About Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket

Rumpl Original Puffy Blankets are a line of everywhere-blankets made from recycled plastic bottles, perfect for all kinds of indoor and outdoor use. Because they incorporate the same technology as any top-of-the-line sleeping bag or outdoor jacket, these blankets are well-suited to sharing the same environments where you might bring those items. That includes everything from campsites in the woods to pretty picnic spots in your own backyard. 

This inspired the company’s founders to create the “sleeping bag blanket” that can be used indoors and outdoors. Rumpl’s founders also decided that their new blankets should be sustainable gear made from recycled plastic bottles and incorporate high-tech materials that improve on the traditional sleeping bag composition.

Despite their ruggedness, these also make fantastic indoor blankets, able to keep you warm and comfortable wherever you are at home. Their signature Cape Clip® even allows you to walk around with them hands-free, so you never have to sacrifice coziness to get stuff done.


The idea for the Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket was born when the company’s creators found themselves stranded in a remote location during a surf and ski trip. The founders were stuck in  broken down van, and realized that in spite of the freezing temperatures, they were warm and snug in their sleeping bags.

It soon dawned on the travelers how superior the sleeping bag materials were. So the group decided to do what has not been done in hundreds of years: to innovate the ordinary, everyday blanket into something better. 

Since their original launch on Kickstarter, Rumpl has gone on to create all of their original puffy blankets out of 100% post-consumer waste materials. They recycle more than 5 million plastic bottles retrieved from the ocean each year. In addition, Rumpl offsets 100% of its yearly carbon emissions through the purchase of  carbon offset credits.

Each Rumpl original puffy blanket is made from 60 recycled plastic bottles. Each blanket is designed with original artwork to display a variety of scenes – from a sunset off the pacific coast highway, to the Joshua Tree state park, to abstract art, to popular sports teams.

Rumpl is also a certified B Corporation. This means that they have a demonstrated commitment to social and environmental progress. The certification process requires the company to disclose legal and operational documentation and processes that detail how their supply chain and work force are managed. B Corp certified companies prioritize the welfare of workers and the health of the environment over the potential profits.

Now, Rumpl’s mission is to share their unprecedented invention with the world. Since these products perform as only activewear and camping gear can, they can do what most blankets cannot. 

But this enterprise goes beyond mere dedication to product excellence. The company also pushes itself to be exceptional in other ways. The following are a few things that make Rumpl stand out as a forward-thinking and eco-friendly entity: 

  • Certified B Corporation Status

Certified B Corporations are legally bound to be mindful of the impacts of their actions on workers, other people, and the environment.

  • Responsibly-Sourced Materials

Every part of the original-style blankets, from the durable PET plastic exterior to the recycled polyester insulation, is made from 100% post consumer recycled materials (specifically, recycled plastic bottles). In the Featherlite Puffy Blanket, only sustainably-sourced hydrophobic duck down is used. 

  • Climate Neutral Certified

Rumpl is a Climate Neutral Certified brand, meaning that it purchases verified offsets to neutralize the entire carbon footprint of its business.

Features and Benefits:

  • Performance

These blankets are made from weather resistant recycled polyester and recycled plastic bottles. The PET plastic is water repellent also, and they can take a lot of punishment without getting dirty or torn. 

The blankets are waterproof due to their 30D ripstop nylon fabric shells and DWR coating. These qualities also make the blankets resistant to pet hair, as it easily slides off the surface. Even if you somehow manage to soil one, it is a snap to clean them since they are machine washable. 

Although these weather resistant blankets are indeed tough, that does not prevent them from being incredibly lightweight and easy to pack. Each one comes with a stuff sack that simplifies storing it neatly with the rest of your camping gear. 

  • Impact

Maybe one of the best benefits of owning one of these products will be your contribution to sustainability. Since their construction comes from recycled plastic bottles and other post consumer recycled materials, you would be hard-pressed to find a more eco-friendly selection of blankets. 

  • Design

The number one thing you want from a blanket is warmth, and these deliver! Their 3D hollow fiber silicon synthetic insulation traps heat with incredible efficiency, making them likely cozier than your favorite traditional warm blankets. All aspects of these blankets are expertly engineered for comfort, durability, and versatility. 

  • Special Features

As previously mentioned, each includes the ingenious Cape Clip®, which fastens the sides closed around your shoulders, transforming it into a wearable blanket. Additionally, the blankets feature paracord loops, making it possible to stake them to the ground or integrate them with hammocks.

  • Rumpl Warranty

Rumpl is not just passionate about being eco-friendly and looking out for the world at large; it cares deeply about its customers as well. That is why the company offers a 100 Night Risk-Free trial with your purchase and a one-year warranty for any products with a manufacturing defect. 

What Activities Are Rumpl Blankets Good For?

When we say the blankets are for everywhere, it is not an exaggeration! They are beloved as both outdoor blankets and indoor blankets, and they are crazy convenient in dozens of different scenarios. The following are some great examples of activities that represent perfect opportunities to use these blankets.

Activities as Outdoor Blankets

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Picnicking
  • Coffee/ drinks on the patio
  • Bonfires in the backyard
  • Day-trips by the dock or the beach
  • Spare blanket in the car just in case

Activities as Indoor Blankets

  • Movies/ TV time on the couch
  • Reading in a comfy chair
  • Working from home at your desk (or anywhere in the house)
  • Snacking at the table or countertop
  • Doing chores while staying warm

Do not forget that you can use one as a wearable blanket in any of these situations! If you like this article, check out our curated list of the Best Rumpl Blankets.