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Sustainable shoes are made from biodegradable, environmentally friendly materials like organic cotton, organic hemp, fiber fiber, eucalyptus fiber and cork. They can also be constructed from recycled PET plastic.


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8000Kicks hemp shoes are stylish, waterproof sneaker made of 100% industrial cannabis hemp. Because of the waterproof and stain-resistant hemp fabric, you can take these sneakers into any environment and they'll bounce straight back to their original state. The hemp fabric is treated with a specia; coating layer to keep it free of stains, liquids, and dirt. As a result, the 8000Kicks Explorer V2 can survive wet and muddy activities such as hiking and running and still look great. Features:
  • Waterproof / Stain resistant.
  • Odor Resistant.
  • Antibacterial / Antimicrobial.
  • Eco-Friendly, Vegan Materials.
  • Durable, resistant to tears and rips.
  • Bouncy, cushiony outsole made of plant-based Bloom Foam.
Rain or shine, the adidas Terrex Hiking Boots are quick on any journey. They have the low weight and cushioning of trail running shoes with the stability and mobility of boots.
  • Uppers constructed with breathable mesh and lightweight, comfortable synthetic materials.
  • GORE-TEX® waterproof/breathable linings keep your feet dry.
  • Anatomically molded heels with external support clips.
  • Cushioned EVA midsoles give all-day comfort.
  • Rubber outsoles are slip- and water-resistant.
The adidas Terrex Swift R3 Hiking Boots are fast on any hike, rain or shine. They feel light and cushioned like trail-running shoes but have the stability and versatility of boots.
  • Uppers made of mesh and synthetic materials for lightweight comfort.
  • GORE-TEX® waterproof/breathable linings protect your feet from puddles and rain.
  • Anatomically contoured heels with external support clips to keep your feet secure.
  • EVA midsoles provide cushioning and flexibility for all-day comfort.
  • Rubber outsoles give excellent grip in both wet and dry circumstances.
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Allbirds Runner Up Mizzles are crafted from responsibly sourced merino wool and have natural rubber treads with Allbirds own Puddle Guard™ technology. The Allbirds Runner Up Mizzles - Atlas design are tan and feature a full-length black rubber sole. The merino wool provides warmth in the winter, and cools your feet in the summer. The Puddle Guard™ protects your ankles from splashes. The all-weather sole provides extra traction for slippery conditions. The These sneakers provide everything you need to manage icy or rainy weather.

Are Allbirds Runner Up Mizzles good for running?

The Allbirds Wool Dasher Mizzles are water-resistant shoes made for casual runners. They feature a high-traction rubber outsole with an integrated sock collar to protect against the cold.

Are Allbirds Mizzles machine washable?

We recommend hand-washing the shoes in our Mizzle collection so that the fluorine-free water-repellent treatment on the wool upper stays in good shape. The best way to clean dirt is with warm water and mild soap, but machine washing is fine if they need a deeper clean. Features:
  • Lightweight, flexible sole that adjusts to your movement
  • Cushioned insole
  • Cool in the heat and warm in the cold
  • Wicks sweat
  • So soft you can wear without socks
  • Odor resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Responsible sourced wool upper
  • Recycled laces
  • Low carbon footprint
The Allbirds Trail Runners are their first-ever high performance trail shoe. Designed for durability, stability, and traction and made with sustainable materials. Materials include eucalyptus tree fiber from FSC Certified forests, recycled polyester and Merino wool blend. Features high-tech ripstop fabric, grippy treads, and stabilizing support to take on any adventure. The midsole provides cushioned and stable support, and a sock-like collar keeps dirt out of the shoe - a very helpful feature for trail runners and hikers. Perfect for trail running, hiking, or everyday casual use. Features:
  • Eucalyptus tree fiber FSC-certified TENCEL™ Lyocell
  • ZQ Merino wool blend
  • Recycled polyester
  • Rip resistant
  • SweetFoam® midsole made with sugarcane-based green EVA
  • FSC-certified natural rubber outsole
  • Bio-based TPU seam tape and heel counter
  • Bio-based nylon eyelets
  • Shoe laces made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Castor bean oil-based insole foam
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The Allbirds Tree Dasher 2 is the next generation of the best-selling running shoe, designed to support your daily runs, walks, and workouts. Features:
  • Shoe laces made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Responsive SweetFoam midsole made from sugarcane
  • Castor bean oil-based insole foam
  • ZQ merino wool heel lining
  • Breathable TENCEL™ Lyocell upper made from Eucalyptus Fiber
  • Natural rubber outsole with extra grip traction
  • Wide, angular heel for extra shock-absorption
  • Padded insole
  • Odor resistant
  • Midsole: Made of sugarcane-based SweetFoam. This is a biodegradable, eco-friendly alternative to petroleum based rubber. The midsole is shock-absorbent and easy to run in. It’s not too dense and feels well-cushioned, especially when navigating streets and sidewalks.
  • Ankle: The heel collar is enhanced for a better fit and to avoid slippage. Allbirds can be worn sockless, so the new heel collar ensures all users have a good fit.
  • Heel: Optimized, angular design to better absorb impact. It’s also larger than the previous model. Runners with heavy heel strike may notice the change here because the heel makes a louder sound upon impact.
  • Upper: Made from lightweight, breathable Eucalyptus tree fiber. Moisture wicking, odor resistant and soft. Stretchy and flexible to create a snug, comfortable fit.
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Allbirds Tree Pipers are a classic low top sneaker made from vegan, plant-based, renewable materials. The Allbirds Tree Pipers upper is made from responsibly sourced, FSC® Certified Eucalyptus tree fiber. The sustainable shoes are designed to be eco-friendly, soft, lightweight, and keep your feet cool. The SweetFoam® midsole is extra bouncy and made from Brazilian sugarcane, making it the world’s first carbon negative green sole. Features:
  • Cushioned SweetFoam® midsole provides extra comfort and support
  • Eucalyptus tree fiber upper keeps your feet cool
  • Designed to adjust to the movement of your foot
  • Odor resistant fabric
  • Machine Washable
  • Biodegradable Materials
  • Women: 5 – 11
  • Men: 8 – 14
  • 10 colors
Allbirds Tree Runners are lightweight, breathable, and environmentally friendly shoes crafted from ethically sourced eucalyptus tree fiber. Starting at 9.6 kg CO2e, Tree Runners have a low carbon footprint.
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Allbirds Tree Skipper are classic sneakers made with breathable, moisture-absorbing, and lightweight eucalyptus tree fiber. They are designed to keep your feet cool even as the temperature heats up. The Tree Skipper is perfect for travel or everyday use. Features:
  • Flexible, breezy eucalyptus tree upper
  • Lightweight sole
  • Conforms to the movement of your foot
  • Temperature regulating
  • Odor resistant
  • Recycled shoelaces
  • Minimizes friction by using a silky-smooth material that is so soft you can wear the shoes without socks
  • Machine washable
  • Low carbon footprint
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Allbirds Wool Pipers are reimagined classic sneakers made with all-natural materials. Merino wool upper and SweetFoam® midsole cushion made from Brazilian sugarcane. Perfect for daily wear. Features:
  • ZQ Merino wool
  • Cushioned midsole
  • Odor resistant
  • Soft enough to wear without socks
  • Machine washable
The Allbirds Wool Runners are constructed with ease of use and comfort in mind. They are pliable, supportive, and remarkably plush all at the same time. Allbirds are kind not just to your feet but also to the natural environment. The Wool Runners are the best shoes for traveling since they do not need socks, they are breathable, and they are very lightweight. Features:
  • Made with Merino wool certified to meet the highest standards for animal welfare, care of the environment, and social sustainability.
  • Eco-Friendly EVA SweetFoam® midsole made from sugarcane.
  • Plant-based Insole foam made from castor bean oil.
The uppers of Astral Rambler Hiking Shoes are made of organic hemp sustainably grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. With extra attention to the edges, these hiking shoes are made to have exceptional grip on hard surfaces. Astral Ramblers work well on trails, pavement, bike pedals, and skate decks.
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The Lems Primal 2 is a great shoe for minimalist fans because it has a zero-drop platform and weighs only 6.9 oz. Your feet will be healthy and happy with the natural-shape fit and vegan-friendly materials. COMFORT The Primal 2 is an extremely comfortable shoe due to its foot-friendly design and high-quality materials, which include soft microfiber, an open-weave mesh upper, and an air-injected rubber outsole. VEGAN MATERIALS All of the materials, from the laces to the glue, are 100% vegan. They are made of microfiber and breathable air mesh. ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT The unique IBR outsole is makes Lems Primal 2 super light and flexible. ZERO-DROP Places the forefoot and heel flat on the ground, which fixes your posture, aligns your spine, and encourages you to strike the ground with the middle of your foot. ROOMY TOE BOX Unlike most shoes, which squeeze the toes together, Lems shoes have a foot-shaped toe box that gives your toes lots of room and freedom to move. Not only does the Lems Primal 2 have a sufficiently wide forefoot for most feet, but it’s also shaped in a way that accommodates natural toe splay. In other words, the Primal 2’s toe box is as close to foot-shaped as we’ve ever seen, which is excellent for promoting optimal foot health. FLEXIBLE SOLE The Primal 2 features a flexible sole, which helps strengthens your foot with every step, providing it with the necessary tactile feedback to optimize your gait. In addition, the entire shoe is accommodating and flexible, using only sustainable materials.
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The Lems Trailhead V2 are minimalist, zero drop shoes designed for everyday use, from hiking in the woods to walking city streets. The Trailhead V2 is a terrific everyday shoe because of the mix of lightweight materials, resilient construction, and vintage styling. If you’re looking for a shoe that you can wear on a daily basis and enjoy the idea of streamlined running sneakers paired with rugged hiking shoes, the Lems Trailhead V2 is the perfect choice.   The Trailhead V2 is great for people with bunions, flat feet and minor toe injuries because of it's natural shaped toe box. Read the review of the Trailhead V2 for people with bunions and flat feet.  
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  • Maximize the natural flexibility of the foot
  • Provides space for toes to lie flat in their natural position
  • Extra wide toe box is great for people with bunions and hammer toes
  • Minimum heel drop improves balance and posture
  • Minimalist design strengthens arches in flat feet
  • Shoe laces are slick and easily come untied
Merrell Moab hiking boots have been a favorite among hikers for over a decade, making it one of the most popular hiking shoes in the world. The Moab has been bought by millions of individuals all around the globe for its out-of-the-box comfort, durability, and all-purpose adaptability. The Merrell Moab Hiking Boots are lightweight, protective outdoor shoes that will give you the confidence to go on any terrain.
  • Mesh upper and lining
  • Shoelaces and webbing are 100% recycled
  • Toecap protection
  • Extra sensitive and breathable footbed
  • Guard rock
  • FloatPro Foam™ midsole
  • Vibram® EcoStep outsole made with 30% recycled rubber improves wet and dry traction.
  • Vibram® traction lugs intended to improve traction and remove debris.
  • Vegan
Hikers have loved Merrell Moab hiking boots for more than ten years, making them one of the most popular hiking shoes in the world. Millions of people all over the world have bought the Moab because it is comfortable right out of the box, durable, and can be used for anything. The Merrell Moab Hiking Boots are protective outdoor shoes that are lightweight and will give you the confidence to go anywhere.
  • Upper/lining mesh
  • Recycled shoelaces and webbing
  • Toeguard
  • Extra-sensitive footbed
  • Rockguard
  • Midsole FloatPro Foam
  • The Vibram® EcoStep outsole increases wet and dry grip.
  • Vibram® lugs enhance traction and eliminate debris.
  • Vegan
The On Cloud X Shift Vegan Sneaker has a unique blend of heavy cushioning, while still feeling very lightweight. On's CloudTec sole provides a lot of bounce without weighing down your feet.
  • Over half of the polyester used in the shoes is recycled, and 15–20 percent of the whole shoe is made from recycled materials.
  • The shoe uppers are made of recycled polyester and are reinforced to make them last longer.
  • The forefeet have reinforced TPU overlays for additional comfort.
  • Outsoles made of ON's proprietary shock-absorbing super-foam.
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The unique construction of the REI Flash Hiking Boots provides quick-and-light footwear designed for all terrains.
  • Uppers constructed from 100 percent recyclable PET polyester.
  • Waterproof and breathable materials to keep your feet dry.
  • 4 mm lugs in the forefoot and the heel provide anti-slip traction on any terrain.
  • Cushions made with algae-based foam for added comfort on extended walks.
  • Podiatrist-designed insoles to provide high performance support and comfort.
  • Extra space in the toe boxes allows for unrestricted movement of the foot and accommodates changes such as swelling after lengthy walks.
  • Tested in the field for 2,000+ hours and 700+ miles by over 6,000 consumers and 100 co-op members.
REI Flash Hiking Boots are constructed with innovative design to provide fast-and-light footwear with a lighter footprint.
  • Sock-like uppers made from 100% recyclable PET polyester.
  • Waterproof/breathable to keep feet dry.
  • 4 mm forefoot climbing lugs and 4 mm heel braking lugs give anti-slip grip on every terrain.
  • Algae-based foam cushions for extra comfort during long hikes.
  • Insoles built with podiatrists to assure support and comfort
  • Extra room in the toe boxes to give feet space to move freely, and accommodates changes like swelling during long hikes.
  • Field-tested over 2,000 hours and 700+ miles by more than 6,000 customers and 100 co-op members.
The Salomon Outpulse Hiking Boots are all-terrain, waterproof boots with extra-grip traction to help you move forward with a smooth stride.
  • Your ankles are supported by the mid-cut, and the rubber toe caps protect you on rocky trails.
  • Breathable, waterproof GORE-TEX® membranes protect your feet from the weather.
  • Midsoles have a responsive EVA-based foam that provides cushioning and a springy step. This keeps the rebound level high.
  • Outdoor TPU plates are built into the front of the shoes to absorb shocks from the ground.
  • The shape of the reverse camber is curved so that you can keep rolling with a smooth and natural stride.
  • Rubber outsoles grip the ground in all terrain and weather.
Salomon Outpulse Hiking Boots for Women are multi-terrain boots made from recycled materials like post consumer PET plastic bottles. The hiking boots are waterproof, have extra-grip traction, and are designed to propel you forward with a smooth step, even when you're hiking rocky terrain.
  • The mid-cut provides support for your ankles, and the rubber toe caps protect you while you're hiking on uneven terrain.
  • Your feet are shielded from the elements by waterproof GORE-TEX® membranes.
  • The midsoles are made of a responsive EVA foam that cushions your step and gives you a springy step.
  • TPU plates in the front to absorb shocks from the ground.
  • Rubber outsoles provide excellent traction in all weather and terrain.
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