A Comprehensive Kammok Mantis Review

Editor choice Kammok Mantis Review of the All-in-One Hammock Tent

Kammok Mantis Review

Are you searching for the best hammock tent to take with you on your outdoor adventures? The Kammok Mantis All-in-One Hammock Tent is an ultra-light, comfortable alternative to a traditional tent when space is limited and weight matters. It offers protection from the elements while weighing less than 3 pounds. The Kammok Mantis is suspended by straps and includes a soft hammock, mesh canopy, and adjustable rainfly.

The Kammok Mantis is also sustainably made from 100% recycled plastic and features a lightweight rainfly and airy hammock body, making it ideal for backpacking and mountain climbing. It’s lightweight, portable, and the rainfly can be opened to bring in fresh air on warm evenings.


  • Sleeping capacity: 1-person
  • Seasons: 3
  • Doors: 0
  • Vestibules:
  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • Supports up to 500 lbs
  • Mesh canopy protects the hammock from bugs
  • Integrated pockets and a structural ridge line
  • Panel for stargazing
  • Knotless suspension for 60 second set up and takedown
A Comprehensive Kammok Mantis Review
A Comprehensive Kammok Mantis Review


Key Takeaways

  • The Kammok Mantis Hammock Tent is an all – in one tent solution that offers comfort and protection. It weighs 2 lbs 15.4 oz, packs down to 10×6.1×6.1 inches, and setup can be done in under 60 seconds thanks to instructions printed right on the stuff sack!
  • This hammock tent provides adjustable comfort with its structural ridgeline for customizing hang angle while sleeping or relaxing. In addition, it features a removable bugnet, side wings for added protection, 7 pockets for gear storage, and featherlight rainfly providing superior insulation against windy nights and cold temperatures.
  • Kammok Mantis stands out from competitors due to its lightweight design; easy set up/tear down; adjustable comfort; storage features; durable construction of Supersoft GravitasX™ 40 denier diamond ripstop fabric crafted from 100% recycled materials; plus a peak capacity of 500 pounds making it suitable even on large family trips!

Overview of the Kammok Mantis Hammock Tent

The Kammok Mantis offers a comfortable and adaptable shelter with features such as a removable bug net, side wings for added protection, pockets and gear storage – all while staying lightweight and packable.

Features and specifications

The Kammok Mantis Hammock Tent is designed for 1-person use, and offers an array of features that make it a great option. It comprises a breathable body, integrated insect net, and featherlight rainfly. The pack weight is 2 lbs. 15.4 oz., while the packed size measures 10 x 6.1 x 6.1 inches – making it incredibly lightweight and compact to carry around with you on your outdoor adventures!

Comparison to other hammock tents

The Kammok Mantis hammock tent offers several advantages when compared to other hammock tents.

FeaturesKammok MantisOther Hammock Tents
Weight and PortabilityLighter and more compact, making it easier to carry on long trips.Generally bulkier and heavier, may not be suitable for longer journeys.
Setup and BreakdownDesigned for simplicity, it can be set up or taken down in as little as 60 seconds.Other brands may require more effort and time to set up and take down.
Comfort and Sleep QualityAdjustable straps allow for optimization of sleeping angle for enhanced comfort.Not all hammock tents offer adjustable straps, resulting in less customizable comfort levels.
Features and DesignComes with a removable bugnet and side wings for added protection, as well as ample gear storage.Other brands may lack these additional features, resulting in less protection and storage space.
DurabilityConstructed from durable materials, the Mantis can withstand long-term use and harsh weather conditions.Not all hammock tents are as durable and may not hold up as well over time or in adverse conditions.

Setup and Breakdown

Setting up the Kammok Mantis is easy, taking only a matter of minutes. It packs down tightly and can easily be stashed away in your backpack for transport.

Ease of use

Setting up and tearing down a tent can be a difficult, time consuming task. Fortunately, with the Kammok Mantis hammock tent setup and tear down is simple. It features convenient built-in pockets for organizing your gear while you sleep and has an Incubator™ structured ridgeline design that offers quick and effortless assembly in just minutes.

Additionally, its Stargazer™ panel allows for stargazing from within the comfort of your own hammock when the rainfly is rolled back. And with its 4.8 out of 5-star rating based on 166 reviews from real users who have actually used the tent, it’s no surprise that this product guarantees high customer satisfaction when it comes to ease of use!

Weight and packability

The Kammok Mantis Hammock Tent is designed to be lightweight and packable, making it the ideal companion for any outdoor adventure. At 2 lbs. 15.4 oz., the Kammok Mantis is a very portable hammock tent option that won’t weigh you down, no matter where your travels take you.

Its compact size also make it highly convenient to take on-the-go; when packed up in its stuff sack, the hammock tent measures 10 x 6.1 x 6.1 inches – small enough to fit in almost any bag without taking up much room at all! With everything necessary for setup included right in the package, setting up your camping shelter has never been so painless and easy!

Insulation and versatility

The Kammok Mantis takes a refreshing approach to hammocking, providing excellent insulation and versatile configuration. It’s constructed of Supersoft GravitasX™ 40-denier diamond ripstop fabric with an integrated insect net along with featherlight rainfly for protection against wind and weather.

The breathable material helps keep you warm in even the coldest conditions. This fabric is also 100% recycled and bluesign® approved – making it incredibly ecofriendly! Not only that but the Mantis can hold up to 500 pounds and still provide comfortable sleep quality, thanks to its adjustable structural ridgeline for customizing your hang angle while sleeping or relaxing.

Moreover, it features convenient pockets at both ends for storing your gear while taking advantage of its stargazing panel when the fly is rolled back for optimal night sky viewing experiences!

Comfort and Sleep Quality

Experience unparalleled comfort and exceptional sleep quality with the Kammok Mantis hammock tent, designed for any terrain! Keep reading to find out more.

Adjusting for optimal comfort

When it comes to finding the right sleeping accommodation in outdoor settings, a hammock tent like Kammok’s Mantis is an excellent option for comfort and convenience. The adjustable suspension straps give users the ability to customize their hanging height for a comfortable fit.

These easily adjusted straps will also help find the perfect balance between tension and sagged that will accommodate your desired level of support depending on which position you choose to sleep in.

Furthermore, users have multiple options when it comes to adding additional accessories like underquilts or pads – these additions can maximize user comfort while helping them tackle different weather conditions without any issues.

Comparison to traditional tent sleeping

Sleeping in a regular tent can feel quite different from sleeping in a Kammok Mantis hammock. The unique design of the Kammok Mantis makes it comfortable and incredibly easy to set up and take down, while its lightweight rain fly provides unparalleled protection against light showers.

What’s more, with its breathable body and integrated insect netting, you won’t find yourself dealing with condensation or intrusive bugs while zipped inside. Moreover, the featherlight GravitasX™ 40-denier diamond ripstop fabric – which is 100% recycled and bluesign® approved – insulates you better than traditional nylon fabrics used for tents.

Additionally its Stargazer™ panel offers ad assignated stargazing on cloudless nights when camping outdoors., All in all features like adjustable tension straps that quickly cpntour around your individual shape create an impeccable sleep experience that cannot be rivaled by regular ground layers such as mattresses or foam pads found inside traditional tents.

Features and Design

The Kammok Mantis Hammock Tent is designed with innovative features like a removable bugnet, side wings for protection and pockets for gear storage – perfect for adventurers of all types! Read on to learn more about the incredible design of Kammok’s ultimate tent hammock.

Removable bugnet

The Kammok Mantis Recycled All-in-One Hammock Tent comes equipped with a removable bugnet, integrated into its design. This extra layer of protection gives users the peace of mind they need to stay safe from any irritating or harmful insects while exploring nature.

With easy detachable insect netting, this hammock tent lets you choose when you want complete coverage and when you don’t with amazing versatility and flexibility. Its breathable bug barrier provides superior airflow during warmer months while also keeping pesky bugs at bay – giving campers an insectfree hammocking experience.

An additional feature of the Mantis is its side wings which allow for even greater levels of bug protection without compromising visibility or ventilation!

Side wings for added protection

The Kammok Mantis All-in-One Hammock Tent features side wings for added protection from the elements. The side wings can be rolled back to easily access the hammock tent when needed, or deployed for a protective shelter.

They are designed to create an efficient mix of coverage and exposure, providing more comfort and safety in unpredictable conditions. Additionally, they help form an almost complete enclosure around your sleeping area and provide superior weatherproofing compared to traditional tents without sidewalls.

Thanks to their innovative design, you reliably stay warmer on those chilly days while still enjoying the breeze during fairer weather conditions!

Pockets and gear storage

The Kammok Mantis offers a wide range of storage solutions to ensure gear stays safe and secure during outdoor activities. The hammock tent features seven convenient pockets throughout the interior, allowing you to quickly stash items such as wallets or small electronics for easy access.

In addition, the fly rollback design reveals an additional pocket tucked away in the roof of the tent designed specifically for star gazing opportunities! Gear organization is further enhanced with builtin storage loops perfect for hanging items off of the floor or attaching tarps and additional equipment.

With integrated pockets throughout, there’s plenty of room to keep all your camping essentials within reach while sleeping and exploring outdoors. Plus, side wings provide extra protection from storms and dangerous wildlife overnight without sacrificing usable space inside.

Durability and Packability

Here I assess how well the Kammok Mantis holds up over time and in different conditions, plus its potential for lightweight backpacking.

Material quality

The Kammok Mantis hammock tent is made of Supersoft GravitasX™ 40-denier diamond ripstop fabric. This high quality material provides outstanding durability and packablity, ideal for outdoor use in any environment.

Not only that but it’s 100% recycled and bluesign® approved, meaning it’s also eco-friendly. The breathable fabric helps keep you comfortable no matter the temperature or weather conditions, while the maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds allows for safe use by a single person.

All these features make this fabric tough yet lightweight ― perfect for longterm durability without sacrificing ease of transportability or space efficiency.when packing away your gear.

Long term use and durability

The Kammok Mantis Hammock Tent is constructed with Supersoft GravitasX™ 40-denier diamond ripstop fabric, known for its strength and endurance. The hammock tent has the ability to hold up 100% of its nylon material that makes it highly durable for long term use.

Furthermore, this camping accessory can support a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds, making it reliable in any situation. Its vast number of features also contribute towards its long lasting capabilities such as reinforced stitching at the suspension points which further strengthens the tensile strength so you don’t have to worry about your safety or comfort.

Additionally, its water resistance capability protects you from outside elements while keeping you relaxed inside regardless of weather conditions providing a secure sleeping experience every single time.

Strengths and limitations

The Kammok Mantis hammock tent is an all-in-one solution for outdoor camping and recreation. Its unique design offers numerous advantages, while its construction and materials may come with some limitations.

  1. All-in-one recycled design that is lightweight and packable; made from heavy duty fabrics that are made to last a long time; a great value at $249.95 original price plus the estimated Coop Member reward of $25 (10% back).
  2. Features an adjustable bugnet/rainfly combo as well as distinctive side wings, providing all seasons protection during wet or cold weather conditions.
  3. Offers ample storage in the form of pockets located on each side panel plus gear loops for hanging items like keys or charging accessories when needed in campout mode
  4. Can hold up to 400 lbs weight capacity which supports larger individuals without any problems


In conclusion, the Kammok Mantis Recycled All-in-One Hammock Tent is an ideal option for anyone looking to enjoy ultimate comfort and protection from nature during their outdoor adventures.

Its modularity, low weight, and top-rated performance make it a contender amongst mainstream hammock tents, making it worthy of any outdoor enthusiast’s consideration.

Additional information

Specification: A Comprehensive Kammok Mantis Review




100% recycled 40-denier diamond ripstop fabric


2 lbs. 15.4 oz.


10 x 6.1 x 6.1 inches

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