Top 10 Toxic Products We Use Everyday

In this video we explore 10 toxic products that most people use every day to clean, freshen up, and take care of the home.
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In this video, we explore 10 Toxic Products that we use everyday. These common household products include air fresheners, laundry detergents, furniture polish, drain cleaners, oven cleaners, carpet cleaners, bug sprays, personal care products, pesticides, and cleaning wipes that can contain potentially harmful chemicals.

Key Facts:

  1. Air fresheners may contain phthalates, which are linked to birth defects and reproductive harm.
  2. Laundry detergents may contain carcinogenic chemicals such as 1,4-dioxane.
  3. Furniture polish often contains toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and naphthalene, which can have serious health effects.
  4. Drain cleaners may contain lye, which can cause severe chemical burns and other injuries.
  5. Oven cleaners often contain dangerous chemicals like sodium hydroxide that can be hazardous if inhaled or ingested.
  6. Carpet cleaners may contain perchloroethylene, which can cause neurological problems, dizziness, and even cancer.
  7. Bug sprays often contain pyrethrins, which can be toxic if inhaled or ingested, and can cause respiratory problems.
  8. Personal care products such as shampoos, soaps, and lotions may contain parabens and phthalates that can disrupt hormone function and have been linked to birth defects and reproductive harm.
  9. Pesticides may contain dangerous chemicals that can cause serious health problems if ingested or inhaled.
  10. Cleaning wipes can contain harsh chemicals like ethanol and isopropyl alcohol that can cause skin irritation and other problems.

Kristina M.

Kristina M.

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