Best Campgrounds in Nevada: Top RV Parks and Places to Camp in Nevada

The best campgrounds in Nevada and top RV parks in Nevada. Find the perfect spot to camp in Nevada, with spots near Lake Tahoe and the Great Basin.
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Nevada Campgrounds

Discover the Top 10 Campgrounds in Nevada for an Unforgettable Outdoor Adventure

Are you itching to swap the neon lights of Vegas for a blanket of stars in the Nevada wilds? You’re not alone!

With so many places claiming to be ‘the best’, finding *the* campground in Nevada can feel like searching for a needle in a desert haystack.

With gems hidden between Great Basin peaks and tucked beside Mojave cacti, this guide is your personal treasure map to finding outdoor bliss in Nevada.

It’s time to explore beyond bright city lights; let’s dig into these untamed sanctuaries waiting just for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Nevada has a variety of campgrounds, from the ancient rock formations at Cathedral Gorge State Park to the stargazing wonders at Great Basin National Park.
  • You can choose how you want to experience nature, whether it’s in a luxury RV with all the comforts or roughing it in a tent under the stars at places like Black Rock Desert Recreation Area.
  • Unique camping experiences are available such as staying on a working ranch like Cottonwood Guest Ranch or floating on Lake Mead or Lake Mohave in your own houseboat.

Top Campgrounds in Nevada

Best Campgrounds in Nevada

Picture this: you’re tucked in a cozy sleeping bag as the first rays of sun peek over Cathedral Gorge State Park‘s mesmerizing spires, or maybe you’re sipping hot coffee by your RV, parked with panoramic views at Great Basin National Park.

Let’s not forget the fiery red sands of Valley of Fire State Park that will inspire an Instagram post – no filter needed. For those in search of altitude, the Hilltop Campground in Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest offers breathtaking vistas.

Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park mingles fossils with campfires—it’s like Jurassic Park minus the dinosaurs. The Black Rock Desert Recreation Area is an otherworldly playground where Burning Man memories smolder year-round.

And if Nevada had a “crown jewel” of nature spots, Ruby Mountains Scenic Area might just be dangling from its tiara.

Cathedral Gorge State Park

Cathedral Gorge State Park is where nature has taken clay and sculpted it into a playground of spires and narrow walkways. Imagine wandering through a maze of dramatic shadows and light, with patterns that seem like they come from another planet.

Hikers love this spot for its trails that lead you through tall, bentonite clay formations.

Families come here to enjoy the day under a pavilion or have lunch at a picnic table next to their grill. The new campsites are private spots tucked away with plenty of space for tents and RVs alike, boasting beautiful plantings around them.

It’s like an outdoor hotel among the rocks! Sure enough, anyone looking for an adventure off the beaten path will find Cathedral Gorge a treasure.

The park isn’t just about daytime fun; setting up camp means waking up to cool morning air with sights straight out of a wild west movie set. With 22 sites ready for tents or RVs complete with all the fixings—a table, grill, even shaded areas—it makes roughing it feel almost luxurious.

Let your feet take you where Native Americans once roamed; every corner in Cathedral Gorge whispers ancient stories as you explore this valley’s unique landscape carved by time itself.

Great Basin National Park

Great Basin National Park is like a secret spot in Nevada. It has campgrounds such as Upper Lehman Creek and Wheeler Peak that are tucked away in the trees. At Wheeler Peak, you can sleep high up at 9500 feet with tall trees and a big mountain right next to you.

This park is more than just campsites though. You can find really old bristlecone pines here and explore deep caves.

The night sky at Great Basin is super dark, which makes it perfect for stargazing. If you’re into adventures, you can try backcountry camping or pick a cozy spot in the nearby town of Baker.

From hiking trails that take you past ancient trees to tours inside cool, dark caves, this place has all sorts of surprises waiting for you. Plus, it’s not as crowded as other parks, so sometimes it feels like you have the whole place to yourself!

Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire State Park is a place full of wonders. Imagine sleeping under the stars surrounded by rocks that look like they’re on fire! This park has 72 spots to set up camp, complete with shady spots to sit and grills for cooking.

You can fill up your water bottles and find clean restrooms too.

Hiking through this ancient landscape feels like stepping into another world, with all those twisted rock shapes and colors. Snap pictures or climb rocks – it’s an outdoor playground for grown-ups and kids alike! Plus, there are old stories told in stone; just check out the petroglyphs carved long ago.

Camp here, and you’ll wake up to a sunrise painting the rocks in even more amazing colors!

Hilltop Campground in Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest

Hilltop Campground sits high in the Spring Mountains, like a cozy nest at 8,400 feet. Just a hop away from Las Vegas’ hustle, this place is a patch of quiet sky above the city’s shimmer.

Under timbered shades and with views that could steal your breath, campers set tents or park trailers for nights under stars so bright they look like they’ve been polished.

Think less noise and more nature. Every one of its 35 campsites whispers an invite to hike through trails woven around Humboldt-Toiyabe’s vast greenery. Anglers find their happy places by streams while hikers conquer paths to find hot springs bubbling secrets to only those who wander off beaten tracks.

Here’s where you trade neon lights for fireflies, casino sounds for serene silence and unforgettable outdoor adventures begin.

Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park

Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park takes you back in time. Nestled high up at 7,000 feet in the Shoshone mountains, it’s a place that whispers tales of ancient sea creatures and old miners’ dreams.

Here, visitors pitch tents or park small RVs in one of the 14 simple spots. It’s like camping with dinosaurs; you’re near the biggest bunch of ichthyosaur fossils ever found!

You can hike around the dusty ghost town of Berlin where hopes for gold once soared. The trails lead curious wanderers through history, showing off an era long gone but never forgotten.

Imagine uncovering stories hidden in rocks or walking where miners once chased after riches beneath the earth! This site offers more than just starry nights—it’s a classroom under the sky without walls.

For adventurers craving quiet corners and historical haunts, this park is a treasure tucked away in Rainbow Canyon’s embrace. Swap city noise for silence spiced with winds whispering through pinyon pines and junipers—there’s so much waiting to be discovered at Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park!

Black Rock Desert Recreation Area

The Black Rock Desert Recreation Area is where you can really get away from it all and test your camping skills. Imagine a place so vast, flat, and open that you could watch your dog run away for miles – that’s the Black Rock Desert for you! This massive stretch of land is 300,000 acres big.

It’s perfect for those who love to camp without all the fancy stuff like showers and RV hookups. Here, it’s just you, the wild outdoors, and maybe a few friendly faces looking for adventure too.

Every year, this desert becomes a city of tents and art during the Burning Man festival. Outside of this crazy week though, it’s much quieter – but no less thrilling! There are tons of things to do here like driving off-road vehicles or hunting for cool rocks.

Ruby Mountains Scenic Area

If you’re up for a real high, Ruby Dome is where it happens. It shoots up to 11,387 feet, daring hikers to tackle its heights. This piece of Nevada throws every bit of beauty at you with alpine lakes where the water looks too blue to be true and lush meadows that make you think you’ve landed in a postcard.

Think the Ruby Mountains are just another pretty spot? Nope. They’re a playground for those who crave fresh air and don’t mind getting their boots dirty. You can camp out under more stars than your eyes can handle, fish for trout that’ll give you a good fight, or simply wander through Lamoille Canyon feeling small next to Mother Nature’s grand designs.

Cottonwood Guest Ranch

Cottonwood Guest Ranch stands out like an oasis for anyone dreaming of a true western getaway. Picture yourself riding horses across wide-open sagebrush, with cattle roaming in the distance—this is what you get at this ranch in Wells, Nevada.

This place offers more than just stunning scenery; it’s a real working horse and cattle operation where city slickers can saddle up for some cowboy action.

The guest lodge at Cottonwood oozes comfort with its seven cozy rooms. Think crackling fireside chats after a day herding cattle or exploring the rolling hillsides. Since it’s 70 miles from the nearest town, peace and quiet aren’t just offered—they’re guaranteed.

Visitors rave about their stays here, praising not just the one-of-a-kind experience but also the warm hospitality that waits as long as your trail dust settles.

Lake Tahoe Lodging

Lake Tahoe shines like a big blue diamond nestled between mountains. Here, the fun never ends and the views? They’ll knock your socks off! The campgrounds are cozy spots where you can toss up a tent or park your RV right by the water’s edge.

You might even spot a squirrel or two begging for snacks.

RV resorts around Lake Tahoe kick things up a notch with fancy perks like full hookups and hot showers that feel oh-so-good after a day of hiking. Imagine waking up to birds chirping, cooking pancakes on an open grill, and laughing with family as pine trees whisper above.

This place has got it all – from simple camping spots to deluxe lodges that make you feel like mountain royalty.

Want more than just nature? No problem! In these parts, amenities like shops and tasty restaurants are never too far away. Plus, there’s always something happening nearby, whether it’s skiing down frosty slopes or boating on the lake until sunset paints the sky pretty colors.

Adventure seekers come here looking for thrills, but what they also find is this little piece of paradise ready to steal their hearts.

Houseboat Camping on Lake Mead or Lake Mohave

Imagine waking up to the gentle sound of water lapping against your houseboat. You’re floating on Lake Mead or Lake Mohave, tucked away in a cozy cove. Here, you get to camp like a captain with all the perks of being on land but with a killer view that changes whenever you wish.

These massive lakes aren’t just spots for boats; they’re your ticket to an off-grid adventure under Nevada’s big blue skies.

Houseboats offer comfy beds and kitchens alongside nature’s vast beauty. Picture yourself steering through shimmering waters by day and stargazing from the deck at night — it’s camping without giving up any home comforts.

And don’t worry about neighbors setting up tents too close, because out here, there’s plenty of room for everyone.

Callville Bay has got your needs covered with houseboat rentals that double as floating basecamps while exploring the immense 1.5 million acres of Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Meanwhile, over at Lake Mohave, more travelers are catching on to this unique way of staying overnight in Nevada’s wilderness. It’s not every day you can say you camped at one of America’s great lakes without even pitching a tent!

Popular Camping Styles in Nevada

Popular Camping Styles in Nevada

Whether pitching a tent under the endless desert sky or snuggling up in an RV like a tortoise retreating to its shell, Nevada’s camping styles cater to whims and fancies with a variety you didn’t think existed outside of a Vegas buffet.

Get ready to explore the quirky charms of retro campers and the no-frills thrill of mountain camping—trust me, there’s more out here than just tumbleweeds and casinos.

Desert Camping

Desert camping in Nevada is like stepping onto another planet. The ground sparkles under the hot sun and at night, a blanket of stars covers the sky. You can pitch your tent on spacious pads at sites like Death Valley Camp or Mojave Desert Ranch.

Imagine waking up surrounded by silence, with mountain views that seem to go on forever – that’s what you get at Desert Paradise.

And guess what? If roughing it is your thing, pack your water and head over to the Desert National Wildlife Refuge. There, camping doesn’t cost a dime! You just show up and snag a spot — no fuss about fees or reservations.

Just make sure you arrive early; these free primitive campsites are first-come, first-served and they’re pretty popular because who doesn’t love free stuff?.

Mountain Camping

Mountain camping in Nevada takes you high above the regular world. Up here, the air feels different – cleaner, sharper. Picture yourself at Great Basin National Park or by Lake Tahoe’s shimmering shores, where the only skyscrapers are tall pine trees reaching for the stars.

You’ll have a front-row seat to nature’s show with mountain peaks that turn pink at sunset.

Imagine setting up camp near Spicer Lake at 6,500 feet, surrounded by whispers of wind through aspen groves and no sign of city noise. Here, your neighbors are deer rather than noisy cars.

Mountain biking or hiking trails beckon you from dawn till dusk in this High Sierra haven.

Close to Mount Charleston’s forested campsites lies an adventure waiting for every camper willing to climb a little higher. As night falls and your campfire crackles, it’s not just another evening; it’s an experience punctuated by each hoot from a distant owl – far removed from the buzz of neon lights on the Vegas strip below.

RV Camping

Nevada is a playground for RV camping, with over 250 spots to park your home-on-wheels and soak in the vistas. Picture this: you roll into Boulder City, NV, set up camp at one of their top-rated sites, and the next thing you know, you’re grilling under starlit skies with new friends from across the country.

This isn’t just any night; it’s an adventure in making memories that stick.

RV parks here offer more than just a patch of ground. Take Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort—talk about glamping! You get the thrill of sleeping steps away from your own rolling abode while basking in the glitz of a “Casablanca” theme.

It’s like two vacations rolled into one—a dab of desert exploration by day and casino excitement by night without ever leaving comfort behind.

And let’s not forget those who prefer pines over poker chips—forest camping near Mount Charleston could be right up your alley. Swap neon lights for fireflies and slot machines for s’mores.

Between explorations at Red Rock Canyon or lounging by Lake Mead, your RV becomes more than transport—it’s your ticket to Nevada’s wild side where every campground is part postcard-perfect scenery and part neighborly charm.

Unique Accommodations (such as retro campers or tiny homes)

Ready for something different than just a tent or an RV? Well, picture yourself cozying up in a tiny home with all the snug comforts you could want. Or maybe you’re feeling a bit nostalgic—how about spending the night in a retro camper that throws you back to the good ol’ days? Trimmed out with fun colors and quirky designs, these spots make your stay more than just sleep; it’s part of the adventure.

Over at Emberglow Outdoor Resort, they’ve turned camping into an art form. You might find yourself snoozing under the stars in a safari tent one night and sipping coffee on the porch of an adorable tiny house the next.

Trust me, your camping selfies are going to sparkle with coolness. Unique lodgings like vintage campers and yurts turn any old trip into an epic story to tell your friends!

Dog-Friendly Campgrounds

Dog-Friendly Campgrounds

Nevada is the perfect playground for you and your furry friends. Dog-friendly campgrounds are all over the place, so grab the leash and let’s dig into where you can pitch a tent or park your RV.

  • Near Panaca, Cathedral Gorge State Park welcomes dogs with open arms. Imagine your pup running alongside the park’s clay spires – just keep them on a leash!
  • Feel like hitting up Las Vegas? Your pooch can join at Red Rock Canyon Campground. They might not hit the jackpot, but they’ll feel lucky with all the new smells.
  • If Lake Tahoe is calling, check out Nevada Beach Campground. Paws in the sand and nose in the fresh lake air – it’s a doggie dream come true.
  • Over at Washoe Lake, between Reno and Carson City, dogs can splash around while you set up camp. What’s better than a wet dog shaking off in the wild?
  • The Orchards at Kolob isn’t just fruit trees; it’s also a place where dogs can nap under shady spots after a day of exploration.
  • Kolob Campground? More like “Cool – ob” for dogs looking for chill vibes away from Panaca’s hustle and bustle.
  • Out by Zion, there’s Land Beyond Zion Stars & Sunsets. Dogs can gaze at stars too – maybe even howl at them if they’re feeling vocal.
  • Anasazi Palms lets your canine companion sniff out ancient history while you relax by your RV with that book you’ve been meaning to finish.
  • South Lake Tahoe ups the ante in dog hospitality. It’s not just about pet – friendly – it’s about making memories with mountain backdrops.
  • Ready for high roller treatment? Your pup gets VIP status at Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort.
  • New Frontier RV Park isn’t just new to you; it’ll be an adventure playground for Spot or Fido as well.
  • At Gold Ranch Casino & RV Resort near Reno, your dog can pretend they’re trotting along with wild west cowboys.

Budget-Friendly Campgrounds

Budget-Friendly Campgrounds

Camping doesn’t have to empty your wallet. Nevada’s outdoors is like a giant piggy bank of camping fun and natural wonders, and you don’t need a lot of coins to enjoy it.

  • Spicer Lake High-Five: Imagine kayaking with fish below and eagles above without spending much green. At Spicer Lake, at 6,500 feet in the sky, your family can camp, paddle, and fish. And guess what? The price won’t make you gasp for air.
  • Atlatl Rock Value View: Campers love a good deal and an even better view. Atlatl Rock Campground doesn’t just give you a place to sleep under the stars; it offers priceless vistas without a hefty tag! You’ll swear the rocks wink back at you when you count the saved dollars.
  • State Park Steals: With 24 state parks ready for exploring, these spots are like secret savings accounts nature set up for you. Pitch your tent or park your RV without breaking the bank—you might even get enough leftover cash for some extra marshmallows by the campfire!
  • National Park Nifty Deals: Four National Park Service sites wave at budget-conscious adventurers in Nevada. Think about all-day adventures without worrying about your pocket – because really, who wants that?
  • Free Camping Fun Fest: Yes, free as in no money needed! Find a spot on public lands outside developed campgrounds for dispersed camping. It’s like Mother Nature threw a party and said no charge for admission—just bring your own gear!
  • Iron Horse Iron Savings: Chug into Iron Horse RV Resort where the cost is lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut. Big rigs or cozy tents—there’s room for all without emptying the savings jar.
  • Mead Village More-for-Less: Mead RV Village is not just near Las Vegas strip—it’s near ‘less expensive’ too. Park that RV and kick back; no need to gamble away funds here when luck has already brought you an affordable stay.

Nearby Activities and Attractions

Nevada Nearby Activities and Attractions

Just when you thought sinking into the tranquility of Nevada’s campgrounds was the peak of your getaway, wait until you venture beyond your tent flaps. There’s a whole other layer to uncover in these wild spaces – from ghost towns that whisper tales of boom and bust to neon-lit boulevards where fortunes are won and lost with the roll of a dice.

A short trek away might lead you to hidden hot springs or rock formations that look like they’ve been plucked from Mars. And if you’re feeling lucky, swap out marshmallows for poker chips; those glittering casino lights aren’t just mirages in the desert night!

Public Lands

Nevada’s public lands are like a giant playground for nature lovers. Imagine millions of acres where you can hike, bike, ski or even zip around on an ATV. Great Basin National Park is hugged by land looked after by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

This means there’s tons of room to set up camp and start exploring without bumping into too many people. You could say it’s like having a huge backyard—except it’s all wild and waiting for bold adventurers.

Think about setting up your tent under the stars with nothing but the quiet sounds of nature around you. That’s what Nevada offers with its public lands. Picture vast deserts, rugged mountains and crystal-clear lakes all ready for your next big story to tell friends back home.

Whether you’re in boots hitting the trails or paddling across a peaceful lake, these wide-open spaces invite you to make memories that’ll stick harder than pine sap on your favorite hiking boots.

Best and Unknown Attractions Near Campgrounds

Hidden gems sparkle all around Nevada’s campgrounds, just waiting for curious eyes to find them. Take a break from your tent or RV and wander off to places like the Lunar Crater National Natural Landmark.

It’s a giant hole in the ground that looks like the moon! Not too far from some campsites, you can explore this cool spot without bumping into loads of tourists.

Or how about dipping your toes into Soldier Meadows Hot Springs? After a day of hiking or fishing near your campground, these natural hot tubs are ace for relaxing tired muscles. And hey, maybe you’ll want to swing by Laughlin for some different fun.

You can zip down river cruises, hit some trails for hiking, or make waves with water sports—and it’s not even that far from your cozy campfire!

Safety at Campgrounds

Safety at Campgrounds

While reveling under the vast, star-speckled Nevada skies, it’s easy to forget that Mother Nature can be a fickle hostess. Trust me, nothing sours a marshmallow roast faster than an unexpected visit from Yogi Bear’s less-friendly cousin or finding that your tent is now part of an ant superhighway.

While you’re busy capturing memories and possibly some impressive tan lines, don’t skim on safety measures – after all, first aid kits are like parachute pants: better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them.

So before you go gallivanting into the wild blue yonder of Nevada campgrounds, remember that the only thing scarier than ghost stories around the campfire is being unprepared when the boogeyman decides to RSVP “yes” to your camping invite.

Safety Partners

Camping in Nevada is like stepping into a movie with a cast of towering mountains, endless sky, and the chirping of crickets as your soundtrack. But even superheroes have sidekicks for those just-in-case moments.

Here’s where safety partners come in. Think of them as the Robin to your Batman while you camp in Nevada—always there to keep an eye out for trouble.

You might not see them swinging from tree to tree, but these partners help protect both you and the wild lands around Great Basin National Park. They remind you that setting up camp isn’t just about finding flat ground; it’s also about keeping fires in check and making sure tiny critters don’t become uninvited guests at your picnic.

And let’s be real – nobody invites mosquitoes to a party on purpose! Those bug sprays and citronella candles? Definitely part of your camping crew. With tips to repel insects buzzing off Travel Nevada’s guide, they’re like having a personal bodyguard against winged invaders.

Next time you’re lounging by Lake Tahoe or snoozing under the stars after hiking Eastern Nevada trails, thank your silent allies: the Rangers, guides, regulations—they all share one mission: ensuring that “safe” tops the list in your adventure book.

Must-See Parks in Nevada

Must-See Parks in Nevada

Nevada is full of amazing parks that beg for a visit. They’re like outdoor playgrounds with endless skies and adventures waiting around every corner.

  • Great Basin National Park: This gem hides under the stars, away from the city lights. Hiking here feels like a secret meeting with nature. Stare at ancient bristlecone pines or sneak into the cool Lehman Caves.
  • Valley of Fire State Park: It’s as if the ground is on fire with red rocks glowing in the sun. Stories of old are etched in petroglyphs, whispering tales as you walk by.
  • Lake Tahoe – Nevada State Park: Splash in crystal-clear water and build sandcastles on the shore. The lake seems to wink at you, sharing its mountain views and inviting you for a boat ride.
  • Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area: The cliffs are like towering giants frozen in time. You can almost hear them challenging you to climb higher and see what they see.
  • Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park: Dinosaurs once swam here! Now it’s your turn to hunt fossils and camp out where prehistoric creatures called home.
  • Floyd Lamb Park: Peacocks strut around like they own the place while lakes reflect the desert sky. It’s a green escape from Vegas’ neon jungle.
  • Death Valley National Park – Nevada side: Even though it has a scary name, it’s full of life. From the salt flats that glimmer to dunes that shift with whispers of wind – this park thrives despite its name.
  • Lamoille Canyon in Ruby Mountains Scenic Area: This canyon shouts beauty from every angle – wildflowers nodding, waterfalls clapping and trails beckoning hikers forward.

Best Cities and Regions for Camping in Nevada

Best Cities and Regions for Camping in Nevada

If you thought Nevada was just a parade of glittering lights and roulette wheels, brace yourself for the plot twist: from the undisturbed tranquility of Northern Nevada’s wide-open spaces to Southern Nevada’s proximity to neon jungles, each region presents its own brand of outdoor sanctuary.

North-Central Nevada whispers tales of isolation amidst rugged mountains, while Central Nevada is an open invitation to explore hidden gems without straying far from civilization’s orbit.

It’s like choosing between a blockbuster adventure film or a serene indie flick – in Nevada, every camper directs their own story under a canopy of endless stars.

Northern Nevada

Northern Nevada is like a secret garden for campers. Think of open skies, sparkling waters, and mountains that tease you to come explore. Picture yourself in Lamoille Canyon or hiking up the Ruby Mountains—it’s like stepping into a postcard! Families love Spicer Lake for its splashy fun and fishing tales that get bigger every time they’re told.

Now imagine setting up your RV under the stars at one of Northern Nevada’s famed parks—24 state parks and four National Park Service sites are waiting for you. You could be waking up to birds chirping over Ward Mountain Recreation Area, planning a day full of kayaking or leaning back by the campfire swapping stories with fellow adventurers.

It’s not just camping; it’s about collecting moments in nature that stick with you longer than pine sap on your favorite hiking boots.

And here’s the best part: everywhere you turn, there’s another top-rated campground calling out your name. Whether it’s RV spots offering all the amenity comforts or tent sites letting you rough it old-school, Northern Nevada doesn’t just show off; it invites you to dive right into outdoor adventure without looking back.

North-Central Nevada

North-Central Nevada is a camping wonderland, where the sky stretches wide over rugged mountains and clear, babbling streams. Here, you trade noisy city streets for the quiet whispers of nature.

Picture yourself waking up in the Sierra Nevada region, surrounded by beauty that knocks your socks off — it’s rough terrain out there but oh so worth it for those postcard-perfect views! You might find families all cozied up in state parks or lovebirds tucked away in their own slice of paradise.

This part of Nevada knows how to put on a show with its scenic beauty. It’s like stepping into a giant painting where every direction offers another breathtaking scene to explore.

Think about strapping on hiking boots and conquering trails that lead to secrets only the hills know about. Or maybe sitting by a fire under an ocean of stars is more your speed — either way, North-Central Nevada has got you covered!

Whether you’re looking for peace and quiet or an adventure that gets your heart racing, this spot promises memories that stick with you long after you’ve packed up your tent. Every moment spent here feels like pressing pause on life’s busy button; it’s just you and the great outdoors having one unforgettable time together!

Central Nevada

Central Nevada is a camper’s dream, with places like Gerlach, Elko, and Ely calling out to those who love the outdoors. This part of Nevada isn’t just about endless skies and open lands; it’s where you can find yourself in the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Imagine setting up your tent under a blanket of stars or parking your RV where the mountain air fills your lungs. It’s not just camping; it’s an adventure waiting at every rocky trail and hidden stream.

Here, every campsite has its own story. Maybe you’ll pick one overlooking a quiet valley or choose a spot near some old ghost town ruins for that extra thrill. The variety is as wild as the landscape itself – from bustling RV parks to secluded spots for tent camping.

You’re not just picking a place to sleep; you’re choosing your next big tale to tell around the campfire back home!

Southern Nevada

Southern Nevada shines as a star with its campgrounds that are like treasure chests full of adventures. Picture this: You’re in Great Basin National Park, staring up at towering pine trees and the kind of stars you thought only existed in children’s books.

It’s where the air smells like a mix of sagebrush and freedom, urging you to spend your days hiking tall peaks and your nights counting constellations.

Pack up the RV because this region is not just about bright lights and casinos; it’s a launch pad into nature’s playground. Imagine setting up camp within earshot of laughter from folks enjoying Lake Mead or finding peace among the High Sierra trails.

Southern Nevada invites you to swap screen time for serene time, giving those thumbs a break from scrolling through life so you can grip onto reality – wild, wide-open spaces begging to be explored.



Get ready to pack your bags and light up the campfire! With all these amazing spots in Nevada, you’re set for a trip full of stars, stories, and maybe even s’mores. Just imagine waking up to the sounds of nature right outside your tent or RV door.

There’s an adventure waiting whatever way you like to camp. Don’t just dream about it; grab your gear and head out to make those memories under Nevada’s big open sky!


1. What are the best campgrounds in Nevada?

Some of the best campgrounds in Nevada include Cathedral Gorge State Park, Great Basin National Park, Valley of Fire State Park, Hilltop Campground in Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest
and Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park. Great RV options include Zephyr Cove RV Park and those near national parks or the shore of Lake Tahoe.

2. Where can you camp for free in nevada?

Yes, Nevada offers free camping, mostly on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and United States Forest Service (USFS) lands. These spots provide the perfect opportunity for dispersed camping, allowing you to pitch your tent for free without the fees associated with designated campsites. 

3. Are there good RV parks in Nevada for families?

Nevada has a number of family-friendly RV parks including the 5-star rated Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort, Winnemucca RV Park among the sand dunes and Camp N Town close to Yosemite National Park. 

4. Where should I look if I want quiet RV camping options?

If you’re looking for quiet RV camping in Nevada, you may want to check out dispersed camping on Bureau of Land Management (BLM), remote RV parks such as Valley View RV Park in eastern Nevada and secluded wilderness areas.

5. Do you need a permit to camp in Nevada?

In Nevada, you might need a permit depending on where and how you want to camp. For most campgrounds, a fee is required, and an advanced reservation may be necessary. Dispersed camping on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land and in national forests usually doesn’t require a permit, but there are rules to follow, such as how long you can stay and following Leave No Trace principles. Some state parks also offer annual camping permits.

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