Patagonia Ascensionist Pack

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The Patagonia Ascensionist Pack is designed for lightweight travel but can easily be expanded if you need more space.


  • 35 liter capacity.
  • Remove the adjustable pads to make a basic webbing hipbelt, or remove the whole hipbelt for lightweight travel.
  • Heavy loads are supported by the pack’s framework, but may be removed for lighter activities.
  • Asymmetrical spindrift collar opens wide for packing; drawcord secures collar and shuts lid.
  • Extra spindrift collar protects goods when your pack is overloaded
  • A broad range of tools may be carried in the center sheath.
  • Compression bands on the sides assist accommodate varying size loads.
  • Lid zipped pocket for compact essentials.
Patagonia Ascensionist Pack
Patagonia Ascensionist Pack

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