Swishy Material
  • Expensive


When testing in Switzerland, the temperature was often in 20s. I wore the Rumpl Poncho as my primary jacket and was surprised by how warm it is. The waterproof fabric and snythetic insulation creates a solid barrier of warmth around my body, keeping cold wind out. 

The waterproof poncho is also really lightweight. The strengthened outside edges of the poncho and the cross-stitching across the center holds the synthetic down in place.

IMG 6862 Review of the Rumpl Poncho for Durability, Warmth & Weather Resistance

Weather Resistance

The weather conditions on my two trips were very different. One was cold, dry and windy, and the other was cold and damp. The poncho’s weather resistance is a result of its Durable Water Repellent (DWR) covering.

Joshua Tree cold and dusty in the winter. The poncho kept me plenty warm and I was simply able to shake the poncho to make the dirt & dust easily come off. The poncho look like new even after wearing it for hours during mini dust storms that would occur through the evening and night.

Switzerland was cold and damp, and it snowed several times during the trip. Once again, the poncho performs well in these conditions. The snowflakes just fell off and did not seep through the shell. Even after several hours of intermittent snowing, the poncho shell was dry and I stayed warm.


The Rumpl ripstop nylon shell is sturdy and repels dirt, pet hair, sand, and other particles.

My dog likes to use the poncho as a sleeping mat, and it’s never ripped in spite of him “fluffing” it with his sharp nails. Overall, it’s a very robust poncho, especially given how light it is.

Rumpl Puffy Blanket with a relaxing Poodle


Rumpl created the Puffy Poncho with the intention of making something that could be worn at festivals, hiking trips, or around a bonfire. With that in mind, it included lots of functionality useful for a variety of outdoor activities.

IMG 6856 Review of the Rumpl Poncho for Durability, Warmth & Weather Resistance

For example, the front of the poncho has two zippered pockets, a headphone jack / media port to keep your phone safe, a key holder and another zippered pouch that is just the right size to hold a 12-ounce can of soda (or beer).

It also has a three-panel hood that snaps down the sides to allow you to wrap it up close around your head as the temperature drops.

Packing Size

The poncho collapses into a pillow that can be used for sleeping, making it the perfect partner for space-conscious travel, from backpacking to weekend getaway packing.

IMG 6845 Review of the Rumpl Poncho for Durability, Warmth & Weather Resistance


In terms of cleaning, the Rumpl Down can be laundered at home in a washing machine on a delicate setting. You should not over-clean the Rumpl Puffy Poncho, as this will age the down and DWR waterproof coating.  Tumble dry with no heat.


The Rumpl Puffy Poncho’s is pricey at $249. However, I consider it well worth the cost for those who prioritize warmth, functionality, and durability.


Product Specs

BODY20D ripstop nylon with a water resistant DWR finish, 100% post-consumer recycled polyester shell
HOOD / SHOULDERS100% nylon shell with 5K laminated waterproof shoulders
INSULATIONNanoLoft® 120 gsm nanometer high-elastic cloth with a soft nap (100 percent recycled artificial down)
LINING3D hollow 100% polyester fiber
WEIGHT2.0 lbs
WARRANTY100 Day Risk Free Trial

Video Review of the Rumpl Poncho

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Final Thoughts

In terms of both durability and utility, the Rumpl Poncho is an excellent pick. It is my first choice for camping and backpacking trips, and any activity that’s in cold weather. If you’re a minimalist traveler looking for a reliable all-weather poncho, this one is difficult to beat.

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