Discover The Best Campgrounds In The Smoky Mountains

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Best Campgrounds In The Smoky Mountains

Finding the perfect camping spot in the vast expanse of the Smoky Mountains can feel like searching for a hidden treasure. With sheer cliffs, dense forests, and rushing streams, this national park is home to some of America’s most cherished campgrounds.

Whether you’re pitching a tent or parking an RV, our guide unveils the campsites where nature’s grandeur meets camper-friendly amenities. Dive in to discover your ideal outdoor escape nestled amidst these ancient peaks!

Key Takeaways

Where to Find the Best Campgrounds in the Smoky Mountains National Park

Backcountry Camping in-Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Nestled among the rolling mist of America’s most visited national treasure, Great Smoky Mountains National Park cradles a variety of campgrounds that cater to every type of outdoor enthusiast.

Whether you prefer waking up to the babbling symphony of Deep Creek or gazing at stars unblemished by city lights in Cataloochee, these sites tick all boxes for an epic nature embrace—with or without marshmallows.

Deep Creek Campground on the Southeast Side

Deep Creek Campground on the Southeast Side

Deep Creek Campground beckons with the promise of pristine creekside tent spotscozy cabins, and ample room for RV enthusiasts. Nestled near Bryson City in North Carolina, it serves as a perfect base camp to delve into the natural splendor of the Smoky Mountains.

Here, visitors get more than just a plot of land; they immerse themselves in an authentic wilderness escape among towering trees and vibrant foliage that seems to dance with sunlight.

The draw of Deep Creek doesn’t stop at its scenic stay options. Right by one of the park’s most beloved waterways, it offers guests front-row seats to nature’s symphony: the gentle flow of streams and rustling leaves orchestrating an unforgettable outdoor experience.

Families and solo adventurers alike find solace here; whether pitching tents or parking RVs, everyone is searching for that serene connection only found under a canopy of green tranquility.

Days at Deep Creek are filled with exploration and relaxation alike—the kind where phones lose their grip on attention spans, replaced instead by the simple joy of inhaling fresh mountain air.

From dawn till dusk, this corner of Great Smoky Mountains National Park buzzes softly with life’s simpler pleasures—a reminder that sometimes beauty lies not just in what you see but also where you choose to pause and breathe it all in.

Smokemont Campground on the South Side

Smokemont Campground on the South Side

Nestled in the lush forests of North CarolinaSmokemont Campground provides a serene escape for campers in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. At an elevation where the air feels fresher and the streams sing alongside your tent or RV, you’re pitched at 2,198 feet above daily worries.

The campground is a haven for those chasing trout or riding horseback through dappled sunlight trails.

Mornings here start with mist rising off the Oconaluftee River as hikers lace up their boots to explore nearby paths threading through ancient woodlands. Vivid green canopies offer shade during hot summer days, while campfires crackle under starlit skies when night falls on Smokemont Campground.

This spot becomes a perfect basecamp for adventurers keen to absorb the majestic scenery and rich biodiversity that thrives within gsmnp’s borders.

As evening settles over this part of southern splendor, it’s not just another day closing; it’s an invitation to relish simplicity amid nature’s grandeur. Horse riders trot back to camp while anglers share tales of ‘the one that got away.’ Whether you’ve spent your time trekking mountain ridges or listening to the soothing rush of streams, days end harmoniously in this tranquil patch of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Cades Cove Campground on the West Side

Cades Cove Campground

Cades Cove Campground serves up a slice of heaven on the quieter west side of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Picture yourself waking up surrounded by towering trees, with sunlight filtering through leaves at 1,807 feet above sea level—it’s the kind of peaceful you’ll want to wake up to every morning.

The campground comes with modern comforts like flush toilets but maintains that rustic charm that serious campers crave.

Visitors can set off from their tent or RV each morning and find themselves on trails like Hannah Mountain, greeting them with good footing for an easy day hike. Embrace the serenity away from bustling park crowds as you explore Cades Cove’s network of paths winding through picturesque scenery.

Here, your camping trip mingles adventure and tranquility in perfect harmony—a rare gem where chirping birds replace ringing cell phones.

Cataloochee Campground on the East Side

Cataloochee Campground

Tucked away in the historic Cataloochee Valley, Cataloochee Campground offers a unique blend of serenity and adventure. With just 27 sites, this haven ensures an intimate connection with nature.

Imagine waking up to the bugle calls of majestic elk or spending your evenings under a canopy of stars framed by towering 6000-foot peaks. It’s no wonder campers flock here for that peaceful escape from the buzz of daily life.

Set out from your tent and explore nearby trails or visit centuries-old buildings whispering stories of yesteryear. The campground serves as an ideal outpost for those eager to dive into the lush landscapes and rich history enveloping Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Whether you’re capturing wildlife through your camera lens or hiking across verdant paths, Cataloochee Campground is where memories are made beneath open skies and amidst echoes of old-world charm.

Elkmont Campground on the North Side

Elkmont Campground

Elkmont Campground holds the title of being the largest campground within the bounds of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Picture yourself setting up camp among 212 potential sites, each offering its own slice of wilderness just a stone’s throw away from Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Adventure seekers can grab their gear and head to this northern side retreat for an experience that blends accessibility with nature’s raw beauty.

You’ll find Elkmont perched at an elevation where the air feels fresher at 2150 feet above sea level, delivering stunning views and an immersive outdoor ambiance. Options abound here—pitch a tent or park your RV in one spot or choose walk-in sites for a touch more seclusion amidst thriving greenery.

This hotspot draws crowds eager to explore nearby trails leading deeper into nature’s playground.

As laughter and campfire stories fill the night sky, embrace Elkmont’s bustling atmosphere as you connect with fellow travelers sharing your zest for exploring great smokies’ bounties.

Hiking enthusiasts are particularly drawn here, with paths winding into landscapes untouched by time—each trail promising discoveries around every bend. Whether you’re soaking in daytime sunrays or gazing at starlit evenings, Elkmont Campground is a vibrant basecamp woven seamlessly into the fabric of America’s most cherished national park.

RV Campgrounds in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

RV Campgrounds in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Imagine rolling into the heart of the wilderness with all the comforts of home tagging along in your trusty RV. Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers several campgrounds perfectly suited for those who prefer their starry nights with a side of cozy amenities.

Smokemont Campground with Dump Station

Smokemont Campground

Tucked away on the southern side of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Smokemont Campground is a haven for RVers who appreciate the ease of a dump station right on site. Picture your motor home nestled among towering trees with the sounds of nature as your playlist – this campground merges comfort with wilderness seamlessly.

Reserve your spot and you’ll be counting down days until you can kick back under star-filled skies after an effortless tank clear-out.

Outdoor enthusiasts flock here not just for convenience but also for memorable experiences. The crisp mountain air invites you to explore nearby trails each morning, while evenings are perfect for roasting marshmallows over crackling campfires.

At Smokemont, every day ends with satisfaction—no fuss about where to empty that full waste tank or how to make the most of those lush surroundings; it’s all right there, waiting like old friends ready to welcome you back into nature’s embrace.

Cades Cove Campground with Dump Station

Best Campgrounds In The Smoky Mountains

Cades Cove Campground offers the perfect blend of convenience and natural beauty for both RV enthusiasts and tent campers alike. With 159 sites available year-round, you can pick your own slice of paradise in this stunning valley.

Imagine waking up to the sight of misty mountains and the sound of wildlife as your camping neighbors – it’s an outdoor lover’s dream.

RV campers especially appreciate the on-site dump station making tank maintenance a breeze so they can spend more time enjoying auto-touring, hiking, or capturing that perfect photograph.

And don’t stress about snagging a good spot; online reservations make securing your ideal campsite ahead of time easy peasy! Prepare to marvel at well-maintained facilities set amidst picturesque surroundings that’ll have your camera working overtime capturing memories.

Look Rock Campground with Hookups

Look Rock Campground

Perched high at approximately 3,000 feet, Look Rock Campground embraces guests with a panorama that quite frankly, could knock the socks off any nature lover. Stretching out your tent flaps or propping open your RV door unveils a landscape where sunsets blaze and stars twinkle with an enthusiasm they reserve just for campers like you.

Electrified comfort meets rustic charm here; among its 68 sites are 10 electric hookups, beckoning those who prefer their wilderness with a side of creature comforts.

The campground nestles snugly along Foothills Parkway West—a road that snakes through the park’s rich tapestry like silver thread—offering accessibility without sacrificing serenity.

Imagine waking up to breathe in air so fresh it must have been minted right there on the ridge! With such elevation comes not only stunning vistas but also a refreshing escape from summer’s sizzle down below.

Revel in this elevated oasis after exploring every nook and cranny of Great Smoky Mountains National Park during the day.

Electric sparks aren’t all this place provides; Look Rock Campground serves as your launchpad to adventure and tranquility alike. Fuel up your day with electricity and end it around a crackling fire under star-studded skies—just one way life clicks into place at Look Rock Campground.

Elkmont Campground with No Dump Station

Elkmont Campground offers a serene escape in the embrace of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but don’t count on unloading your RV waste here. Picture this: you’ve explored all day and return to your motor home only to find that you’re carrying extra ‘baggage’.

No worries, though—just a short six-mile jaunt to Sugarlands Visitor Center, and you can lighten your load at their dump station.

RV adventurers need to come prepared since hook-ups for water, electricity, or sewer are nowhere in sight at Elkmont Campground. Think of it as old-school camping with a twist—a comforting disconnect from modern facilities right under the forest canopy.

It’s back-to-basics here; refreshingly simple living amidst lush greenery where the sounds of nature replace the hum of electric gadgets.

If pitching tents and stargazing without digital distractions is what you seek, Elkmont delivers just that. Make sure your flashlights have fresh batteries because once night falls over Elkmont Campground, it’s just you and millions of stars painting an unforgettable spectacle across the sky.

Pack up those s’mores ingredients too; campfire tales await by woodfires rather than Wi-Fi signals!

Horse Camping in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Horse Camping in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Imagine waking up to the soft neighing of horses amidst the serene backdrop of towering pines and misty mountain air; at Big Creek Horse Camp, this dream becomes your reality – giddy-up for an equestrian adventure like no other in the heart of the Smokies.

Ready to trot through more unbridled escapades? Keep reading!

Big Creek Horse Camp

Nestled in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Big Creek Horse Camp offers a serene escape for equestrian enthusiasts. Picture yourself waking up to the gentle sounds of Big Creek flowing nearby as you gear up for a day meandering through miles of scenic horse trails.

With potable water and flushing toilets, creature comforts are not forsaken in this rustic paradise. Gallop or trot your way alongside bubbling streams and under expansive canopies of green, reveling in picturesque surroundings that almost seem painted by nature’s own brush.

Unhook your RV or stake your tent at one of the designated spots available from April 7 to October 29, 2023. The moderate climate ensures that each ride is as pleasant as it is breathtaking – no surprise sweaters needed here! Luxuriate in evenings filled with stories and laughter around a campfire, beneath skies so clear every star seems within reach.

The seclusion adds a layer of tranquility unmatched by busier sites yet delightfully interrupted by occasional whinnies echoing softly against mountain walls. At Big Creek Horse Camp, embrace wilderness embraced luxury where hoof prints mix with heartbeats creating everlasting memories on this elevated piece of North Carolina charm.

Backcountry Camping in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Venturing beyond the well-trodden paths, backcountry camping in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers adventurers a chance to cozy up with Mother Nature as their closest neighbor.

Imagine breathing in the crisp mountain air and sleeping under an unfiltered starry sky, all while hoping your snoring doesn’t compete with the nocturnal serenades of hidden forest dwellers.

Forney Creek Trail via Appalachian Trail

Embark on the Forney Creek Trail and you’ll find yourself immersed in the tranquil heart of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Picture this: a dense canopy overhead, the murmur of creeks playing nature’s own symphony, and all while you tread along paths woven into the fabric of Appalachia.

It’s not just a hike; it’s your ticket to backcountry camping bliss with five secluded sites dotting the route.

The trail doesn’t shy away from giving your legs a good workout as it intertwines with parts of the storied Appalachian Trail. Feel like an intrepid explorer as you cross that second major crossing at mile 6.0 – hello Backcountry Campsite #69! Here, far removed from bustling civilization, solitude becomes your cherished companion during those precious quieter times.

Couples seeking adventure might find themselves lost in more than just conversation as they navigate to nearby Clingmans Dome Trail or Andrews Bald for panoramic views that stretch imagination’s limits.

Nature lovers rejoice—Forney Creek Trail is where memories are etched into every step and whispers of ancient mountains fuel stories worth retelling around countless future campfires.

Private Campgrounds in the Smoky Mountains

Under the canopy of stars and amidst the whispers of the wilderness, there lies a secret world of private campgrounds, each offering an intimate embrace with nature’s unfiltered beauty in the Smoky Mountains.

Here, you’ll swap city lights for fireflies and transform your ordinary night’s sleep into an outdoor symphony orchestrated by crickets and owlets.

Fontana Village Resort & Marina

Tucked away in the lush embrace of the Nantahala National Forest, Fontana Village Resort & Marina stands as a beacon for nature enthusiasts looking to immerse themselves in outdoor splendor.

Guests are spoiled for choice with comfy guestrooms, private cabins, and a welcoming campground. Imagine waking up to the soft murmur of the Little Tennessee River just steps from your tent or RV—this is what camping dreams are made of.

Adventure beckons at this gateway to the Southern Boundary of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. With twenty miles of hiking and biking trails crisscrossing through pristine landscapes, visitors find themselves lost in wonder without ever truly being lost.

Here activities abound and relaxation is served with a side of mountain views; it’s not just a stay but an experience that lingers long after you’ve unpacked your bags back home.

Greenbrier Campground

Nestled in the verdant heart of the Smoky Mountains, Greenbrier Campground beckons nature lovers with its 120 full-hookup campsites. Here, you’re not just pitching a tent or parking an RV; you’re signing up for front-row seats to serene river views and quiet wooded spots that whisper adventure.

Less than half a mile away, the sprawling expanse of Great Smoky Mountains National Park unfolds like a green carpet laid out for hikers, explorers, and anyone with a penchant for fresh mountain air.

With options galore at Greenbrier Campground—whether it’s settling into a cozy bell tent or hooking up your motor home amid towering trees—the perfect outdoor experience is tailored just for you.

Don’t expect anything less than top-notch amenities here. Families can gather around crackling campfires after days spent dipping toes in the Little Pigeon River or chasing waterfalls within the park’s embrace.

Campers rave about this spot —the magical blend of convenience and wild charm makes it stand out as an ideal basecamp for all things exploration.

Let your senses dive into the rhythm of this campground where every breeze carries stories from trails nearby and each starlit night promises peaceful slumber under canopies of leaves.

Spacious sites ensure breathing room for everyone—even those traveling with larger-than-life RVs find their slice of paradise here at Greenbrier Campground, becoming part-time dwellers in this gateway to natural wonders.

Little Arrow Outdoor Resort

Little Arrow Outdoor Resort beckons families with its blend of comfort and wilderness, right at the doorstep of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Here, every type of camper finds their happy place, whether it’s a cozy spot for tent camping by the Little River or a luxury glamping tent tucked among tall pines.

The resort boasts 76 RV hookups along with an assortment of tiny homes and cabins that offer striking views and easy park access.

Switch off your motor home engine and step into adventure at this beloved Tennessee getaway. Luxurious accommodations merge seamlessly with nature’s raw beauty as visitors soak in the vibrant energy of the Smokies from their campsite.

With so much to do on site, you might forget you’re just minutes away from some of the most breathtaking trails and sights in Pisgah National Forest.

Family fun goes beyond campfire stories at Little Arrow Outdoor Resort; this place is alive with rich history and fresh adventures waiting around every corner. Take advantage of being near towns like Gatlinburg TN or Bryson City North Carolina for extra regional flavor during your stay.

It’s not just about where you sleep—it’s about where those dreams lead you in the morning light filtering through dense mountain foliage.

Stonebridge RV Resort

Tucked away in Maggie Valley, Stonebridge RV Resort is a camper’s paradise, offering an array of sites to fit any size rig. Imagine waking up surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the Smoky Mountains, with all the comforts your motor home could need; that’s exactly what you get here.

From full hook-up spots to charming Creekside Cottages and rustic Cabins, this place lets you enjoy nature without skimping on modern conveniences.

Exploring nearby attractions from Stonebridge couldn’t be easier. The Blue Ridge Parkway and Great Smokey Mountains National Park are just a short drive away. After a day of adventures or visiting landmarks like Biltmore Estate and Cherokee, kick back at your site which might just become the highlight of your trip thanks to its serene setting and top-notch facilities.

With stellar reviews lighting up travel forums, it’s clear that travelers find more than just a place to park their RVs – they find an unforgettable mountain town experience.

Timberlake Campground

Timberlake Campground sprawls across 150 acres of North Carolina‘s lush, forested landscape, cradling visitors in the embrace of the Great Smoky Mountains. Picture this: your tent is pitched or RV parked on a site that gives you enough room to swing a cat three times over – talk about stretching your legs! With each of the 50 available campsites offering generous views and serenaded by Deep Creek’s natural lullaby, it’s not just camping; it’s an immersive retreat into nature.

Just a stone’s throw from Bryson City, NC, families discover more than just a place to roast marshmallows at Timberlake Campground. This isn’t your backyard campout; it’s where mountain vistas meet starlit skies and adventures wait around every pine-scented bend.

Kids laugh in the backdrop as their imaginations run wild with forests to explore and streams to befriend – let’s just say Disneyland might have some serious competition here with Dollywood nearby adding its dose of thrills without the fairy dust.

Under Canvas

Under Canvas turns the Great Smoky Mountains into a luxurious outdoor retreat, just a stone’s throw from Gatlinburg’s cozy charm. Imagine waking up in a safari-style tent with all the comforts of home and stepping out to views of misty mountains that seem to stretch forever.

Glamping here means you’ll indulge in nature without sacrificing plush beds, crisp linens, or the warmth of wood-burning stoves whispering promises of snug evenings under starlit skies.

Exchange crowded hotel hallways for pathways winding through serene forests leading you straight to adventure’s doorstep. Picture this: after a day exploring over 800-square-miles of pristine woodland nearby, you return not to a dull room, but an elegant haven nestled among Tennessee’s fabled peaks and valleys.

Under Canvas brings glamour to camping sites; it’s where opulence meets the untamed wilderness at the entrance of America’s most visited national park.

Guests can step off their private decks and venture forth onto the Appalachian Trail or dive into adrenaline-pumping excursions like Smoky Mountain Ziplines. Each stay at Under Canvas is more than just resting your head; it’s about crafting stories amidst Tennessee’s enchanting landscapes that will echo long after you’ve unzipped your last canvas door.

Great Smoky Mountains Campgrounds at a Glance

Nestled amid the rolling fog and towering pines, the Great Smoky Mountains’ campgrounds offer an array of settings for every outdoor enthusiast. From the gentle lull of Deep Creek to the bustling energy of Cades Cove, here’s a snapshot of what you can expect:

– **Deep Creek Campground**: A serene hideaway for those seeking the soothing sounds of babbling brooks. Picture yourself waking up to water songs and the whispers of the Smokies, with convenient access to hiking trails and waterfalls.

– **Smokemont Campground**: Ah, the smell of campfire mingling with fresh pine! This campground serves as a crossroad of past and present, featuring historical structures from the area’s bygone logging days, as well as modern amenities like a dump station.

– **Cades Cove Campground**: Imagine a wide valley where wildlife frolics in view. It’s a veritable outdoor paradise, alive all year, welcoming visitors with open arms and spacious campsites.

– **Cataloochee Campground**: Tucked away on the east, it’s like stumbling upon a secret garden. Wild elk grazing at dawn and dusk add to the magical allure, while the remoteness tests the mettle of even the most experienced campers.

– **Elkmont Campground**: Picture a lush forest canopy overhead, this campground offers a mix of nostalgia and natural beauty. Though RVs are welcome, the lack of a dump station encourages a more rustic experience.

– **Look Rock Campground**: Offers the comfort of hookups for the RV community, this haven is for those who love their conveniences with a view. The panorama from the Look Rock observation tower is simply unrivaled.

– **Big Creek Horse Camp**: Tailored for equestrians, this spot marries the love of horseback riding with the wilds of the Smokies. Saddle up and ride through trails steeped in the whispers of Appalachian lore.

– **Forney Creek Trail**: A backcountry marvel for intrepid trekkers. This trail is accessed via the Appalachian Trail and offers solitude that’s as profound as the surrounding peaks.

– **Greenbrier Campground**: With the Little Pigeon River as a backdrop, this privately-owned gem offers you the Smokies with modern conveniences, making it perfect for families or first-time campers seeking less rusticity.

– **Stonebridge RV Resort**: When creature comforts can’t be left behind, this resort blends luxury with wilderness. It’s a touch of civilization neatly wrapped in the embrace of the mountains.

– **Under Canvas**: This isn’t your typical pitch-a-tent-and-hope-for-the-best. It’s glamping amidst the grandeur of the Smokies, where luxury meets the great outdoors.

Each of these spots offers its unique blend of Smoky Mountain air, vistas, and adventure—catering to a spectrum from the rugged backpacker to the luxury camper. As the mist dances between the peaks and valleys, pick a campground that resonates with your soul’s craving for the wild.

Top Activities in the Park

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park brims with adventures waiting to be had. From historic sites to breathtaking vistas, here’s a list of can’t-miss activities:

  • Climb to the top of Clingmans Dome, the highest point in Tennessee, and marvel at panoramic views that stretch for miles on a clear day.
  • Stop by Newfound Gap Overlook and bask in the sweeping scenery of forest – covered mountains stretching into the horizon.
  • Take a leisurely drive around Cades Cove Loop Road; keep your eyes peeled for deer, black bears, and other wildlife amidst the pioneer homesteads.
  • Step back in time at Mingus Mill where you’ll witness a working grist mill and learn about the lives of early Appalachian settlers.
  • Explore Cataloochee Valley to see historic buildings tucked away among majestic elk herds.
  • Pack a picnic and set out on numerous trails for an afternoon surrounded by wildflowers and perhaps an enchanting encounter with local fauna.
  • Choose from several campgrounds and spend a night under the stars while crickets provide nature’s soundtrack in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Camping Experience

Ditch the idea that the wilderness will coddle you—out here, Mother Nature runs a tight ship and it’s up to us campers to adapt. Arm yourself with knowledge (and maybe some bear-proof food containers), because while the bears may do their part in following ‘leave no trace’ principles, they aren’t too keen on educating ill-prepared humans.

Recreate Responsibly

Enjoying the great outdoors at Great Smoky Mountains National Park comes with a responsibility to keep it pristine. Tread lightly and respect wildlife so others can also marvel at the sights from Clingmans Dome to Cades Cove Campground.

Always aim to leave nature exactly as you found it, whether you’re setting up tents at Elkmont Campground or spotting elk near Cataloochee Campground.

Share trails and vistas with other adventurers, giving each other space to appreciate the park’s wonders in their own way. Embrace kindness and patience, especially when crossing paths with less experienced campers who might need guidance rather than judgement.

Maintaining harmony among visitors ensures that everyone’s experience remains memorable for all the right reasons.

Pack out what you pack in; this simple rule makes a huge difference in preserving the natural beauty of Deep Creek Campground and beyond. Think about future generations eager for adventure – let’s ensure they find these mountains just as enchanting as we do today.

Leave No Trace Principles

Heading into the wild expanses of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, it’s crucial to adopt a ‘ghost camper’ mentality. Imagine sliding through the forest like a wisp of mist, touching nothing, altering nothing—simply observing.

This is at the heart of Leave No Trace principles: move through nature leaving zero evidence you were ever there. Planning ahead sets you up for success; checking weather forecasts and bringing the right gear means less chance of improvised solutions harming the environment.

Traveling and camping on durable surfaces might sound like we’re inviting you to sleep on a bed of rocks–not quite! It just means sticking to trails and established sites that are designed to withstand human footprints without turning into dust bowls or mud pits.

Respect wildlife by watching from a distance rather than trying for that perfect selfie where both you and Mr. Bear are smiling politely at the camera.

Leave what you find could well be an unsung hero among these principles because every stone or flower in its natural place tells part of this park’s story—a blooming rhododendron untouched can delight countless future visitors with its fiery beauty.

As much as those vibrant leaves might beckon, resist pocketing them as keepsakes so others can bask in their glory too. Speaking softly around campfires not only lets fellow campers enjoy their peace but also tunes your ears into nature’s nighttime serenade—just one more way to ensure our majestic Smoky Mountains remain pristine for years to come.

Check National Weather Service Alerts

Before you pitch your tent or park your RV at Elkmont Campground, make sure to appoint a savvy weather watcher in your group. They should keep an eye on the sky and stay glued to updates from the National Weather Service.

With elevations that can toy with temperatures and toss out sudden storms, it’s crucial to get timely alerts – whether it’s a whisper of lightning or a red flag warning for fire hazards.

The Great Smoky Mountains are infamous for quick mood swings in weather, so don’t let Mother Nature catch you off guard.

Keeping tabs on conditions isn’t just smart; it could be what stands between a memorable adventure by Cosby Creek and an unexpected shiver-fest at higher altitudes like those near Mount Cammerer.

Receiving these alerts is as vital as packing your sleeping bag because nothing damps spirits like being soaked by an uninvited downpour! Always check the latest WATE 6 Weather Forecast before setting out to explore Abrams Falls or any part of this majestic national park—your peace of mind will thank you later.


Ready to unplug and dive into the wild? The Great Smoky Mountains beckon with their serene beauty, whispering pines, and campsites that could make a bear jealous. Whether you’re cozied up in a tent under the stars at Cades Cove or kicking back in your RV by the rhythm of Deep Creek, these grounds are your ticket to outdoor bliss.

Think of s’mores as currency and campfire stories as social media; out here, nature’s network never drops a signal. Pack your adventurous spirit–the mountains are calling, and you must go camping!

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