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The Lems Trailhead V2 are minimalist, zero drop shoes designed for everyday use, from hiking in the woods to walking city streets. The Trailhead V2 is a terrific everyday shoe because of the mix of lightweight materials, resilient construction, and vintage styling. If you’re looking for a shoe that you can wear on a daily basis and enjoy the idea of streamlined running sneakers paired with rugged hiking shoes, the Lems Trailhead V2 is the perfect choice.  

The Trailhead V2 is great for people with bunions, flat feet and minor toe injuries because of it’s natural shaped toe box. Read the review of the Trailhead V2 for people with bunions and flat feet.



The Lems Trailhead V2 is available in styles for men and women and comes in several different colors.

Lems Trailhead V2 Features:

  • Sustainably made with one-of-a-kind, durable construction. 
  • Shoe upper is made with microfiber and air mesh, and the outsole is made with full-length rubber.
  • Outsole is made with a low-profile rubber tread that gives good traction on the trail and long-term durability on the road.
  • Midsole is constructed of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and aids in weight distribution and stability.
  • Shoe lugs are strong and have a fashionable “gum” appearance.
  • Shoe heel offers a speckled look that complements the rough and multi-toned fabric.
  • Rubber outsole has solid traction and is thick enough to endure climbing over boulders and other difficult surfaces.
  • 4mm heel-to-toe drop makes these shoes nice and level to the ground and good for walking.
  • Natural-shaped toe box to give extra space for toes to wiggle and assume their natural barefoot position.
  • Can be worn with toe spacers.


Unlike their other shoe styles, which are unisex and have a large, 2E width toe box, the Trailhead offers separate sizing for men and women. The Trailheads for men are a regular D width, while the Trailheads for women are a standard B width. 

While most customers find that the Trailhead fits true to size, others may need to go up a half size to accommodate the breadth of their foot. Lems suggests stepping up a half size if you have a bigger foot or desire a more roomy fit.

The women’s shoes are much narrower than the men’s. For this reason, as a woman who has bunions and wears a size 9, I ordered the men’s shoe in a size 8 because I want lots of room around my toes. Lems makes the Trailhead V2 for both men and women. However, the sizing of each are different, especially in terms of foot width.

Lems Trailhead V2 FAQs:

Are Lems Trailhead V2 for Men good for hiking?

Lems has a wide range of hiking shoes available, including the Trailhead V2, Mesa and Boulder Boot.

Are Lems Trailhead V2 for Men shoes good for walking?

Lems shoes are a wonderful choice for walking, traveling, and trekking because of their adaptable and lightweight construction.

Do Lems Trailhead V2 for Men shoes have arch support?

Lems creates minimalist shoes with no arch support. This is meant to naturally build foot strength.

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Upper Fabric

Microfiber / Air Mesh




Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)

Heel Drop


Stack Height





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