NEMO Dagger OSMO Review

Editor choice NEMO Dagger OSMO Review

NEMO Dagger OSMO Review

The NEMO Dagger OSMO 2P tent is an ideal choice for backpackers looking for a lightweight and roomy shelter, that also happens to be sustainably made and free of PFCs, PFASs, and fire-retardant chemicals. It uses recyclable, eco-friendly fabric that has 4 times more water repellency than other tents and offers enhanced protection from the elements.

The Dagger OSMO tent elevates the camping experience while minimizing its environmental impact. Nemo tents have received a number of design and innovation awards over the past years, including “Best Inventions of the Year” by Time, Popular Science, and Men’s Journal.

This blog post will review how this tent performs in terms of comfort, weather resistance, weight, durability and ease of setup so you can make your best decision when it comes to selecting a camping shelter.

Key Takeaways

  • The NEMO Dagger OSMO 2P Tent is a lightweight, spacious and comfortable tent that is ideal for backpackers looking for an all-round performance.
  • It features DAC Featherlite NSL hubbed pole structuretwo large doors and vestibules with plenty of storage space plus protective strut vents at the top making it reliable even in harsh conditions.
  • This tent has been made from 100% Global Recycled Standard (GRS) – certified yarns which makes it both lightweight and durable while being environmentally friendly to protect users health too!
  • Easy setup system featuring color coded poles & clips require minimal time so you can spend more energy exploring outdoors.


NEMO Dagger OSMO Specifications

FeaturesTechnical Specs
Sleeping Capacity2 people
Seasons3 season
Trail Weight3 lbs. 6 oz.
Floor Dimensions7.5 x 4.17 ft (228.6 x 127 cm)
Vestibule Area11.4 + 11.4 sq ft
Peak Height3.5 feet (106.68 cm)
CanopyRipstop nylon/no-see-um mesh
RainflyOSMO ripstop polyester / nylon composite
FloorOSMO ripstop polyester/nylon composite
Number of Doors2
Pole DesignHubbed pole structure
Pole MaterialDAC Featherlite NSL aluminum
SustainabilityPFC- and PFAS-free, 100% Global Recycled Standard (GRS)–certified fabric, Made without flame-retardant coatings

Lightweight Design Optimized for Backpacking

The NEMO Dagger OSMO 2P Tent is an efficient, lightweight backpacking tent optimized for backpacking trips. Its roomy interior provides generous volume, while lightweight materials and durable construction make it both reliable and easy to carry over long distances.

    • The NEMO Dagger OSMO 2P Tent is a lightweight, spacious and comfortable tent that is ideal for backpackers looking for an all-round performance.
    • The Dagger OSMO Tent has a trail weight of 3 lb 9 oz (1.57 kg) – making it one of the lightest two-person tents on the market today.
    • It features a DAC Featherlite NSL hubbed pole structure for fast and easy setup.
    • There are two large doors and vestibules, with protective strut vents at the top of the rainfly for maximum ventilation.
    • This tent is constructed from 100% Global Recycled Standard Certified Fabrics, without toxic PFAs, PFCs and fire retardants.

Packed size

The NEMO Dagger OSMO 2P Tent has a compact design, with its packed size measuring 19.5 x 6.5 x 3.5 inches, making it easy to store in even the smallest backpacks and travel bags.

This tent also comes with a Divvy Cube rectangular stuff sack that can be used for weight splitting with a partner which further optimizes the space inside the bag for more efficient storage when traveling or backpacking outdoors.

Weather Protection

OSMO Weather Resistant Fabric Technology

    • One of the Dagger OSMO’s most unique features is its super durable, waterproof tent fabric made from 100% recycled fabrics.
    • OSMO fabric is made from a combination of polyester AND nylon (both made from 100% recycled yarns), to give the tent extra strength and water protection.
    • OSMO fabric is waterproof, has three times less stretch when wet, and is quick-drying. It’s designed to holds up exceptionally well in rainy weather without water leakages and tent sagging.
    • The Dagger includes adjustable guy lines for superior wind resistance, helping to maintain structural integrity even during high winds or heavy rains.

Airflow and Ventilation

The NEMO Dagger OSMO is designed with airflow and breathability in mind.

    • The tent features a two-door entry, providing multiple ventilation points to minimize condensation buildup by promoting air circulation throughout the interior space.
    • It also comes equipped with adjustable, protected vents in the rainfly to provide airflow even during rain storms.
    • The tent has zippered windows along the side walls, with mesh screens for extra airflow.

Interior Space and Livability

In spite of being a lightweight backpacking tent, the NEMO Dagger OSMO provides a decent amount of livable space.

    • The tent is made with single-wall construction.
    • While the 3.5 ft peak height is a bit short, the Dagger has floor dimensions of 7.5 x 4.17 feet, providing enough room for movement and space inside the tent.
    • Additionally, two large vestibules provide 11.4 square feet of storage space, with a storage tub in the vestibule to protects gear from the elements.

Large vestibules

The NEMO Dagger OSMO 2P Tent’s two expansive trapezoidal vestibules provide additional storage space for your camping gear. Additionally, both large vestibules have a Landing Zone storage tub to keep your gear dry and clear of dust and dirt.

This product is designed with backpackers in mind as they need easy access to their gear while out on their days spent exploring and gathering adventures.

Ease of Setup

The NEMO Dagger OSMO tent has a quick and easy setup process, with a single hubbed pole system that creates one pole structure instead of requiring separate individual poles to make the whole operation much easier.

The intuitive design removes out a lot of guesswork, which makes setting up this tent hassle-free, even in tricky conditions like strong winds or low light settings.

NEMO Sustainability

The Dagger OSMO fabric is sustainably made without PFC- and PFAS chemicals and toxic flame retardants.

    • The recycled materials used to make the fabric are naturally water resistant and the tent satisfies flammability criteria without the use of hazardous chemicals.
    • The fabric, buckles, webbing, toggles and clips are all made from materials that are bluesign® certified as eco-friendly options with minimal environmental impact.
    • As a company, NEMO takes sustainability initiatives including responsible material sourcing and a carbon accountability pledge to cut emissions 50% by 2030.

Pros and Cons

This tent offers a great set of features including spacious interior, extra storage pockets, large vestibules, easy setup and take down as well as durability to ensure it can handle harsher weather conditions.

Pros: Spacious, durable, easy to set up

The NEMO Dagger OSMO 2P Tent is a highly recommended choice for backpackers due to its well-rounded design that offers spaciousness, durability, and ease of setup.

It’s made with durable materials such as strong pole structure and waterproof fabric, ensuring your protection in bad weather.

Plus the color-coded pole structure makes set up quick and easy, so you can get on with your adventure.

Cons: May not be suitable for harsh weather

The NEMO Dagger OSMO 2P Tent is designed for backpackers and best used in 3-season conditions, so it may not be suitable for harsh weather. It features durable nylon fabrics that are waterproof but not as technical as other tents built to withstand alpine or winter ascents.

Its aluminum poles provide wind resistance, however, its shelter isn’t insulated and the triangular side vents act like wind tunnels when exposed to high winds.

Final Verdict

The NEMO Dagger OSMO offers great value for money, as it is an all-around tent that provides good weather protection and comfort in a lightweight, easy to set up package.

Great all-around tent for backpackers

The NEMO Dagger OSMO 2P Tent is a great choice for backpackers due to its lightweight, yet roomy design and sustainable construction. Its heavy-duty recycled fabric is PFC- and PFAS-free, providing superior water repellency along with less stretch when wet.

It also features a highly durable DAC Featherlite NSL hubbed pole structure that provides plenty of interior volume for two people. Furthermore, the tent has large vestibules for extra storage and color coded poles and clips that make setup quick and easy.

And finally, it’s made with upcycled material that helps reduce waste without sacrificing on strength or performance — perfect for environmentally conscious backpackers who want an excellent quality tent!

Good value for the money

The NEMO Dagger OSMO is a great value for the money, offering excellent performance and comfort at an affordable price. This 2-person tent stands out from similar products with its high-quality garment materials: recycled fabric that is PFC- and PFAS-free, meaning it’s more environmentally friendly than other tents.

The OSMO fabric also has 4 times longer water repellency and 3 times less stretch when wet, making sure you stay dry even in the worst weather conditions. It uses DAC Featherlite NSL hubs poles made of aluminum that provide strength and durability without adding extra weight.

Additionally, it features a spacious interior space with two doors but plenty of room to move around due to its trapezoid design vestibules for dynamic storage options; these also improve airflow inside the tent.

Thanks to its lightweight build – one of lightest designs ever by Nemo – combined with ease of setup thanks to color coded poles ensures campers have their home ready quickly after arriving at their destination.


The NEMO Dagger OSMO 2P Tent is an excellent choice for backpackers who are looking for a lightweight, spacious, and comfortable tent to carry on their journey. Its lightweight design allows it to be easily carried with minimal effort.

Meanwhile, the roomy interior provides ample space and extra storage pockets offer plenty of gear stashing options. The color-coded DAC Featherlite NSL pole structure is easy to setup and take down, while its waterproof fabric keeps occupants dry in rainy weather.

With 100% Global Recycled Standard (GRS)-certified yarns used in construction, the Dagger OSMO 2P Tent shows its commitment towards sustainable practices as well. All these features come together to make this solid offering a great choice for campers of all ability levels who seek low-cost yet high-quality shelter from the elements when exploring nature outdoors.

nemo 3 1 NEMO Dagger OSMO Review

The NEMO Dagger OSMO 2P tent is an ideal choice for backpackers looking for a lightweight and roomy shelter, that also happens to be sustainably made and free of PFCs, PFASs, and fire-retardant chemicals. It uses recyclable, eco-friendly fabric that has 4 times more water repellency than other tents and offers enhanced protection from the elements.

Product Brand: NEMO

Editor's Rating:


  • Lightweight, spacious tent that is ideal for backpackers looking for an all-round performance
  • Tent fabric made from 100% Global Recycled Standard (GRS) – certified yarns
  • Features DAC Featherlite NSL hubbed pole structure
  • Includes two large doors and vestibules with plenty of storage space
  • Easy setup system featuring color coded poles & clips


  • May not be suitable for heavy rain and wind
  • Triangular side vents act like wind tunnels when exposed to high winds
  • Shelter is not insulated

Additional information

Specification: NEMO Dagger OSMO Review




Ripstop polyester/nylon blend


4 lbs. 2 oz.


90 x 50 inches


42 inches


11.4 + 11.4 square feet




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