Where to Find Hot Springs in Colorado: A Guide to the Best Soaking Spots and Pools

Discover the best hot springs in Colorado, from hidden natural pools to luxurious resorts. Find your perfect mineral-water experience here.
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Are you looking for a peaceful retreat to help relieve stress and soak your achy muscles? If so, Colorado is home to ninety-three known thermal hot springs! It’s the perfect destination for hot springs and mineral pools.

This article serves as an expert’s guide on where to find hot springs in Colorado, as well as tips for visiting them and additional activities near these natural wonders.

Come escape from the buzz of city life by immersing yourself in the tranquil waters of Colorado’s many hot springs – read on to learn more!

Where to Find Hot Springs in Colorado

Colorado is well-known for some of the best natural hot springs in the US, with many hot spring spas and resorts, from family-friendly options to high-end, luxurious retreats.

Glenwood Springs Pool

Glenwood Springs

First established in 1888, the Glenwood Springs Pool is one of Colorado’s most popular hot springs because the waters are not overly hot and are more accessible to visitors who don’t want to jump into 100+ degree temperatures.

The Glenwood Springs Pool maintains a temperature of 93 degrees Fahrenheit that helps to sooth muscles and alleviate pains caused by arthritis and other medical issues. This historic hot spring water is part of the Glenwood Hot Springs Resort which also includes a lodge, an athletic club, and a spa.

Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa

Hot Sulphur Springs

  • Address: 5609 County Rd 20, Hot Sulphur Springs, CO 80451
  • Phone: (970) 725-3306
  • Amenities: 19 hot springs pools, a spa, and a picnic area.
  • Hot Spring Fees: Admission is $25 for adults, $17 for children. Spa services costs additional.
  • Nearby Attractions:

Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa is one of the best Colorado hot springs. With mineral-rich hot waters that have been flowing for hundreds of years, resort amenities include a hot springs swimming pool with heated water from underground geothermal sources and completely private spa rooms with jacuzzis, saunas and steam baths. Guests can also book an onsite massage with a certified massage therapist.

Ouray Hot Springs Resort

Uncompahgre River Ouray Colorado

Located along the Uncompahgre River in Ouray, Colorado, the Hot Springs in Ouray have been around for thousands of years due to geothermal activity. Water temperatures can reach up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and are ideal for people who like a hotter therapeutic experience.

In addition to soaking in mineral-rich pools visitors have access to a fitness center, saunas and steam rooms. With views of the Rocky Mountains, Ouray is a hub of both natural beauty and amazing amenities!

The Springs Resort & Spa

Pagosa Springs Colorado

Based in Pagosa Springs, The Springs Resort & Spa is a luxury retreat that’s considered one of the premiere hot springs in the Colorado, with luxury accommodations and a wide range of attractions.

Guests will discover 25 natural mineral hot springs located along the banks of the San Juan river in Pagosa Springs. Other amenities include private lodging, dining at the Shores Restaurant and Bar, yoga classes taught by certified instructors, spa services like couple’s massage and facial treatments as well as other therapeutic outdoor activities like horseback riding alongside.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Steamboat Springs Colorado

  • Address: 44200 Co Rd 36, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
  • Phone: (970) 879-0342
  • Amenities: Natural hot springs pools, massage services, overnight lodging rentals, hiking and snowshoeing trails.
  • Hot Spring Fees: Day use guests can book a 2-hour period for $25 per person. Overnight stays are available for an extra charge.
  • Nearby Attractions:

Located in Steamboat Springs Colorado, about seven miles away from the downtown area, Strawberry Park Natural Hot Springs is a natural escape based in a secluded mountain retreat.

For over 70 years, visitors have come to these private hot spring pools heated to 104-degree, and nestled at the base of a mountainous backdrop along the banks of a Creek.

Iron Mountain Natural Hot Spring

Hanging Lake Trail and Glenwood Springs

  • Address: 281 Centennial St, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
  • Phone: (970) 945-4766
  • Amenities: 19 pools, jet-spa, freshwater pool, restaurant, gift shop, locker rooms.
  • Hot Spring Fees: The General Access ticket costs $30 for adults and $20 for children, valid for 3 hours. The Premium Access ticket costs $40 for adults and $30 for children, also valid for 3 hours. The All-Day Access pass costs $60 for adults and $50 for children.
  • Nearby Attractions:

The Iron Mountain Hot Spring is located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, and has a long history dating all the way back to 1896. The geothermal water here is known for its health and healing properties thanks to the presence of 14 dissolved minerals including iron, calcium, sodium, sulfate and magnesium. These minerals are thought to help with improved blood circulation, muscle pain relief and skin rejuvenation.

Visitors looking for an even more relaxing experience should visit Iron Mountain Hot Springs‘ private pools, with vistas of the Rocky Mountains framed against a backdrop of towering red cliffs.

Sand Dunes Recreation Pools

The Sand Dunes Recreation Pools in Hooper, Colorado, near the town of Alamosa and the Great Sand Dunes National Park, offers geothermal springs perfectly maintained at a comfortable 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

This resort features a 25-person hot tub, pool and full suite of luxury amenities, including two onsite restaurants, and the Greenhouse – an adults-only tropical escape with four private pools.

Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa is located in Moffat, Colorado and features natural hot spring pools, spa services and a restaurant with hot meals sourced from local farms and vendors.

The spa also offers massages, facials and an all-natural experience, without any chemicals added to the water. Visitors can enjoy a true immersion into nature without worrying about what they are getting exposed to while soaking in the serene pools of water.

Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort

Nathrop Colorado

  • Address: 15870 Co Rd 162, Nathrop, CO 81236
  • Phone: (719) 395-2447
  • Amenities: Natural hot springs pools, spa, gym, restaurant, and accommodations for overnight stays.
  • Hot Spring Fees: Admission to the pools is $25 for adults and $15 for children. Spa services and lodging are available for an additional fee.
  • Nearby Attractions:

Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort in Nathrop, Colorado gives visitors the best of both worlds. There’s a spa hotel and six outdoor primitive hot springs fed by the natural thermal waters of Chalk Creek, and heated to temperatures from 95°F to 105°F.

The resort features Guests can also take advantage of additional services such on-site massage therapists, saunas or steam rooms.

Conundrum Hot Springs

Conundrum Hot Springs

This hot spring is one of the deepest geothermal hot springs in North America, located near Aspen.

Benefits of Hot Springs in Colorado

Benefits of Soaking in the Best Hot Springs in Colorado

From relaxation and stress relief, to improved blood circulation and muscle pain relief, soaking in hot springs is considered one of the best natural ways to nurture both your body and mind.

Relaxation and stress relief

Soaking in a hot spring can be incredibly therapeutic. The natural mineral waterheated by the Earth’s core and enriched with magnesium and sulfur, may help reduce stress and promote overall well-being.

Even just sitting in a hot springs pool surrounded by tranquil scenery helps alleviate anxiety and stress related to our busy modern lifestyles, while also taking advantage of the healing benefits of nature.

Improved blood circulation

Soaking in hot springs may improve oxygen flow throughout the body, and assist in delivering oxygen-rich blood to organs, tissues, and extremities. This could help improve circulation and offer relief from muscle aches, joint stiffness, headaches, mental fatigue and stress relief.

Research also suggests that regular exposure to hot spring minerals in thermal waters may boost the immune system by stimulating lymphocytes production.

Muscle and joint pain relief

Soaking in hot springs may help relieve muscle and joint pain. Mineral hot springs have been a popular remedy for such pains throughout history, and soaking in hot springs can help reduce muscle stiffness, improve flexibility and enable better range of motion.

Skin rejuvenation

Soaking in hot springs can detoxify the skin, soften rough or dry skin, and provide multiple beauty benefits. Hot springs with sulfur contain antifungal and antibacterial properties which helps to soothe and heal the skin.

In particular, thermal waters of Colorado spring like Pagosa Spring are known for their healing properties that help reduce redness, itching and rashes associated with certain skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis.

Additionally, soaking in a sulfur-rich hot spring also promotes rejuvenation by speeding up collagen production, and improving elasticity which can make skin look more youthful.

Tips for Visiting Hot Springs in Colorado

Make sure to plan and make reservations in advance, follow safety guidelines, bring appropriate swimwear and towels along with you, drink plenty of fluids during your stay get fully immersed into the experience.

Make reservations in advance

When planning to visit hot springs in Colorado, make your reservations ahead of time. Colorado’s many hot springs are popular locations and demand for them can be very high year-round.

Consequently, spots fill up quickly and visitors may find themselves without access to their desired location if they fail to plan ahead. Places like Glenwood Springs Pool, Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa, Ouray Hot Springs, The Springs Resort & Spa or Strawberry Park Hot Springs often require advance reservation due to the popularity of these sites as well as limited availability during peak season.

Follow safety guidelines

When visiting hot springs in Colorado, it’s important to be aware of and follow safety guidelines.

  • Check the weather conditions before going. Avoid visiting during extreme weather like heavy rain, thunderstorms, or snowstorms.
  • Follow all rules and regulations set by the hot springs facility, including guidelines for swimming, diving, and alcohol.
  • Bring enough water to stay hydrated. Soaking in hot water can cause dehydration, so drink fluids during your visit.
  • Before entering the hot springs, check the temperature first.
  • Pay attention to warning signs or cautionary markings around the hot springs that indicate unsafe or off-limits areas.
  • Be careful of slippery surfaces near the hot springs. The rocks or surfaces can be wet and slippery, so tread carefully to prevent falls or injuries.
  • Keep a close eye on children at all times. Keep them within reach and inform them about potential dangers like deep areas or steep drop-offs.
  • If you have any open wounds or cuts, it’s best to avoid soaking in the hot springs to prevent infections.
  • Be respectful of the environment and other visitors. Avoid littering, stay on designated paths, and use proper trash bins. Keep noise levels reasonable and respect the noise levels.
  • Lastly, follow any additional guidelines or instructions provided by the hot springs facility or local authorities to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit.

Bring appropriate swimwear and towels

When visiting hot springs in Colorado, it’s important to bring the appropriate swimwear and towels – especially during the winter. Depending on the specific location, some hot springs may require visitors to wear traditional swimwear, while others may be clothing-optional.

Stay hydrated

It’s important for those visiting the many hot springs in Colorado to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water before, during, and after soaking. Dehydration can occur more quickly than one may realize when soaking in a hot spring due to the high temperatures which cause increased perspiration and loss of fluids from the body.

How to Choose the Right Hot Spring

When selecting the right hot spring, be sure to consider factors such as location and accessibility, amenities and facilities offered, and reviews.

Consider location and accessibility

Location-wise, when picking a hot spring you should consider if you want a resort-style spa that’s close to attractions, restaurants, and activities, or if you’re looking for a secluded nature retreat within a forest.

Some hot springs and pools are more difficult to access than others, and may require hiking into wooded or mountainous areas. Thus, visitors need to be familiar with access roads and paths which may not be obvious from the highway or on Google maps.  Also consider if the location offers easy parking, as well accessibility features such as wheelchair ramps and wide doors for disabled visitors.

Visiting a natural hot springs near Denver, for example, gives you the chance to enjoy beautiful mountain views while being just minutes away from stores, campgrounds and ski lifts.

On the other hand, if you want to unplug and disconnect from city life, you may enjoy a more secluded location like Strawberry Park Hot Springs.

Research access, amenities and facilities

In terms of amenities and facilities, visitors need to educate themselves about what services are available, including changing rooms, bathrooms, showers, and food. If a hot springs is located outdoors, you may not have a private area for changing or restroom access.  Also make sure to confirm the water temperatures in advance, especially if you’re new to geothermal hot springs or are sensitive to heat.

Read reviews and recommendations

It pays to read reviews of hot springs, spas and resorts to get advice from those who have visited before. These can provide invaluable details on what guests should expect when visiting the hot springs as well as how recent visitors felt about their experience.

Additional Activities and Attractions near Natural Hot Springs in Colorado

Colorado is home to countless hot springs, offering visitors the chance to explore nearby natural attractions such as camping, hiking trails, dining, winter sports and tourist spots.

Hiking and outdoor activities

Hiking is a popular activity near hot springs in Colorado. From Cherry Creek State Park, located just north of Denver, to Manitou Springs and Hot Springs National Park – hikers can explore the natural beauty all around them, while enjoying the many public pools offered by these locations.

Hikers can enjoy swimming in freshwater creeks and experience stunning views of the Rocky Mountains from some trails or even soak their feet in cool pools along the banks of the Colorado River in Glenwood Springs.

Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort offers several hiking trails with inspiring views as well as nearby attractions like Old Town Hot Springs for those looking for something more gentle.

Local dining and shopping

Colorado is a hot spot for both visitors and locals alike who enjoy the many recreational offerings, including visiting thermal spring pools. To accompany a day of soaking in natural mineral-rich waters, foodies and bargain hunters can explore some of the local dining and shopping spots near hot springs.

From luxurious resorts serving world-class cuisine to small retail stores with locally made goods, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s needs within driving distance or even walking from hot springs attractions.

Popular activities such as skiing and hiking also offer nearby opportunities for visitors looking to spend time outdoors before they indulge in delicious meals or shopping sprees. With its stunning views of the Rocky Mountains as well as numerous cultural sites like Pagosa Springs and Steamboat Springs –– located north or south of famous Pagosa Hot Springs — Colorado provides an array of choices when choosing places to dine or shop near favorite hot springs locations.

Nearby tourist attractions

Colorado is an outdoor adventurer’s paradise, with hot springs located surrounded by stunning nature. Visitors to any of the top hot springs destinations in Colorado will find a wide range of activities available nearby, such as hiking trails and mountain biking paths.

Many also feature attractive local shopping districts or dining spots in historic mining towns like Ouray and Georgetown. Popular tourist attractions near some our recommended Colorado Hot Springs resorts include Wolf Creek Ski ResortRedstone CastleMount Evans Scenic Byway for breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, and San Juan Mountain Range for incredible alpine vistas.

Other top attractions include Mesa Verde National Park & Village on Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings where you can explore ancient cliff dwellings filled with fascinating cultural artifacts from centuries past.


Colorado is renowned for its abundance of hot springs. Whether you’re interested in natural springs or luxurious spa resorts, there are plenty of must-visit locations throughout the state.

Soaking in Colorado’s hot springs offers various physical benefits, including relaxation, improved blood circulation, relief from muscle and joint pain, and rejuvenated skin. When selecting a hot spring to visit, consider factors such as location, accessibility, amenities, and reviews or recommendations from friends and online sources.

In addition to enjoying the mineral-rich waters, be sure to take advantage of the entertaining activities near most of Colorado’s hot springs. Explore hiking trails that showcase breathtaking landscapes or browse local stores for unique shopping experiences. A trip to Colorado’s hot springs is truly unforgettable, as it offers something for everyone.


1. What are the best hot springs in Colorado?

Colorado has a variety of hot springs to choose from, and the top choices are Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort, Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, Cottonwood Hot Springs, and Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa.

2. Where are the hot springs in Colorado?

The majority of hot springs in Colorado are located in the mountainous regions. Steamboat Springs, Nathrop, Ouray, Pagosa Springs, and Glenwood Springs are among the top destinations for the finest hot springs in the area.

3. Are there any hot springs near Denver?

Denver does not have any hot springs, however, there are hot springs located close by. The Indian Hot Springs in Idaho Springs are the nearest hot springs to Denver and can be reached within approximately 30 minutes to the west of the Front Range.

4. What are the best natural hot springs in Colorado?

Colorado is home to some exceptional natural hot springs, including Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Conundrum Hot Springs, and Rainbow Hot Springs.

5. What are the best hot springs resorts in Colorado?

Colorado is home to several top-rated hot springs resorts, such as Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort, Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, Dunton Hot Springs, and The Springs Resort and Spa.

6. Are there any clothing-optional hot springs in Colorado?

Yes, in Colorado, you can find numerous hot springs where clothing is optional, such as Strawberry Park Hot Springs and Valley View Hot Springs.

7. What is the temperature of hot springs in Colorado?

The hot springs in Colorado have different temperature ranges, but typically they fall between 90 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

8. Are hot springs in Colorado open year-round?

The majority of Colorado’s hot springs remain accessible throughout the year, with the exception of periodic closures for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

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