The Best Patagonia Hoodies

Patagonia Hoodies

Patagonia is an outdoor clothing and gear company founded by climbing enthusiast and pioneer Yvon Chouinard.

The company started as a manufacturer of climbing software known by experts as a source for innovative, genre changing mountain climbing gear.

Patagonia evolved into clothing manufacturer because mountain climbers needed serious protection from the elements in order to ascend perilous hill and mountain tops. If anybody knows extreme weather conditions – mountain climbers do.

Wind, rain, snow and sun all bear down on the climber, making the choice of outerwear vital to a their success, and in some cases, to their survival.

After more than a decade from its inception, the Patagonia hoodie was born. From that point onward, Patagonia hoodies have been considered the premium outdoor apparel for athletes, climbers, hikers and anybody who enjoys the great outdoors.

About Patagonia Hoodies

Patagonia is one of the premiere manufacturers of high tech hoodies, jackets and wind breakers.

Are Patagonia hoodies worth the price?

Patagonia Nano Puff, Micro Puff and Macro Puff hoodies are considered the best in their categories because they are lightweight, water resistant and also provide exceptional warmth and insulation. They are the most popular hoodie brand for mountain climbers because they can be packed down into very small sizes.

Their hoodies have a classic design that never fades and are made with 100% organic cotton or recycled materials. From the classic P-6 Logo Uprisal Hoody to the high-tech Nano Puff® hoody, their products can be worn in a variety of places and scenarios, from work to the hiking trail.

What is the best Patagonia hoodie?

The Patagonia Nano Puff® hoodie is considered one of the best Patagonia hoodies because it is super lightweight, impervious to the wind, resistant to water and exceedingly warm. The hoodie is comprised of  100% post-consumer recycled polyester.  In addition, the garment is sustainably made using processes that emit less emissions and use less water.

Patagonia Men's P-6 Logo Uprisal Hoodie
P-6 Logo Uprisal Hoodie
Fair Trade Companies Patagonia P-6 Logo Uprisal Hoodie
Nano Puff Hoody Best Selling Patagonia Hoodies and Sweatshirts
Nano Puff Hoodie
Women's Nano-Air(R) Hoody
Nano-Air Hoodie
Patagonia Micro Puff Hoodie - Women's XXS Feather Grey
Micro Puff Hoodie
Men's Micro Puff Hoody
Micro Puff Hoodie
Men's Macro Puff Hoody
Macro Puff Hoodie
Men's Tough Puff Hoody
Tough Puff Hoodie

Patagonia Sustainability

Is Patagonia a sustainable company?

Patagonia is a leader in sustainability and started using plastic water bottles to make recycled polyester in 1993. They were the first the outdoor clothing company to convert rubbish into clothing fabric. In 2021, 87% of their fabrics were created from recycled materials.

A large majority of their sustainable clothing are sewn in Fair Trade Certified™ factories, empowering workers all over the world to safe, regulated workplaces and be paid a living wage. This serves to benefit people all along the supply chain who help us build quality products.

Is Patagonia a Fair Trade Company?

Patagonia supports a wide array of social, environmental and animal welfare projects. They are also completely transparent about their entire supply chain and disclose a complete list of their factory locations around the world. Many large clothing manufacturers do not disclose this type of information, thus Patagonia is a notable leader in fair trade transparency.

Patagonia also offers customers a robust warranty policy. Items can be brought to the store it was purchased or to Patagonia for repair at any point. If the repair is a defect it will be done free of charge. If the product is damaged because of normal wear and tear, Patagonia will fix it at a nominal charge.

Furthering their commitment to sustainability, Patagonia also offers a trade-in for credit programs. You can bring your old Patagonia gear and exchange them for store credit that you can apply to new clothes and gear.

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