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Peak Design Travel Backpack Review: Features, Quality, and Versatility

Peak Design Backpacks are designed for easy access, organization, expansion, and protection of your most valuable items. The backpacks come in 5 sizes: 15 liters, 20 liters, 30 liters, and 45 liters. The backpacks are versatile, well-cushioned and secure enough to hold valuable items like your laptop and DSLR camera, in addition to having numerous compartments for papers, wallets, phone and other items. The sustainable backpacks are constructed using 100% recycled fabric that is water-resistant and are bluesign® certified free of harmful chemicals.


  • Travel
  • Photography


  • The exterior shell of the backpack is made of weatherproof 400D nylon canvas shell, which is DWR impregnated and double poly coated, and 100% recycled plastic (blue sign approved).
  • Gusseted pockets
  • Magnets on the shoulder straps
  • Waist belt sleeve and adjustable sternum strap.
  • Internal dividers to get your laptop, tablet, papers or other contents organized
  • Compartment holds a laptop up to 15 inches
  • Expandable side pockets for water bottles, tripods, etc
  • Smaller, internal top and side compartments for wallet, passport, cables, and phone
  • A cord hook system and 4 external carry straps enable you to fasten large things to the exterior of your bag
  • Carry upright or as a briefcase with 3 cushioned handles
  • Weatherproof zippers with abrasion-resistant thread
  • Theft-deterrent zipper pulls
  • Dual side entry points allows you to access your gear without taking the backpack off
  • Handle attachment to easily connect to rolling luggage
  • Peak Design is Bluesign@ Certification

The video is created by Ed from Rush Basta, a popular YouTube channel that specializes in gear reviews, guides, and walkthroughs. Ed is an experienced photographer, traveler, and outdoor enthusiast who has tested and reviewed a wide range of products from various brands, including Peak Design. His reviews are known for their honesty, thoroughness, and practical insights. If you want to learn more about Ed check him out on Instagram.

Ed considers Peak Design to be one of the most innovative gear companies in the market. In this video, he takes a close look at the Everyday Backpack V2 features, materials, and designs that make it stand out from the previous versions.

When comparing Peak Design backpacks with other brands in terms of features, quality, and value for money, there are several things to consider.


Peak Design backpacks offer a number of innovative options. For example, the Travel Backpack has a 3-in-1 adaptable design that can shift between 22L and 40L and can carry up to 20% more than most backpacks. It also has a dedicated laptop sleeve and plenty of pockets. 

The Everyday Backpack in this review has customizable dividers for gear, a magnetic top closure, and side pockets for easy access.


Peak Design backpacks are made from premium materials and have a reputation for durability. For example, the Everyday Backpack is made from weatherproof 400D nylon canvas, with durable zippers and hardware.


Peak Design backpacks are generally more expensive than other brands. For example, the Travel Backpack  retails for around $300, while the comparable Dakine Campus 33L Backpack retails for $75. However, many people find that the quality and versatility of Peak Design is worth the higher price.

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4 lbs. 10.4 oz.


22.3 x 11.8 x 8.3 inches


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