Lokithor AW401 Jump Starter with Car Washer Review

May 2, 2024

LokitThor AW401 https://amzn.to/3T6pltL

📦 [00:00] Overview of Loki Thor AW401 Jump Starter

  • Overview of the contents and accessories included with the Loki Thor AW401,
  • Includes jump start clamps, adapter cables, air pump accessories, water inlet and outlet pipe for car wash, handheld shower head, and user manual.

🛠️ [01:19] Build and Design Features

  • Compact and portable design with rubber grips for stability,
  • Info screen provides battery life and status of connected ports,
  • Rubber flaps protect outputs from dust and moisture.

🔋 [02:26] Power Bank Functionality

  • Loki Thor functions as a portable power bank with 20,000 mAh capacity and 60W output,
  • Capable of charging smartphones 3-4 times, powers jump starter and car wash functions,
  • Charging status and various outputs displayed on LCD screen.

🔌 [04:13] Cables and Adapters

  • Includes a variety of adapters and cables for different uses,
  • Jump start clamps, USB cables, air compressor hose, car wash hose, and carrying bag provided,
  • Enables versatility and convenience in usage.

💦 [05:13] Car Washer Feature

  • Features a 200 PSI pressure car washer powered by internal battery,
  • Can use water from any standing source, including rainwater or rivers,
  • Doubles as a camping shower with handheld shower accessory.

⚡ [06:45] Jump Starter Capability

  • Capable of starting gasoline engines up to 8.5L and diesel engines up to 6.5L,
  • Suitable for various vehicles including cars, motorcycles, boats, and RVs,
  • Provides up to 60 jump starts when fully charged.

🚗 [07:30] Air Inflator and Compressor

  • Air pump features a 150 PSI compressor designed for inflating car tires,
  • Inflation process might be confusing with unclear indicators,
  • Least favorite feature due to design and usability issues.

🔦 [08:23] LED Flashlight Functionality

  • Straightforward operation with a single flashlight button,
  • Offers three lighting modes and is suitable for camping,
  • Provides bright illumination for various tasks.

💰 [08:52] Price and Conclusion

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