The Best Camping In Wisconsin: State Parks, Lakeshores, And More!

Discover the Best Camping in Wisconsin! From Peninsula State Park to Devil's Lake, explore diverse landscapes and outdoor adventures.
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Best Camping In Wisconsin

Deciding where to pitch a tent in Wisconsin can be overwhelming, with so many picturesque spots blanketing the state.

Home to over 15 diverse state parks, each offering its unique blend of nature’s finest views and activities, Wisconsin is a camper’s dream.

Our guide slices through the confusion, laying out the prime locations for your next outdoor adventure under star-lit skies.

Explore this post for that “aha” moment when you find your perfect camping escape!

Key Takeaways

  • Wisconsin has over 15 state parks, including Peninsula State Park known as the crown jewel of Door County and Devil’s Lake State Park renowned for its serene lake surrounded by bluffs.
  • Camping options vary widely, from traditional tent sites to RV accommodations and even luxurious glamping setups; there are also dog-friendly campgrounds so your furry friends can join in on the fun.
  • Outdoor activities like hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, horseback riding, and cross – country skiing are abundant across these parks offering adventure for all skill levels amidst breathtaking natural beauty.
  • Newport State Park is a certified Dark Sky Park where stargazers can marvel at a clear view of the Milky Way; historical sights like Pottawatomie Lighthouse on Rock Island add depth to camping experiences.

The Best Camping in Wisconsin

The Best Camping Spots in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s unspoiled wilderness awaits to envelop you in a sylvan embrace that’s as refreshing as it is picturesque; where each campsite tells its own story and the crackle of the campfire is your nightly serenade.

From lakeshores kissed by dawn’s early light to majestic state parks where nature performs its daily ballet, finding a favorite spot is like trying to pick the brightest star in the sky – impossible because they all shine with their unique charm.

Peninsula State Park

Peninsula State Park

Peninsula State Park, affectionately known as the crown jewel of Door County, beckons campers with its staggering array of outdoor offerings.

Imagine waking up to a chorus of birds and spending your days exploring over 460 campsites nestled among lush forests and scenic bluffs.

Families laugh together as they discover hidden spots for picnics or challenge each other on the 20 miles of hiking trails.

Venture into Peninsula State Park’s heart and find yourself cycling through 13 miles of off-road bike trails, where every turn brings a fresh breeze from Lake Michigan.

Fishermen cast lines from an accessible pier in hopes of snagging the big one, while sunbathers bask on Nicolet Beach‘s sandy shores.

Campers enjoy modern comforts at powered sites or embrace nature at non-electric ones; everyone finds their perfect spot under the stars.

RV adventurers roll into Peninsula State Park for more than just s’mores; they come here to create memories that stick longer than marshmallow on a campfire stick.

Devil’s Lake State Park

Devil's Lake State Park

Picture yourself surrounded by towering bluffs as you wake up to the serene beauty of a 360-acre lake.

Devil’s Lake State Park offers this iconic experience, making it one of Wisconsin’s premier destinations for campers and nature enthusiasts alike.

With three regular campgrounds hosting a combined total of 423 camping sites, there’s no shortage of spots where families can set up their home away from home.

However, don’t let the number fool you – these coveted campsites are like gold dust in the summer months, so snagging one requires planning and early reservations.

Trekking along the Ice Age National Scenic Trail? You’ll find that Devil’s Lake State Park is a highlight not to be missed on your journey.

Nestled in the Baraboo Range just south of Baraboo, Wisconsin, hikers revel in panoramic views from breathtaking quartzite cliffs formed half a billion years ago.

And history buffs take note: while today’s visitors enjoy modern amenities and well-maintained facilities, there’s an echo from the past still lingering; imagine pitching a tent where once stood old campgrounds, now reclaimed by nature itself after being decommissioned back in the mid-1980s.

Wyalusing State Park

Wyalusing State Park

Nestled at the meeting point of the Mississippi and Wisconsin rivers, Wyalusing State Park brings a bounty of outdoor delights to avid campers and hikers alike.

Imagine pitching your tent on a bluff overlooking miles of waterways or exploring the hidden depths of an ancient cave.

Campgrounds here cater to families, with both outdoor spaces and an indoor group camp named after Hugh Harper—a nod to those who like their nature with a side of creature comforts.

Take in the park’s history by visiting Indian burial mounds, or paddle down the marked canoe trail if adventure calls you onto the water. Bird watchers flock here for glimpses of feathered friends while fishers cast lines dreaming of panfish trophies from along the mighty Mississippi banks.

With over 14 miles of trails crisscrossing through varying scenes—from wooded paths to breathtaking bluff tops—every step at Wyalusing State Park immerses visitors in Wisconsin’s natural splendor.

Copper Falls State Park

Copper Falls State Park

Imagine pitching your tent under the canopy of tall trees at Copper Falls State Park, where privacy isn’t just a wish but a reality.

You’ll wake up surrounded by whispers of ancient lava flows beneath your feet, and the promise of majestic waterfalls echoes in the distance.

Hike through thousands of acres dotted with breathtaking natural sights or take a dip in inviting waters on a hot summer’s day.

If you’re hauling an RV, Copper Falls has got you covered too—set up camp and enjoy all the modern comforts amidst nature’s splendor.

Whether it’s casting a line into clear waters, cycling through serene trails, or lounging beside crackling campfires, this park serves as your gateway to an unforgettable outdoor retreat right here in Wisconsin.

Kohler-Andrae State Park

Kohler-Andrae State Park

Nestled along the picturesque Lake Michigan shoreKohler-Andrae State Park is a tranquil escape where nature’s artistry takes center stage. Think of it as an outdoor gallery with masterpieces sculpted from sand dunes and lake views instead of marble and oil paints.

Over 137 campsites call this park home, including cozy spots with electrical hookups for those who like their wilderness with a side of convenience.

Walk ten minutes in any direction, and you’re likely to hit the refreshing waters of Lake Michigan or stumble upon one of the park’s many hiking trails winding through its unique landscape.

The intertwining tales of Terry Andrae and John Michael Kohler sections give this place not just natural beauty but also rich history dating back to 1928.

Whether you’re indulging in the simplicity at one of the full-sun sites or soaking up local lore at the nearby nature center, every moment spent at Kohler-Andrae feels like stepping into Wisconsin’s best-kept secret garden—overflowing with lakeside serenity.

Wildcat Mountain State Park

Wildcat Mountain State Park

Perched high above the snaking Kickapoo River, Wildcat Mountain State Park offers a true escape into nature’s embrace. This Wisconsin gem lures in campers who crave a mix of adventure and tranquility.

Between setting up tents amidst forest canopies and waking to birdsong, families and groups find their slice of outdoor heaven here.

Imagine saddling up for a horseback ride through lush trails or grabbing your fishing gear to outwit the local trout. Six miles of cross-country ski paths transform the park into a winter wonderland when snow blankets its rugged terrain.

Campers roll up their sleeves and dive into self-reliance, tackling those trails or perfecting their paddling technique downriver.

From sunup until stars stake their claim on night skies, Wildcat Mountain State Park captivates those yearning for camping without compromise.

Harrington Beach State Park

Harrington Beach State Park

If you’re seeking a beachside camping experience in Wisconsin, Harrington Beach State Park should top your list. Picture yourself waking up to the sound of waves from Lake Michigan, with over a mile of sandy shoreline right at your doorstep.

Campers can take their pick from the park’s 69 family campsites, where each spot comes ready with campfire rings and picnic tables. Imagine roasting marshmallows under the stars after a day splashing in the lake or hiking through white cedar swamps.

Adventure fills every nook and cranny at Harrington Beach State Park. You might spend the morning biking through trails that wind past hardwood forests before hopping into a kayak for an afternoon paddle.

Anglers throw their lines hoping for a fresh catch while families gather for picnics near lush green landscapes. And don’t worry if you need extra accessibility; there’s even an accessible cabin designed to welcome all visitors into nature’s embrace.

Big Bay State Park

Big Bay State Park is like a treasure on Madeline Island, where Lake Superior‘s waves gently persuade you to relax.

Big Bay State Park

Hop on the ferry in Bayfield and find yourself stepping into a 2,350-acre playground that beckons with its scenic beauty.

The park boasts seven miles of nature-packed hiking trails through whispering woods that tell tales of ancient times.

Visitors can stumble upon a hidden boardwalk stretching for one whole mile or discover the sandy beach perfect for sunbathing and castle building.

Explore the picnic spots dusted across Big Bay State Park; they’re an open invitation to lay out your feast under Wisconsin’s clear skies.

The regular campground might sneakily surprise you with modest yet captivating views of the sweeping lakefront—a view worth waking up early.

Rock Island State Park

Rock Island State Park stands tall as a secluded paradise, cut off from the rumbling engines of civilization. Accessible only by ferry or private boat from Washington Island, getting there is part of the adventure—no cars allowed.

Picture yourself hiking through thick forests and over ancient stone ridges carved by glaciers eons ago; this place feels like you’ve stumbled into a secret world where nature composes its own symphonic masterpiece.

Campers revel in rustic experiences here, setting up their tents on spots kissed by the morning sun peeking through towering pines.

The stone water tower beckons visitors to climb and gape at heart-stopping views—a sweeping panorama of Lake Michigan’s sparkling waters with a side serving of pure tranquility.

The island whispers tales of history through its historic Pottawatomie Lighthouse and weathered buildings that echo back to simpler times.

Hike the trails without tripping over modern distractions—it’s just you, the chirping birds providing an organic soundtrack, and maybe a curious deer gazing at these two-legged intruders with mild interest before sprinting into the forest ballet.

Newport State Park

Explore the wilderness at Newport State Park, where the forest whispers secrets of ancient times and the night reveals a sky filled with stars.

It’s not just any park; it’s a place where you can trace the Milky Way with your fingertips as this Dark Sky spot unveils an astronomical wonderland after sunset.

Along 11 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline, hike through over 2,300 acres teeming with wildlife or launch kayaks into serene waters, paddling to the rhythm of nature’s heartbeat.

Kayak camping here isn’t for faint hearts—it’s an adventure punctuated by splashes and laughter as you navigate to boat-in sites that promise seclusion and freedom.

Fancy skinny-dipping? You’ll find yourself among like-minded campers on Newport’s own nude beach, basking in sun and liberation.

With nearly a hundred campsites dotting its vast landscapes across three campgrounds, pack your fishing gear or skis for seasonal delights that complete this Wisconsin camping treasure trove.

Camping Styles in Wisconsin

Whether you’re a fan of cozying up in a traditional tent under the stars, commandeering an RV through lush landscapes, or indulging in glamping with more than just the bare essentials—the Badger State serves every camper’s whim with gusto! Dive deeper to find your perfect Wisconsin wilderness retreat.

Traditional Tent Camping

Imagine pitching your tent under the canopy of towering pines, filling your lungs with crisp Wisconsin air. Traditional tent camping takes you back to the basics, where it’s just you, a campfire crackling, and the stars above.

In places like Devil’s Lake State Park or Peninsula State Park, you find that perfect spot to set up camp and become one with nature. You won’t need fancy gadgets here; just some solid stakes for the ground and a knack for marshmallow roasting.

Forget about Wi-Fi signals or the buzz of notifications; out in Copper Falls State Park or Wyalusing State Park, those are replaced by birdsong and water flowing over ancient rock formations.

This is where stories happen—the kind that don’t require any filters before sharing around a fire pit.

RV Camping

RV camping enthusiasts, get ready to rev up your engines and map out a route to Wisconsin’s scenic byways. The Wisconsin Great River Road Scenic Byway is more than just a mouthful to say—it’s a haven of RV parks that line the majestic Mississippi River.

Park your home-on-wheels at one of these waterfront wonders to watch eagles soar above or kick back with some good old-fashioned campfire stories as the river hums in the background.

Tucked away in nature’s embrace, spots like Flutterby Farm and Ice Age Retreat offer more than just an average RV spot—they are slices of paradise where you can wake up with the sunrise peeking through your curtains.

Circle M Farm Stay Camp n Glamp merges the joys of farm life with RV luxury, while Paradise Acres promises solitude amidst sprawling landscapes.

For those yearning for adventure without leaving behind their cherished creature comforts, hitting up these top waterside RV sites spells out vacation “goals.”


Nestled in the serene landscapes of Wisconsin, glamping takes luxury and wilderness, tosses them together like a salad dressed with adventure.

Imagine stepping out from a Lotus Belle tentcozy cabin, or posh RV—each offering opulent amenities amidst the raw beauty that is Wisconsin’s great outdoors.

It’s here at places like Coadys’ Point of View Resort and The Northern where elegance meets the pines. You swap your sleeping bag for fine linens and trade crackling campfire stories under starlit skies with all the comforts of home gently wrapped around you.

Glamping aficionados rejoice as they discover lakeside sanctuaries and retreats on sprawling farms; think Silver Springs Campsites where tranquility isn’t just a word but an entire experience.

Environments once exclusive to traditional camping are now playgrounds for those seeking indulgence without sacrificing their connection with nature. They sip wine by fire pits at private parks or unwind in vineyard settings near Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, enjoying this seamless blend of rustic charms with sophistication.

These upscale encampments peppered across Wisconsin welcome guests yearning for that perfect balance – wild yet tamed enough to quench their thirst for both excitement and comfort.

Step into Justin Trails Resort or Sanctuary at Little Sand Bay; these aren’t your typical sleep-under-the-stars nights but carefully curated moments designed to pamper while still keeping Mother Earth within arm’s reach.

Dog-Friendly Campgrounds

Dog-Friendly Campgrounds

Wisconsin welcomes your four-legged friends with open arms at many scenic campgrounds. If you’re planning a trip with your pup, you’ll find plenty of spots where they can tag along.

  • Flutterby Farm: This charming site offers wide-open spaces for your dog to run and play. With trails winding through the property, both you and your pet can explore to your heart’s content.
  • Wheel Inn: Located near Lake Superior, this campground provides a refreshing retreat for you and your furry companion. Stroll along the lakeshore or relax in the shade of towering pines.
  • Campsites near Superior: Dogs love the fresh air and freedom of these camping spots. You’ll find amenities to keep tails wagging, from open fields to cozy fire pits for evening cuddles.
  • Wisconsin State Park System: Most parks welcome pets on leashes, so you can enjoy hiking and exploring together. Just keep an eye out for signs indicating pet-free zones.
  • Lake Geneva Area: Here, pet-friendly camping meets luxury. Your canine friend can tag along on hikes or splash in the lagoon while you set up at a picturesque picnic spot.
  • America’s National Parks: If cross-country adventure is what you seek, these campgrounds are ready for both you and your pet. Experience nature’s grandeur alongside your loyal companion.
  • RVs and Tents with a View: Many dog-friendly sites offer stunning lakeside views whether you’re in an RV or pitching a tent. Wake up to tranquil waters glistening in the sunrise with your dog by your side.
  • Cabin Living: For those who prefer solid walls and a roof, cabins provide a homey atmosphere where dogs are not just allowed but cherished guests.

Nearby Parks and Public Lands

Explore beyond the campgrounds and you’ll find Wisconsin brimming with public lands and parks. Each offers a unique way to connect with nature, from tranquil forests to historic sites.

  • Chequamegon – Nicolet National Forest spans over a million acres, where tall pines whisper stories of old. Visitors can hike, bike or even horseback ride through its vast network of trails.
  • The Kettle Moraine State Forest dazzles with glacial landscapes that turn ordinary hikes into time-traveling adventures beneath its canopy.
  • Devil’s Lake State Park invites thrill-seekers with its rocky bluffs towering above crystal-clear waters – perfect for a day of climbing or paddling.
  • For those keen on witnessing the ballet of migratory birds, Horicon Marsh offers a sprawling stage filled with vibrant avian performances throughout the year.
  • Governor Dodge State Park is a treasure chest of outdoor fun; fish-filled lakes, equestrian trails and secret waterfalls await discovery within its boundaries.
  • The Door Peninsula cradles Potawatomi State Park, where sunsets paint the sky at day’s end and gentle waves lull campers under starry blankets at night.
  • Little Bohemia Lodge isn’t just home to notorious gangster lore but also serves as a gateway to serene lake views and rustic cabin stays amidst lush woodland.

What to Expect When Camping in Wisconsin

Stepping into the wilds of Wisconsin, you’ll find more than just your average marshmallows and campfires; this place tosses at you a cornucopia of starry skies, unexpected wildlife neighbors, and the kind of peace that makes you forget there’s an actual ‘real world’ buzzing beyond the trees.

Stay tuned for a sneak peek at how to arm yourself for Mother Nature’s curveballs and become one with Wisconsin’s outdoor charm.

Safety Tips

Staying safe while camping in Wisconsin’s wilderness is crucial for an enjoyable experience. Before you dive into the peaceful isolation of Copper Falls State Park or set up your tent in the serene surroundings of Devil’s Lake State Park, consider these safety tips.

  • Keep food and scented items stored in bear – proof containers or secure them in your vehicle, away from your sleeping area. This helps minimize the chances of an unexpected furry visitor during the night.
  • Maintain a clean campsite; promptly dispose of all trash in designated receptacles to deter wildlife encounters.
  • Set up camp away from tall grass and thick bushes. It reduces the risk of disturbing hidden animals or stumbling upon a snake or spider habitat.
  • Always have a first aid kit on hand. Accidents happen, and being prepared with bandages, antiseptic, and other essentials can make all the difference.
  • Check weather forecasts before heading out. Wisconsin’s weather can be unpredictable—pack gear suitable for rain, cold, and extreme heat.
  • Learn about plant life native to areas like Peninsula State Park to avoid contact with poison ivy or other harmful plants.
  • Campfires add ambiance but require responsibility. Ensure that you thoroughly extinguish all flames to prevent forest fires before stepping away from the site.
  • Stay hydrated by carrying enough water or having a reliable water purification method when venturing near parks like Harrington Beach State Park where tap water may not be accessible.
  • Use insect repellent to fend off mosquitoes and ticks that are prevalent around places like Wyalusing State Park, which can carry diseases.
  • Let someone know your travel plans including when you’re expected back. Cell reception might be dodgy at places like Wildcat Mountain State Park.

Available Amenities

Heading to Wisconsin’s great outdoors means you’ll never rough it too much unless that’s your style. Campsites come equipped with comforts that make the wild feel a bit like home.

  • Fire Rings: Imagine toasting marshmallows over crackling flames as the stars twinkle above. Nearly every site offers a fire ring perfect for those campfire stories and s’mores.
  • Wooden Tables: Every good campsite needs a spot for card games and feasts, and you’ll find sturdy wooden tables ready for both at most Wisconsin state parks.
  • Parking Spaces: You won’t have to haul gear from miles away. Conveniently located parking spots are available at each campsite, making unloading a breeze.
  • Boat Ramps: With amenities like these at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, launching your boat for an early morning fishing trip is as easy as the lake is deep.
  • Swimming Beaches: Splash into fun with sandy shores waiting at several parks, complete with picnic areas for drying off under the sun after a dip in refreshing waters.
  • Gazebos and Ball Fields: Whether it’s a game of catch or lounging in the shade, these additions found at select lakeshores up the ante on daytime activities.
  • Electrical Hookups: RV campers can breathe easy knowing they have access to power to keep everything from fridges to phones fully charged.
  • Shower Facilities: After a long day of hiking or swimming, ample shower facilities stand ready to wash away the day’s adventures.
  • Fishing Amenities: Lakeside spots not only offer serene views but also come rigged with fire rings and wooden tables right by the water – angler’s paradise!
  • Pet-Friendly Options: Don’t leave your furry friend behind; many campsites welcome pets so they can join in on all the outdoor escapades.

Top Cities and Regions for Camping

If you’re ready to swap the deafening city buzz for a symphony played by Mother Nature, Wisconsin’s camping scene offers enchanting locales from the serene Northwest to the charming Southeast—dare to discover where whispering pines meet urban escapes.

Want in on these best-kept secrets? Keep reading, adventure’s just a s’more away!

Northwest Wisconsin

Tucked away in the serene landscape of Northwest Wisconsin, campers find themselves spoilt for choice with the lush Mauthe Lake Recreation Area waiting with open arms. Imagine setting up your tent under a canopy of stars at one of its 135 sites or following the trail to a secluded hike-in spot.

This region beckons adventurers who yearn for a night surrounded by nature’s quiet whispers.

Picture yourself waking up to sunlight glinting off the surface of an undisturbed lake, right at your camping doorstep. Lakeside camping here isn’t just about pitching tents; you can cozy up in cabins or park your RV beside gentle waters teeming with fish ready for the catching.

You are amidst not just one but two national parks that offer endless trails and vistas – each step on paths like NCNST promises new discoveries from scenic overlooks to hidden wildlife enclaves.

Dive into the heart of this outdoor paradise where private campgrounds blend seamlessly with state parks and national forest land. The Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest calls out to those seeking tranquility among towering trees and babbling brooks, offering spots you’ll choose time and again—whether for their beauty or that delightfully unexpected encounter with local fauna as curious about you as you are about them.

Here, every camper writes their unique story against a backdrop painted by Mother Nature herself.

Southwest Wisconsin

Southwest Wisconsin turns every camper’s dream into a stunning reality, with its rolling hills and hidden valleys painting the perfect backdrop for an outdoor escapade. The region boasts six enchanting state parks, each promising their own slice of camping heaven.

For those looking to bask in nature without wandering too far from comfort, Mauthe Lake Recreation Area offers 135 well-appointed sites, including three that challenge you to hike in before pitching your tent.

Camping by the lakeside here isn’t just about s’mores and ghost stories; it’s a chance to cast your line into sparkling waters as day transitions gracefully into nightfall. Fish tales aside, Governor Dodge State Park delivers expansive skies studded with stars so close you’ll swear you can touch them — all while campfires crackle and laughter fills the clear evening air.

Whether it’s reeling in your next trophy catch or exploring winding trails that lead to breathtaking overlooks, Southwest Wisconsin creates memories long after tents are folded away.

Imagine rising with dawn’s first light at Wyalusing State Park, where eagles soar above Mississippi River bluffs — an experience nothing short of majestic. Pack your days with hiking treks through dense forests or canoeing along serene waterways; these parks serve adventures on a grand scale yet never skimp on intimate moments amidst nature’s splendor.

No need for filters here; snapshots capture the vibrant hues of dusk and dawn effortlessly—ushering avid campers into Southwest Wisconsin’s vast outdoor gallery where each view is more awe-inspiring than the last.

Northeast Wisconsin

Pack your bags for a lakeside retreat in Northeast Wisconsin where the marshmallows are always roasting and the fish are biting. The scenery alone will make you want to snap photos until your phone begs for mercy, thanks to places like Mauthe Lake Recreation Area.

It’s not just about the Instagram-worthy sunsets; it’s where memories cling like campfire smoke to your favorite hoodie.

RVs roll into this part of Wisconsin with as much excitement as kids heading to an amusement park, eager to claim their little slice of outdoor heaven at local RV parksFamily-friendly is the name of the game here, with campgrounds offering enough activities that even teenagers might look up from their phones.

And let’s talk about fishing – it’s not just an activity, it’s practically a competitive sport against serene backdrops that could calm even the most enthusiastic city slicker.

Southeast Wisconsin

Tucked away in Southeast Wisconsin, family-friendly campgrounds beckon adventurers large and small. Picture this: Mauthe Lake Recreation Area, a gem within the Northern Unit, flaunts 135 sites where laughter echoes from campfires under star-lit skies.

Imagine parking your RV amidst the applause of rustling leaves with over fifteen hundred reviews singing praises for sights unseen in any urban sprawl.

Lakeside camping here isn’t just about pitching tents; it’s an angler’s daydream come alive by reeling in memories along with today’s catch. National parks in the region offer a slice of island life without saltwater—an ironic twist for those who associate Wisconsin with dairy lands rather than sandy beaches.

Southeastern charm comes not only from its natural splendor but also the stories that unfold beside lapping waves and crackling bonfires, where every s’more is a prelude to tomorrow’s tales.

Camping in Wisconsin Dells

Imagine unzipping your tent to the sights and sounds of nature, with the added bonus of Wisconsin Dells’ waterparks just a stone’s throw away; it’s like summer camp for both your inner child and the outdoor enthusiast in you.

Nothing quite compares to roasting marshmallows over a fire after a day of wild waterslides — camping here offers an unexpected mash-up that somehow works perfectly.

Wisconsin Dells is a veritable playground for camp enthusiasts, boasting over 3,200 campsites. From the thrill of water slides to the tranquility of forested retreats, the area’s top campgrounds provide a diverse array of experiences.

  • Arrowhead Campground sets the scene with spacious sites nestled among towering pines. Here, you’ll find yourself waking up to the chirping birds and relaxing by a crackling fire under a starlit sky at night.
  • As for Wisconsin Dells KOA, this is where comfort meets nature – think: your own cozy corner in the woods with all the perks of modern facilities. Campers get access to wifi and cable TV while being just a hop away from outdoor adventures.
  • Wander over to Point Bluff Resort if riverside camping calls your name. With direct access to the Wisconsin River, it’s perfect for those wanting to combine their love for water sports with their camping expeditions.
  • At Country Roads Motorhome and RV Park, road warriors find their rest stop paradise. This park caters specifically to RV travelers looking for full hookups and serene views after a long day on the road.
  • Still craving excitement? Edge-O-Dells Resort serves it up with an adults-only policy that promises as much peace or party as you please, complete with themed weekends that bring campers together for good times.
  • Lastly, there’s Dells TimberLand Camping Resort which offers more than just plots of grass; cabins are available too, giving you a homey feel amidst nature’s embrace coupled with amenities like mini-golf and swimming pools that double the fun.

Nearby Hotels and Resorts

After a day of exploring the great outdoors, you might find your tent just doesn’t offer the same comfort as a cozy hotel bed. Wisconsin Dells caters to campers who seek that extra bit of comfort with a variety of accommodation options.

  • For those looking for a splash after their dash through the wilderness, choose one of the big resorts with an in-house water park, making for a seamless transition from nature’s playground to water slides and wave pools.
  • Retro hidden gems dot the landscape, offering quirky decor and a nostalgic nod to classic Americana—perfect for guests wanting a unique stay.
  • Hotel chains are plentiful, offering reliable amenities and services that provide a familiar sense of home away from home.
  • Luxury seekers will find upscale lodging with indulgent spas to unwind after hiking trails or paddling lakes—a touch of pampering can be just what sore muscles need.
  • Budget – friendly motels are also available for those who splurged on s’mores supplies and want simple lodgings without breaking the bank.
  • Some hotels offer panoramic views of the area so that even when you retreat indoors, the sweeping landscapes still frame your adventure.
  • Family suites with kitchenettes allow groups or families to maintain some self-sufficiency while enjoying the comforts of hotel living—think home-cooked meals with none of the sleep-on-the-ground hassles.
  • Pet – friendly rooms mean not even Fido misses out on this chapter of family memories; he deserves a soft bed too after all that fetching at nearby parks.

Tips and FAQs for Camping in Wisconsin

Tips and FAQs for Camping in Wisconsin

Navigating the wilds of Wisconsin’s camping scene might seem like a cakewalk, but don’t be fooled by the tranquil landscapes and chirping cardinals; there’s a science to cozying up with Mother Nature here.

Whether you’re wondering about the secret season to stake your claim or scratching your head over campfire permits, we’ve hoarded a treasure trove of tips and FAQs faster than a squirrel stashes nuts for winter—without even one run-in with Yogi Bear.

Best Time to Go

Planning your camping trip to Wisconsin State Parks during the summer months can feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. Picture this: toastier days, perfect for hiking through Devil’s Lake State Park or kayaking around Peninsula State Park, paired with those cool evenings ideal for campfire stories and s’mores.

The sun smiles a bit more from June to August, making it prime time for explorers who seek warmth on their wilderness adventures.

Don’t get caught off guard by unpredictable spring showers or early frosts in fall—summer offers that sweet spot where Mother Nature seems to be on your side. Campsites at Mirror Lake State Park fill up quickly with families and friends eager to bask in the daylight that stretches into evening barbecues and stargazing sessions.

Grab your calendar because timing is everything; lock in those dates before everyone else beats you to the serene lakeshores of High Cliff State Park.

Dive into these sun-drenched months when Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest becomes a lush backdrop for memories waiting to be made. Whether you’re pitching a tent under the stars at Wildcat Mountain State Park or parking your RV near Harrington Beach State Park, summer’s gentle embrace enhances every outdoor experience Wisconsin has up its sleeve.

Permits and Fees

Before you pitch your tent or park your RV, let’s talk cash and control. Slipping into Wisconsin’s wilderness means first playing by the rules – snagging permits and coughing up fees to keep those campgrounds pristine.

You’ll need a permit for each spot at the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore costing a modest $15 per night – well worth it for waking up with nature right on your doorstep.

Camping in Wisconsin isn’t just about finding the perfect view. It’s also about opening wallets slightly wider if you’re an out-of-towner, as non-residents pay a bit more for the privilege of snoozing under these starry skies.

Expect to fork over anywhere from $20 to $40 per night depending on where you decide to crash, while locals enjoy a rate that ranges from $15 to $35.

For those of you aiming to capture Wisconsin’s beauty through lenses, be prepared – there’s a fee here too! Photographers are looking at shelling out 50 bucks for a permit in Lakeshore State Park which keeps snapping selfies legal all year round.

And remember, this is not only about camping sites; even primitive shoreline spots require permission slips before setting up shop. So make sure all your paperwork is picture-perfect before heading out onto any lakeshores or islands because free-for-all camping is not part of this script.

Wild Camping Regulations

Feel the call of the wild? You’ll be glad to know that Wisconsin welcomes wild campers with open arms, but don’t go setting up your hammock just anywhere. Rules are rules, even in the vast expanse of nature: county forests, state forests, and national forests all come with guidelines that keep this rugged paradise pristine for everyone.

Picture this: you’re kayaking by day and pitching a tent by moonlight along Wisconsin Water Trails—but hold your paddle! There’s a catch—you’ve got to make camp at least 100 feet from any shoreline and some islands are no-go zones.

Opting for an adventure among the Apostle Islands? Keep your tribe tight; primitive camping spots cap groups at five people max and charge $15 per night. Stick within these lines, and Mother Nature’s playground is all yours.

Happy trails – just remember where you lay those boots come nighttime!


Lakeside camping at night

As the sun dips behind Wisconsin’s towering pines, imagine your campfire crackling to life. Stars sprinkle across the vast Midwestern sky, a perfect backdrop for s’mores and stories.

Each park whispers its own nighttime lullaby, inviting you into the state’s natural wonders one dreamy sleep under the stars at a time. Grab that tent or park your RV; adventures await in Wisconsin’s great outdoors.

Just remember to leave only footprints and take home memories from every captivating cove and hidden trail!

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