Jackery 1000 Plus vs 1000 Pro Review Video

May 15, 2024

In this Jackery 1000 Plus vs 1000 Pro Review Video we compare these two portable power stations and look at battery type, capacity, AC and surge output, output ports, input specifications, recharge times, charge cycles, dimensions, weight, operating temperatures.

00:00 πŸ”„ Jackery 1000 Plus vs 1000 Pro Differences

  • Jackery 1000 Plus has an LFP battery with 4,000 charge cycles, while the Jackery 1000 Pro has a NMC battery with 500 charge cycles.
  • Jackery 1000 Plus has battery capacity that starts at 1264Wh and can be expanded to 5056Wh, while the 1000 Pro maxes out at 1002Wh.
  • Jackery 1000 Plus has higher output power of 2000W with 4000W surge, while the 1000 Pro has output of 1000W with 2000W surge.
  • Jackery 1000 Plus has Bluetooth, WiFi, and EPS capability, while the 1000 Pro does not.

01:20 πŸ”Œ Output and Connectivity Features

  • The 1000 Plus can connect to Wi-Fi which allows you to monitor and manage the power station using the Jackery mobile app. This isn’t available in the Pro model.
  • The 1000 Plus is more powerful than the 1000 Pro, with 2,000 Watts baseline output power and 4,000 watts surge. This makes the 1000 Plus more compatible for energy-hungry devices.

02:56 ⚑ Charge Time

  • The 1000 Pro charges faster via solar and DC.

03:51 πŸ‹οΈ Portability and Weight Considerations

  • The 1000 Pro is lighter at 25 lb, compared to 32 lb for the 1000 Plus.

04:05 🧩 Shared Outlets and Bonus Features

  • Both Jackery 1000 Plus and 1000 Pro have 8 outlets and ports.
  • The 1000 Plus has EPS capability for power outages.

05:00 🌟 Key Features Summary and Final Remarks

  • Summary of standout features including battery technology, charge cycles, and output power,
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