Patagonia Women’s Nano Puff Hoody

Best seller Nano Puff Hoody

The Patagonia Nano Puff Hoody is a timeless classic that’s built to last while looking great. Made in styles for men and women, it’s a great cold-weather layering garment for trekking, hiking, and skiing, thanks to the slick materials on both the inside and outside.

The Nano Puff has been around for decades and is widely used by climbers, particularly those who prefer multi-pitch climbing. The Nano Puff is ideal for multi-pitch climbs because it’s so compact when folded up and connected to the climbing harness.

When it comes to breathability, Patagonia hasn’t strayed too far from its tried-and-true design. Compared to other Patagonia synthetic choices, the Nano Puff compresses quite tiny into its chest pocket and remains a good choice for hiking and mountain climbing.


  • Narrow horizontal lines on the side panels, stabilizing insulation.
  • Center-front zipper with a wicking interior storm flap.
  • Zipper garage at the chin, which provides maximum comfort on the skin.
  • Abrasion resistant durable thread.
  • Two hand warmer pockets with finished zipper garages to maximize warmth.
  • Chest pockets with internal zippers, which can also serve as a stuff sack.

These features make it the perfect Patagonia hoodie to reach for during cold, rainy, and snowy days. People can also wear it to work, hiking, or casual wear.

🏆 Pro Tip: If you don’t require a hood, get the less expensive, lighter Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket instead. It comes in styles for men and women. The hoodless variant is the best-selling insulated jacket of all time, although both Nano Puff jackets are popular classics. This version has no hood and is easy to layer beneath other hooded coats. When it comes to wearing beneath a ski jacket, for example, it is more convenient.

Patagonia Women’s Nano Puff Hoody
Patagonia Women’s Nano Puff Hoody



Primaloft Gold Eco insulation is used in this jacket, which is kept in place by quilted squares. This insulation will keep you warm even when wet. The elastic cinched hem helps keep you warm, however the looser wrist cuffs can let some of the heat out so your body temperature remains balanced.


The Nano Puff Hoody’s great compressibility makes it a fantastic choice for travel and multi-pitch climbing. Compared to other insulated coats, the Nano Puff Hoody compresses into a very small package. However, keep in mind that the smaller the compression, the longer it takes to stuff into its small package. While the Nano Puff can fit inside a pocket, it takes a bit of time and effort to do so. There is a clip-in loop included with the jacket so that you can attach to a belt.


This insulated jacket’s simple design makes it lightweight and utilitarian, but not very comfortable. Its slick materials allow it to layer easily beneath a shell, but they get sticky when wet. The short hem length tends to ride up while extending your arms. Patagonia’s non-adjustable hood fits perfectly beneath a climbing helmet.

We liked the micro-fleece patches that form a “zipper garage” when the jacket is fully zipped up against the face. They were soft and comfortable. There are two deep, zippered hand pockets lined with slippery nylon and an internal zippered pocket on the left chest that can hold a lot of things. The jacket fits into this chest pocket. The main zipper and the hand pockets have zipper pulls that are easy to reach. The wrist cuffs are simple and easy, but not as tight as we would like. There is a cord lock on the right side.

Resistance to the weather

As a lightweight jacket, the Nano Puff is quite weather-resistant. While the outer shell is sewn-through, the nylon lining stops the wind that gets through the seams. Stitching is visible through the waterproof DWR coating on the Puff’s exterior fabric. If the weather is threatening, it’s a good idea to have a light shell layer on hand. Models with an almost continuous outside fabric perform better in the rain and wind, but the Nano Puff’s inside fabric resists wind after it passes through the exterior. This is something we’ve noticed with other models.

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