Sustainable Camping Gear Made From Recycled Materials

Discover the latest in eco-friendly camping gear made from recycled materials. Learn how these innovative products are not only good for the environment but also provide top-notch performance for any camping adventure. Get ready to explore the great outdoors in a sustainable way.
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We all love camping, but sometimes it can be hard to find sustainable products that are both eco-friendly and high-quality. In the past few years, though, more and more companies have been making camping gear out of recycled materials. While this does not solve the problem of excessive trash in the natural environment, it does reduce the need for raw materials, saves energy, and conserves water. Plus, it helps reduce the amount of plastic and other materials that end up in our ecosystems.

So, if you’re looking for some sustainable, eco-friendly camping gear, look no further! This article explores different types of high-quality gear made from recycled materials like recycled PET plastic bottles.

Camping Gear Made From Recycled Materials

Voited Outdoor Blankets Made from Recycled Plastic

Best Features: Made from 100% Recycled Plastic Bottles, Transforms from a Soft Blanket / Throw into a Pillow and a Waterproof Cape

Finding a good blanket that can be used indoors and outdoors is somewhat of a challenge. It needs to be cozy, yet weather proof. That brings us to the Voited blanket.

Voited outdoor blankets are made of various materials, including recycled ripstop material, polar fleece made from recycled PET bottles, and high-loft brushed knit fabric made of 100% recycled polyester. According to the company’s website, Voited uses materials typically found in premium outdoor gear to create feature-rich, technical, and versatile products.

The blanket is large enough to fit two people comfortably, although it’s not long enough to cover the head of someone over 6 feet. It converts into a pillow or sleeping bag which makes it convenient for traveling. We like the fact that it can be used as a waterproof cape for rain. 

User Reviews:

  • Voited Blankets have mixed reviews on Amazon, with some customers praising their versatility and durability while others finding them too thin or not warm enough.
  • A reviewer on describes the Voited Ripstop Outdoor Camping Blanket as durable and great for summer camping.

Nemo Jazz 30 Sleeping Bag Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Best Features: Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles, Includes a Bedsheet, Draft Collar and Insulation for Extra Comfort and Warmth

The NEMO Jazz 30 camping gear made from sustainable textiles is a sleeping bag with a built-in bedsheet linen, draft collar, and insulation extra warmth and comfort. The integrated sheet sets are ultra-soft and can be taken out and washed. The Nemo Jazz 30 Sleeping Bag is designed to be roomy and warm, ideal for side sleepers.

The sleeping bag’s overfilled quilt and featherbed-style bottom are made of 100% recycled Stratofiber™ synthetic insulation from the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). The shell is also made of recycled polyester created from plastic bottles. The temperature rating of the sleeping bag is 30°F, with an ISO comfort rating of 32°F.

SELK’Bag Original Recycled Wearable Sleeping Bag Made from Recycled Polyester

Best Features: Each Suit is Made with 230 Plastic Bottles Recycled into Polyester Fibers

The Selk’Bag Original Recycled Wearable Sleeping Bag is ideal for camping excursions, RV road trips, or festivals, as well as lazing in the cabin or at home—all while remaining cozy and mobile.

The exterior shell, linings, zippers, and insulation of the wearable sleeping bag are all produced from recycled materials, including 100 percent post-consumer recycled material fibers. The wearable sleeping bags feel like being enveloped in soft blankets and each one is made from 230 plastic bottles recycled into polyester fibers. Selk’Bag’s commitment to sustainability is a significant step toward more eco friendly manufacturing.

Qaou Beluga Tent Made from Recycled Plastic

Best Features: Made from 125 Recycled Plastic Bottles, Transforms from a Tent into a Shelter or a hammock, Ultralight at 4 lbs. 3 oz.

The Qaou Beluga Modular Tent is a patented, modular tent structure constructed out of polyester woven from plastic chips from recycled plastic bottles. It adapts to your requirements by transforming into six distinct shelter configuration possibilities.

The tent fly converts into a hammock or tarp shelter, and the design permits the assembly of two hammocks or a single hammock with a fly. In addition to being eco-friendly, the Beluga tent is constructed without dangerous chemicals and is uncolored to prevent toxic discharge.

Yakima Skybox 16 Carbonite Cargo Roof Box Made from Recycled ABS Plastic

Best Features: Made from up to 80% Recycled ABS Plastic, Quick-Release Mount, Dual Side Opening, Tapered Rear Hatch Box for Better Clearance

The Carbonite Cargo Roof Box is made of up to 80% recycled ABS plastic and has stiffeners inside the lid to make it even more stable.

The cargo roof box features SuperLatch™ security to lock the lid to its base and keep your gear safe. The box is easy to open because it can be done from either the right or left side.

The Yakima SkyBox 16 Carbonite Cargo Roof Box can carry gear for three campers and can hold skis and snowboards that are up to 185cm long. It has a lid with a dimpled texture that reduces drag and noise.

Esquif Adirondack Canoe Made with Recycled ABS Plastic

Best Features: Made with Recycled ABS Plastic, Sturdy and Lightweight, Made with T-Formex, Which is Very Durable and Requires Little Upkeep

The Esquif Adirondack canoe is designed for use by a single paddler on class I and II rivers and isolated ponds. Despite its compact size and low weight, it nonetheless provides excellent performance and is very durable.

The canoe is constructed from recycled materials and is manufactured from an extremely long-lasting material called T-Formex. This material needs practically no maintenance and is able to withstand repeated trips on lakes and rivers.

The canoe is equipped with an extra freeboard to provide a dryer ride compared to the average solo canoe. The Esquif weighs 42 pounds, making it simpler to hoist into a vehicle than bigger canoes. The sleek design also allows for precise tracking.

REI Co-Op 32 Fl. Ounces Nalgene Water Bottle Made from Recycled Plastic

Best Features: Made from 50% Recycled Plastic, Leak-Proof, BPA-, BPS- and Phthalate-Free

The REI Co-op 32 fluid ounce water bottle is made from next-generation recycled plastic bottles. The eco-friendly water bottle is high-performance, BPA-, BPS-, and phthalate-free, as well as leakproof, dishwasher-safe, and easy-to-clean.

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