13 Sustainable Underwear Brands For Women

We want our women’s underwear to protect us while feeling luxurious and looking fabulous. We also want assurance that no toxic or harmful synthetic fibers exist in the fabric, that no animals need harming in the process of production and that the people making our garments are treated fairly and are paid a living wage. 
Sustainable Underwear Brands For Women

As we enter the post-pandemic world, we do so with a new, more enlightened attitude. We know what matters, and we realize that we need to do our best to help take care of each other and the world. This article focuses on the fashion essentials of underwear and bras to provide a helpful list of sustainable and ethical underwear brands for women.

That’s why choosing sustainable clothing brands makes perfect sense since clothes manufacturers are the second-largest source of pollution on earth.

Sustainable underwear brands for women are made from materials like natural fiber from organic cotton or bamboo, which sustains the health of the soil and uses 91% less water.

Sustainable products such as sustainable clothing brands for women, vegan sneaker brands and sustainable clothing brands for children help decrease the ever-growing damage to our environment and health.

Understanding sustainable and ethical fashion

Sustainable companies produce their clothing lines while meeting ethical standards and practices of sustainability. These companies include fair trade clothing and vegan sneaker brands.

Ethical fashion companies have the following characteristics:

  • Upholding fair trade clothing labor policies, including safety in the workplace and a living wage for employees
  • Avoiding harmful chemicals to protect the health of the environment and people
  • Barring animal testing used to determine chemical toxicity
  • Supporting vegan practices by prohibiting the use of animal-based dyes and glues, fur, leather, or any other animal-sourced material
  • Using organic certified 100% cotton, hemp, bamboo fiber, or other natural materials derived from nature (polyester is not biodegradable and is a fossil-fuel based product)
  • Keeping production carbon-neutral by conserving energy, water and land to safeguard wildlife ecosystems and slow global warming

We want our women’s underwear to protect us while feeling luxurious and looking fabulous. We also want assurance that no toxic or harmful synthetic fibers exist in the fabric, that no animals need harming in the process of production and that the people making our garments are treated fairly and are paid a living wage.

When we buy sustainable, organic underwear, we choose ethical fashion that makes the well-being of our fellow humans and the planet a priority. We shop according to our values to support that eco-friendly, vegan underwear brands.

Sustainable and Ethical Underwear Brands for Women


PACT Organic Women's Underwear

PACT is a USA-based company in Denver, CO, with a mission to make sustainability its top priority by creating a favorite sustainable fashion that helps support the planet and its inhabitants. Their soft, comfortable organic underwear has no toxic dyes or other additives.

Additionally, they offer Carbon Offset Shipping with wind energy credits, a Give Back Box that you can donate old clothes in, and packaging that is 100% consumer recycled paper and cardboard. The plastic they use to protect the organic cotton underwear when shipped is biodegradable.

The company’s factories provide safe working conditions for employees and help uplift local communities with fair wages.


  • Fair Trade USA
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

Price range: $12 – $60

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Sizes: XS to XL

Reve En Vert

pico goods black crop top 1 13 Sustainable Underwear Brands For Women

The Reve En Vert brand resides in the United Kingdom, their garments manufactured from organic fields of cotton sourced from farmer cooperatives. They work with a small fair-trade clothing factory in southern India where workers receive a supportive livelihood.

The brand uses natural pigments to achieve three serene hues from extracts of the Acacia Catechu Tree. The result is smooth, supple underwear that feels sensational on the skin.

They also limit the use of chemicals and use eco-friendly materials that reduce emissions that impact climate change.


  • Fairtrade International – Small Producers Organizations
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

Price range: $22 – $44

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Sizes: XS to L


Boody Women's Underwear

Based in Sydney, Australia but manufacturing in China, BOODY utilizes the organic bamboo plantations to produce sustainability in underclothes. They make fabric from the pulp of bamboo grass, the organic fibers providing breathable, longer-lasting wear that holds its shape, offering customers ethical fashion that looks amazing.

The brand believes that “trends and fads lead to waste and overconsumption,” so they use eco-friendly recycled packaging and a zero-waste, closed-loop production system. Another plus, bamboo fabric provides coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter.


  • Oeko-Tex (tests for toxic chemicals and social, environmental manufacturing methods)
  • Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certification for labor conditions.

Price range: $12 – $40

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Sizes: XS to XL

Brook There

Brook There Women's Organic Underwear

Brook DeLorme founded BROOK THERE in greater Portland, Maine. Self-taught in lingerie design, she created minimalist clothing she longed to wear while helping to slow the disintegration of local economies by doing business in the USA. It also made it easier to uphold the ethical and environmental standards she values.

Her company makes women’s underwear with organically cultivated cotton and natural silk with no toxic dyes. They are long-lasting, elegant, and most of all soft and comfortable, meant to celebrate the natural beauty of all women without wires, foam and other unsustainable, uncomfortable materials that try to change appearance.

The business keeps inventory where merchandise gets produced to minimize transport. All shipments to the customer contain recycled poly bags and tissue paper, avoiding single-use plastic. Vegan options are also available.


  • GOTS

Price range: $28 – $148

Sizes: XS to XXL

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Hara Women's Organic Underwear

Based in Melbourne, Australia, HARA’s mission is to bring environmental and human issues into the spotlight to help create an ethical fashion industry that provides beautiful and natural women’s underwear. They produce their organic underwear in Bali and visit distributors in their supply chain to verify ethical working conditions.

The company uses Better Packaging, a cutting-edge company that creates compostable Dirt Bags to eliminate waste and increase sustainability. They also use biodegradable plant colorants like turmeric, indigo, and Madder root.

Their undies feel luxurious and soft, made solely of organic bamboo fiber, which happens to be one of the most sustainable materials on earth. It needs only rainwater to grow, no pesticides or fertilizers, so underwear is free of pollutants.


  • OEKO-TEX 100

Price range: $35 – $75

Sizes: XS to 5XL

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Knickey Women's organic underwaer

Established in Chelsea, NYC, KNICKEY manufactures its clothes in India. The process starts at an organic, non-GMO farm free from toxic insecticides and fungicides. Hand-picking by workers from the local communities prevents high energy use of machinery while creating jobs.

They keep dyes free from impurities, bleach and heavy metals. After completion, the organic underwear is shipped to Chelsea and then packaged and shipped to us without plastic. Their system is carbon neutral, and they have a recycling program of their own.


  • GOTS
  • OEKO TEX 100
  • Fair Trade

Price range: $13/pair

Sizes: XXS to XXXL

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Saint Basics

Saint Basics Women's Organic Underwear

Based in The Hague, The Neverlands, SAINT BASICS has been working for ten years to stop environmental damage, waste and human and animal suffering, often resulting from the clothing industry. Their process involves no sweatshops, child labor, or unfair trade.

They make 80% of their fair trade clothing from eucalyptus trees that grow in FSC certified forests in Austria. No animals are hurt to produce their vegan underwear.

The company makes the undergarments in Portugal and ships them in biodegradable bags instead of boxes directly from the warehouse. Workers in the factories receive fair pay and get exercise breaks during the day.

Using eucalyptus makes it possible to save 96% water and 80% agricultural land. The brand won the EU Award for its zero-waste manufacturing to help the environment, creating a 95% smaller eco-footprint than cotton. Furthermore, their energy use is 87% renewable.

Better still, the fabric created is high-quality, very soft, absorbs moisture and feels sublime. Ethical fashion undies don’t get any better!


  • OEKO TEX 100
  • PETA-Approved Vegan
  • GOTS

Price range: $24 to $47

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Sizes: XS to L

Mighty Good Basics

Mighty Good Basics Women's Underwear

Situated in Hyderabad, India, MIGHTY GOOD BASICS uses the finest organically grown cotton from cooperative farmers for their fair trade clothing. They also use renewable energy in their supply chain. Highly transparent, they stand by ultimate respect for the planet and the best ethical factories throughout the world.

The organic underwear fits beautifully for all shapes and sizes and offers superb comfort while providing high-quality and sustainability at an affordable price.


  • Fairtrade Labeling Organization (FLO)
  • SA 8000 Social Accountability Standard
  • GOTS

Price range: $9 to $12

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VVatter Women's Underwear

VATTER is a Munich-based brand with a mission to create sustainable and long-lasting women’s underwear without sacrificing design and appearance. They use 100% vegan, environmentally-friendly, sustainable materials, including GOTS certified organic cotton.

Consequently, their lingerie items please your body and morals at the same time.

Additionally, they use part of their revenue to support environmental and social projects and use 100% recycled packaging with vegetable-based inks. Shipments are carbon neutral with DHL GoGreen.

Choose from fancy or classic designs. The company provides underwear styles for men, babies and toddlers, too.

Their working conditions are safe, free of child labor, and workers are paid well without working unreasonable hours.


  • GOTS
  • International Labor Organization (ILO)

Price range: $18 to $45

Sizes: XS to XL

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Organic Basics

Organic Basics Women's Underwear

Based in Denmark, ORGANIC BASICS underwear brand uses SilverTech pieces in their fabric which provide antibacterial and heat-regulating properties. Their underclothing contains other high-quality organic materials, as well. They partner only with factories that care for the environment.

The company takes extra consideration in their production, creating garments made to last with graceful simplicity while lessening their footprint on the environment. They also make sure to keep their workplace free of forced or child labor and maintain safe conditions for workers. Employees receive free lunch, child care and a living wage.

Their website has a low-impact version that uses less energy, too.


  • B Corporation
  • GOTS
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
  • Fair Trade

Price range: $34 to $120

Sizes: XS to XL

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Azura Bay

Azura Bay Women's Underwear

Based in Miami, Florida, AZURA BAY carries brand collections that create eco-friendly underwear and other organic and fair trade clothing, mostly from female-owned companies. They follow green practices with 100% recycled boxes made in the USA for shipment.

Every brand is size-inclusive, with recycled fabrics and certified organic cotton, some using Tencel and Pima cotton, which has longer fibers and higher quality than conventional cotton.

The result is a very smooth fabric that is wrinkle-resistant and feels divine on your body.

On the Giving Back page of their website, they donate a portion of the proceeds to one of three organizations you choose.


  • Fair Trade
  • GOTS
  • FSC tissue paper

Price range: $24 – $89

Sizes: XS to 2XL

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Headquartered in Switzerland, NIKIN’s philosophy resounds with their saying, tree by tree. Every time you purchase their organic cotton underwear, part of the proceeds goes to OneTreePlanted. They plant a tree in your name in areas where it is most needed. As a result, tree by tree, the company hopes to make the earth a greener, healthier place for all of us.

Their brand is sustainable and affordable, and their eco-friendly materials, along with limits on chemical use and wastewater, reduce climate impact. Add some socks to keep your feet warm and cozy. They have tree-print designs so you can show off your support!

Though they do not use animal products in their clothing, they don’t call themselves vegan.


  • GOTS
  • OEKO-TEX 100
  • Global Recycled Standard
  • No issue eco-packaging alliance

Price range: $18 -$60

Sizes: XS to XL

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Nat v Basics

Headquartered in Queensland, Australia, NAT’V BASICS’s mission is to protect all people and the planet. They are vegan-cruelty-free and offer eco-friendly, luxurious women’s underwear. Garments are perfect for sensitive skin since they are hypoallergenic and made from recycled and sustainable materials.

Expect everyday comfortable underwear without the frills, the pieces created by women for the enjoyment of women. All garments are toxin-free and ethically produced. The company strives to become a better sustainable underwear brand each day.

Every order online provides proceeds the company gives to local charities. Their packaging has zero plastic, supporting global reforestation. They also belong to the Offset Program for carbon emissions, and suppliers are hand-selected and must comply with the company’s social responsibility principles.


  • OEKO TEX 100
  • European Eco-Label
  • USDA Certified Biobased Product
  • TUV Austria Belgium NV
  • Responsible Care
  • Fair Trade
  • ISO Standards
  • FKT Seal
  • Recycled Claim Standards (RCS)

Sizes: 8 to 16

Price range: $19 to $49

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