EcoFlow vs Jackery: Which Portable Power Station Is Best for You?

Compare EcoFlow and Jackery portable power stations to find the perfect solution for your outdoor adventures. Discover their features, pros, and cons in this comprehensive review.
EcoFlow vs Jackery
EcoFlow vs Jackery

EcoFlow and Jackery are two of the leading brands in portable power stations. They both offer a wide range of products and with interesting differences, features, and benefits. In this article we’ll do a deep dive into Ecoflow vs Jackery and review the full product line so that you can make the best decision for your needs.

Overview of EcoFlow

EcoFlow has a reputation for producing high-capacity, innovative portable power stations, with a focus on solutions for home backup. They have two product lines – the DELTA Series and the RIVER Series. The DELTA are high capacity, and the RIVER are low/medium capacity.

Overview of Jackery

Jackery is known for rugged portable power stations that are easy to transport, with a focus on camping, tailgating and #vanlife. They also have two product lines – the Explorer and Explorer Pro.

EcoFlow vs Jackery: Which is best for you?

The best portable power station for you depends on your needs.

If you want a backup system that can power your entire home during a power outage, EcoFlow is the right choice. They offer power stations with storage capacity up to 25,000Wh that can integrate directly into your home power grid. Jackery doesn’t come close to that level of storage on any of their products. 

If you need mobile power for camping, Jackery is a great choice. Their products are particularly good for the outdoors because they are shock-proof, fire resistant and have advanced temperature regulation. Jackery has done a great job in optimizing these machines for extreme conditions. EcoFlow devices are not as well-suited for the outdoors.

However, in terms of our overall favorite brand, we choose EcoFlow. The reason for our decision is that EcoFlow products are expandable, and Jackery’s are not. This means that EcoFlow gives you the ability to increase your storage capacity by adding battery packs and building your system over time.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Portable Power Stations for Home Use
10Expert Score
Best for Home Backup: EcoFlow Delta Pro

3,600Wh to 25,000Wh battery capacity, with 3,600W to 7,200W AC output for appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners and even electric vehicles. AC recharge in about 3 hours, solar recharge in about 6 hours. CHECK PRICES

Jackery Portable Power Stations
10Expert Score
Best for Camping: Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro

Provides 1,002Wh battery capacity, with 1,000W AC output for devices like phone chargers, LED lights, and CPAP machines. AC recharge in about 6 hours, solar recharge in about 7 hours. Rugged shock-proof exterior. CHECK PRICES

Low-capacity power stations that cost less than $300:
EcoFlow RIVER 2 vs Jackery 240

Winner: EcoFlow RIVER 2 – $249