We are looking for motivated writers on fair trade, sustainable products and services.

Are you a content creator, business owner or service provider in the world of fair trade products and services?  If so, we’d love to see your content!

We focus on these specific content categories:

  • Sustainable clothing brands
  • Vegan clothing brands
  • Vegan sneakers
  • Fair trade businesses
  • Organic, non-toxic textiles and fabrics
  • Companies that pay living wages to employees all along the supply chain
  • Companies that provide safe workplaces for employees all along the supply chain
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing and production
  • Environmental topics

Article requirements:

  • Unique content that is not published on another other site
  • Article word count of 1,300+ words
  • Two links to authoritative sites like Wikipedia or Peta
  • Minimum of one royalty-free stock photo at least 1400px resolution in width.
  • If your content is about products, provide a sample photo of each product with the source link.
  • If your article lists statistics or quantifiable facts, insert a reference link in the content verifying the claim.
  • Please do not submit any content that has been published previously.

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