Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL3 Review: 3-Person 3-Season Tent

Editor choice Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL3 Review

Are you looking for a top-notch lightweight, backpacking tent to take on your next hiking or mountaineering trip? In this Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL3 Review, we’ll explore the important design, livability & weather protection features that you need to know to make an informed purchase with confidence.


Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL3 Review: 3-Person 3-Season Tent
Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL3 Review: 3-Person 3-Season Tent


When it comes to backpacking and through-hiking, your choice of tent is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. You need something that hits the trifecta – lightweight design, livability, and durability to withstand the rigors of the trail.

In the world of backpacking tents, the Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL tent series has been making waves. These tents are famous for their generous weight-to-space ratio and their use of eco-conscious materials.

Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL3 Specifications

  • Trail Weight 2 lbs. 10 oz.
  • Packaged Weight 2 lbs. 15 oz.
  • Packed Size 5.5 x 19 inches
  • Floor Dimensions 88 x 66/60 (L x W head/foot) inches
  • Floor Area 38 square feet
  • Vestibule Area 8 + 8 square feet
  • Peak Height 42 inches
  • Number of Doors 2 doors
  • Number of Poles 1
  • Pole Material DAC Featherlite NFL aluminum
  • Pole Diameter 9.3 millimeters
  • Canopy Fabric Breathable ripstop nylon/polyester mesh
  • Floor Fabric Silicone-treated ripstop nylon/polyurethane coating
  • Rainfly Fabric Silicone-treated ripstop nylon/polyurethane coating

Overview of the Tiger Wall UL Family of Tents

The Tiger Wall UL tent series include 3 different size options – from one-person configurations for the solo hiker to three-person setups for small groups. What sets these tents apart is their combination of lightweight design and livable space.

Eco-Conscious Materials

One of the standout features of the Tiger Wall UL tents is their eco-conscious design and eco-friendly materials that offer superior protection, without all the toxic chemicals and weight.

Lightweight, Semi-Freestanding Design

The Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL3 is a semi-freestanding tent supported by a single-hubbed Dak Featherlite pole design. This means that in addition to the primary pole, the tent requires additional stakes or guy lines to fully setup.  This design stabilizes the tent while also maximizing usable internal space.

Positives and negatives to a semi-freestanding tent include:


  • Lightweight and easier to carry than non-freestanding shelters.
  • Ideal for backpackers who want an easy setup process.


  • May not be as weather-resistant as freestanding tents.
  • May not be as stable as freestanding tents because the pole system is more vulnerable to blowing over in heavy wind.
  • May not have as much livable interior space.

Weather Resistance

The Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL3 tent is designed to provide ultimate durability and protection from strong winds.

  • Includes a fully waterproof rainfly with protected vents at the top for extra ventilation and to prevent condensation build-up.
  • Wind resilience is achieved through the DAC Feather-lite single-pole system, which adds stability and strength to the overall construction of the tent, while also providing fast and easy setup / takedown.
  • The tent also includes nine 6-inch Dirt Dagger UL tent stakes made with patent-pending I-Beam aluminum construction for secure anchoring to maintain structural integrity under heavy gusts.

Livability and Interior Space

The Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL3 tent provides a spacious interior for three people, with plenty of headroom to make it feel comfortable.

  • The Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL3 has floor dimensions of 88 x 66/60 (L x W head/foot) inches and floor area of 38 square feet.
  • The tent’s pole structure creates near vertical sidewalls to further increase floor space.
  • With a peak height of 42”, even tall campers can sit up inside the tent with ease.
  • There are two doors with zippered mesh panels, which provide airflow and make it easy for people inside the tent to enter and exit without disturbing others.
  • The mesh paneled doors deliver unobstructed views while keeping away pesky bugs; perfect for those who enjoy stargazing at night!
  • Features two adjustable vents and Awen Ventilation systems at each side for internal air flow and breathability, while still keeping rainwater out.

Easy Setup

One of the key factors that backpackers appreciate in their tent is ease of setup – especially when you’re traveling solo.

The Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL3 features tip-lock tent buckles to make setup as easy as possible, from securing the tent pole tip, to attaching and tensioning the rain fly.


The Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL tent series is a testament to what can be achieved when innovation meets eco-conscious design.  The Tiger Wall UL3 is lightweight, durable, and weather resistant, which make it great for excursions where weight and performance really matter.

Its spacious interior ensures that three people can fit comfortably, in addition to their gear. Its semi-freestanding design allows for quick set up in almost any terrain and its two door/two vestibule feature provides easy access and great air flow.

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Specification: Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL3 Review: 3-Person 3-Season Tent


Floor Dimensions

90" x 70"


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