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Best Rated Women’s Sustainable Shoes Under 150

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Shopping for women’s sustainable shoes under $150 dollars can be challenging. Finding a balance of quality, comfort, and eco-consciousness on a reasonable budget is time consuming.

We’ve compiled a shortlist of the best shoes under $150, including the most comfortable sneakers, sport shoes and designer shoes that are both affordable and sustainable.

Our list also includes a summary of customer reviews for each shoe style, so that you can make an informed decision based on real life customer feedback.

Women’s sustainable shoes under 150

Allbirds Tree Runners

Allbirds Tree Runners – $98

Allbirds makes some of the most comfortable sneakers on the market and their “Tree Runner” is literally made out of mother earth.  At $98, this is a great option for quality shoes under 150. The knit upper is crafted from eucalyptus tree fiber, the insole from ZQ Merino wool, and the midsole from Brazilian sugarcane. These sustainable materials are cushiony, lightweight, flexible, odor resistant and biodegradable. The Tree Runners are also machine washable, making them easy to clean and maintain over time. 

  • 2,728 Customers Rate 4 ½ out of 5
  • Ideal for hiking, jogging, walking

Thousand Fell Lace Up Sneakers

Thousand Fell Laces Up Sneakers – $120

Thousand Fell makes the world’s first recyclable sneaker. The shoes are sturdy, comfy, and recyclable thanks to their smart design and contemporary, environmentally friendly materials. Thousand Fell sneakers are built to last. The company will accept your used sneakers back once you finished using them, and will give you a $20 credit in exchange.

8000Kicks Hemp Sneakers

8000Kicks Explorer V2 – $135

8000Kicks Explorer V2 sneaker is their signature model, sustainably designed from plant based materials.  The exterior is made from hemp fibers and the outsole is made from green algae. This makes the shoe strong, flexible and waterproof, with a classic, minimalistic look.

  • 357 Customers Rate 4 ½ out of 5
  • Ideal for hiking, jogging, running, walking​​

Rothy's Fair Trade Flats for Women

Rothy’s Sneaker – $125

Rothy’s slip-on sneakers are sleek and sustainable, while still being casual and affordable. Buying Rothy’s helps to divert plastic trash from the oceans because their signature thread is created from recycled plastic water bottles. They even help keep marine ecosystems in balance by extracting algae and using it within the interior of the sneaker insole. In addition to being eco-friendly, Rothy’s are water and odor resistant, super sturdy, lightweight and flexible.

  • 8,292 Customers Rate 4 ½ out of 5
  • Ideal for walking, office

Vegan Sneakers Lems Primal Pursuit

Lems Primal 2 – $105

Built on a zero-drop heel platform and weighing only 6.9oz, the Primal 2 is the ideal shoe under 150 for any activity. Lems has perfected the science of good posture and a healthy spine.

Lems zero-drop architecture reduces the height of the heel from 12mm to 4mm – 8mm. This readjusts your forefoot and heel to be level with each other, which helps align the spine and promote better posture. Lems shoes also have a more spacious foot-shaped toe-box, so that your feet have plenty of space to wiggle and move.

  • 493 Customers Rate 5 out of 5
  • Ideal for jogging, walking

Allbirds Wool Pipers - Dapple Grey

Allbirds Wool Pipers – $98

Allbirds’ Wool Pipers are super versatile – whether you need designer shoes for the office or sport shoes for long distance walking, these shoes provide the comfort, support and flexibility that you need. The midsole is also made of Allbirds’ proprietary Brazilian sugarcane SweetFoam®. This is the first carbon negative green rubber.

  • 511 Customers Rate 4 ½ out of 5
  • Ideal for walking, office

Rothy’s Flat – $125

Rothy’s classic flat is simple, yet expertly constructed for high performance and comfort. This style is known for “zero break in” time because the shoe molds to the unique contour of your foot.

  • 14,738 Customers Rate 4 ½ out of 5
  • Ideal for walking, office

Allbirds Women's Tree Dashers, Lyra, Size 5

Allbirds Tree Dashers – $125

Allbirds’ Tree Dasher is geared for runners looking for a high-performance shoe made with plant-based, sustainable materials. They are lightweight and made to adjust based on the contour of your foot movement. The shoes are also water and odor resistant and machine washable.

  • 1,881 Customers Rate 4 ½ out of 5
  • Ideal for hiking, jogging, running

Lems Boulder Boot

Lem’s Boulder Boot Nylon – $125

Lems’ Boulder Boot is perfect for the budget-conscious traveler on the move. The shoes are ergonomic, lightweight and flexible. They’re easy to pack and don’t take up much luggage space. Crafted using 1200-denier nylon, leather trim and our IBR outsole, this boot style is one of the lightest on the market and is designed to feel like walking on a cloud.

  • 235 Customers Rate 5 out of 5
  • Ideal for hiking, walking

Allbirds Women's Wool Runner Mizzles, Terra, Size 5

Allbirds Wool Runner-Up Mizzles – $135

Allbirds’ wool-runner are ideal for cold, wet environments. Their sustainably-sourced high top is made with the proprietary ZQ Merino wool and a plant based water resistant exterior. This keeps your feet warm and dry in rain, sleet and snow.

  • 301 Customers Rate 4 ½ out of 5
  • Ideal for walking, hiking in cold, rainy weather

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